About Jimmtech

About Jimmtech

What’s the best laptop for gaming? How to fix your gaming laptop? The best gaming settings? And, how to keep your gaming laptop secure?

These are questions that you will find answers to on my website, along with recommendations for the best laptops for particular games, like my favourite, Call of Duty Warzone. And each gaming laptop I recommend will meet or exceed the recommended system requirements.

Not only that, but you will find many reviews about the best accessories you need to improve your gaming. And the laptop accessories I review, I use myself, including decent budget headsets like the Razer Kraken wired gaming headset.

Therefore, you will only receive fair and accurate information, to allow you to make the right buying choices.

Who Am I?

Hey, my name is James, a certified digital marketer and a proud member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing). And an even prouder owner of Jimmtech.com.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the internet of things. With a massive passion for gaming, gaming laptops and everything in between.

My story began when I purchased my new laptop for gaming, and I also used it for work. But there were many issues I struggled to solve.

Things like, why has my laptop frozen? How do I fix my mouse that has stopped working? How can I get my machine to run faster? Just a few of the many issues I faced.

It was then, I decided to research, study, and read. All the time, searching for answers to solve the problems myself.
Long after blood, sweat, and tears, and many sixteen-hour and extremely long days. I was able to fix these issues.

Not only that, but I found many other solutions to other problems you may face when owning a gaming laptop for work or for gaming.

Wow, it felt great to have the answers, and I could solve my own problems. My gaming improved, and so did my workflow. And now, I enjoy the best frame rates in my favourite game titles. And fix many issues before they arise, therefore, improving my overall laptop computer experience.

Share my Knowledge

So I decided to share my knowledge, offer my experience and giveaway my findings to help others still searching for answers.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to write about their passion every day? And make some friends along the way.

And that was how Jimmtech.com was born.

A website dedicated to laptop users who love to play games and may also use their laptop for work.

Product Reviews

We only review gaming products we use and this will help you make the right buying decisions

Helpful Gaming Tips

We offer FREE gaming tips to help improve you gaming laptop experience

Gaming Reviews

We will only review games that we play and you will only receive honest opinions.

My Laptop Games

The games I play on my gaming laptop vary from COD Warzone to Minecraft and FIFA football. Although, my favourite and the game that I just cannot put down, is Call of Duty Warzone.

Although, not a big fan of Cold War which is the latest Call of Duty offering. That said, season 3 of Warzone is superb, highly competitive and exciting. I am loving Rebirth Island and the new Warzone map.

Are you are a COD Warzone player? If so, I have written a post on the best settings for Warzone on a gaming laptop. Best Warzone settings

Or, if you have issues loading Warzone using the battle.net platform, check this page out. Here.

Another game I have started to play is World of Warcraft. This is a new game. Therefore, my journey to the Battle for Azeroth is just beginning.

But, I am looking forward to building my character to take on some quests. And enjoy the exciting adventures this extremely popular MMORPG game brings.

FIFA football is a game I have played since the first edition way back in 1994. If you can remember, FIFA 94 was played with a bird’s eye view back in the 16-bit era.

It is amazing just how far the gaming world has come. I am a huge fan of FIFA football. But I have yet to play FIFA 21, although I do plan to grab a copy and write a review and compare this edition to FIFA 20. A game which I thoroughly enjoyed.