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Here at Jimmtech, our mission is simple, to help others find the best laptop and laptop accessories for their needs. We also aim to help gamers fix problems they have with their new laptops. So you will find answer to questions like,

What is the best laptop for gaming? How to fix your gaming laptop? How to make it run faster? How to keep it secure?, and what do I need to improve my gaming? and so on. 

We also recommend the best gaming laptops for particular games. If you like first person shooters? Then the article reviewing the best laptops for Call of Duty Warzone will help. Or the best budget $800 Gaming Laptops. Or you may prefer to play less demanding games like Minecraft. We wrote an article about the best cheap laptops for playing Minecraft. We also did the same for Sims 4 gamers. 

We also compare laptop brands. So if you are not sure which laptop to choose between Acer vs Asus, then reading this post will help. You might want something more powerful and don’t know which gaming laptop brand is best, Razer or Alienware, then reading this will help. We also give you our take on, is Razer a good brand, or not?

About Jimmtech

All the laptops we recommend will meet or exceed the recommended system requirements. This way, you get the best bang for buck. So you can enjoy your games in all their glory.

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Who Am I?

Hey, my name is James, a certified digital marketer and a proud owner of Jimmtech.com. Here is my story regarding how this website came about. 

It seems like forever, I’ve had a massive passion for gaming and specifically gaming on laptops. When I purchased my first gaming laptop (15 years ago), the same one I also used for work, I faced many issues that I struggled to solve.

Things like, a frozen laptop, my mouse stopped working, and the dreaded blue screen of death. These were only a few of the many problems that bothered me within the first few years. As curious as I am. I wanted to know how to fix these problems. Not only that, but I also wanted to know how to get my gaming laptop to run faster? And how do I improve my laptops performance? 

It was then, I decided to research, study, and read. And search for the answers to solve these problems. So after blood, sweat, and many tears and enduring sixteen-hour days. I was able to fix most of them. I also found other solutions to other problems that laptop gamers might have. 

I must admit it did feel great because I could solve my own problems instead of paying someone else to fix them. So I decided to share my knowledge with others who are experiencing issues with their new gaming laptops.

It’s strange because over time, as my knowledge grew, my gaming also improved, and so did my workflow. So now when I play games, I always enjoy the best frame rates simply because I can optimize my laptop the best for gaming and my overall experience skyrocketed.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to write about their passion every day and make some gamers happy along the way. And that, my friend, was how Jimmtech.com was born.

A website dedicated to laptop gamers who may also use their laptop for work.

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Gaming Reviews

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Best Games To Play?

There are thousands of games you can play on your laptop. However, I do have my favourites, from COD Warzone to Minecraft and FIFA football to GTA 5.

But my favourite by some distance is Call of Duty Warzone. The latest Season is superb, featuring King Kong. So much fun to be had and so competitive and exciting. I’m loving Warzone Rebirth and the new Warzone maps. I’m also looking forward to the rest of the seasons in Vanguard.

Are you a COD Warzone player? If so, I have written a post on the Best Warzone settings. And, if you have had issues loading Warzone using the battle.net platform. You should check this page, how to fix Warzone crashing.

Another game I have started to play is World of Warcraft. But my journey to the Battle for Azeroth is only at the beginning. But, I’m looking forward to building up my character and taking on some quests. And enjoy the exciting adventures this popular MMORPG should bring.

I am also a huge fan of FIFA football. FIFA 22 is a huge upgrade from FIFA 20 and 21. I hope to drop a review and compare it to FIFA 21 which is also a game I thoroughly enjoyed.

That’s it, all about Jimmtech, and me.