Acer Vs ASUS Laptops Which Gaming Brand Is Best 2023?


Acer vs ASUS Laptops

When comparing Acer vs ASUS laptops, there is so much you need to consider trying and understand who has the best gaming laptops. Like, how good are their processors and graphics? Who has the best designs and offers the best features? Whose laptops will last the longest? And which brand will give you the best bang for buck?

In short, Acer laptops are well known for their affordability and good performance. The Acer Nitro 5 series are a great example of Acer’s budget gaming laptops under 800. They’re nippy, have good graphics cards and have excellent battery life. Thus, making them great cheap laptops for Sims 4, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft gamers. Moreover, Acer Aspire laptops are great options for everyday use. They are affordable, and like the Nitro series, they come with a good set of features.

On the other hand, ASUS also makes great laptops for everyday use. With some of the best high spec gaming laptops with best cooling and they run much cooler than most other laptops.

But which laptop brand should you buy in 2023 – Acer or ASUS?

Acer Vs ASUS Laptops

Acer and ASUS technology brands both have decent laptops specifically made for gamers in mind. In addition, they also offer other products that are more suited to non-gamers. However, it seems that Asus’ product line is more diverse and appealing than Acer due to ASUS breadth across different types of devices, from flagship gaming laptops through to desktop PCs. That said, if you’re looking solely at affordable laptops, then there’s no question that both will deliver on that promise.

ASUS Vs Acer: Brand History?

Acer and ASUS are two of the world’s top ICT companies with a presence in almost every corner of the globe; obviously, they must be doing something right! They are also amongst the oldest laptop brands in the world. Acer was founded in 1976 by husband and wife duo Stan Shih and Carolyn Yeh. Multitech was the name of their original company until a training system they invented called the Micro-Professor MPF-I changed their path. Then, in 1987 they changed their company name to Acer.

ASUS was founded in 1989 and quickly became an expert in designing and manufacturing motherboards. As well as, products for Nvidia, Samsung, and Lamborghini. However, it wasn’t until 1997 they released their first notebook, the ASUS P6300. It ran on Windows 95 and had a 3 GB HDD and an Intel Pentium II 266 MHz processor. So, not a beast by any means but at the time they were highly thought of.

Acer vs ASUS laptop Brands

Additionally, Acer and ASUS are both Taiwanese companies that manufacture laptops. Acer now employs over 8000 workers in over 160 countries. And, ASUS employs around 6000, but ASUS is one of only a few brands that were OEMs. Which means they manufacture their own products which includes PCs, Netbooks, Phones, monitors, and also laptops.

Over the years, these two tech giants have been jumping places on the list for the most computer units sold worldwide. In 2020 ASUS was 5th, while Acer finished 6th, which is no easy feat considering their competitors, the likes of Apple, Dell, and HP.

We know choosing a laptop is no easy task considering there are so many amazing brands for you to choose between, we hope this guide will help. Yet, weather you choose Acer or ASUS you will be on the right track.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that the four main engineers that are now in charge at ASUS had previously worked for Acer as engineers during their start-up?

Acer Laptops: Brand Overview

The Acer product range includes desktops, tablets, smartphones, monitors, projectors and a range of low-end peripherals and accessories. In addition, Acer has a great range of affordable laptops that are great for everyday use. These include the Acer Swift, Acer Aspire, and Acer Spin laptops, and they’ll have all the power and features for just about any task. 

Acer also has some good laptops that offer relatively good gaming performance and would make some of the best laptops for Call of Duty Warzone gamers or other AAA games of that nature. From the budget Acer Nitro 5 to the classy Acer Predator laptops. So, let’s dive into each aspect so we can compare their laptops with ASUS, including, their designs, value for money, customer service, and build.

Design & Build Quality

Acer laptops are well known for their affordability, and their designs are sleek and modern. Their laptops are available in several colours, including black, white, silver, and gold. They also offer different textures, such as plastic, brushed metal and aluminium. 

Acer laptops are relatively well built and are sure to last you for a few years. Yes, there is a lot of plastic on its cheaper laptops. But, Acer is known to use a lot of recycled plastic, which is good for the environment but might not be beneficial for you. That said, Acer has been trying to increase the quality of its laptops. As such, many of its latest models boast metal chassis. 

These include the Acer Predator Helios and Acer Predator Triton laptops. Since these gaming laptops are manufactured using CNC milled high-grade materials, they’re much more durable and stronger than ever before. It is a similar process to how Razer gaming laptops are made. However, Acer have recently refreshed these laptops with much improved designs, features, and packed with top-of-the-line hardware.

Acer Predator Triton Gaming Laptop

Acer Predator Triton 500 SE Special Edition Gaming Laptop

Value for Money

Acer is one of the most affordable laptop brands on the market. In fact, their laptops are often compared to those of ASUS in terms of pricing and performance. Although, Acer doesn’t offer the same range of features as ASUS, but they still offer a lot of value for your money and when you compare their prices to other brands, they will still seem quite low.

If you take a look at the popular Acer Aspire laptop range they’re available in a quite a few different configurations and prices to suit all budgets, so you will easily find the perfect one to suit your needs. You’ll find some Acer laptops that cost as little as $100 or as much as $2000 for their top-end models. And, as I mentioned earlier, Acer laptops offer good performance for the price.

Customer Service & Warranty

Acer’s customer service is pretty good. The company has a team of experts who will try and help you with any issues you might have. They can be contacted via phone, email, or live chat. However, it is their phone support that could do with some work. But do not worry because if you fail to get through or don’t get the answer you need over the phone, there are plenty of answers to laptop related questions in the lively Acer community forums.

Additionally, Acer offers a standard 1-year warranty on all its laptops. And they also offer a dedicated after-sales support service that will help keep your Acer laptop running smoothly. This includes driver updates, software information, and also maintenance support.

But you can pay extra and take out “Acer’s Care Plus warranty”, which will ensure protection against spills, drops and cracks. Oh, did I mention Acer doesn’t pay for returns? So, it might be wise to take out this cover if you decide on a more expensive option from their line-up.

Acer – Performance

If you’re looking for a budget laptop to play the latest games, then the Acer Nitro 5 is a great option. The only downside is that it’s mostly made of plastic. But recently, Acer had refreshed this range with the latest 12th Gen Intel or AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processors and NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti GPUs. 

Going one step further, Acer released the new Acer Predator Triton 500 gaming laptop which also features the latest 12th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. With that in mind, it would be hard to find more performance than that, even if you tried. It’s a similar story with the new Acer Predator Helios 300. So, now these Acer laptops are right up there with some of the best on the market. 

All Laptops

As shown above, Acers product range is good, and they have a wide range of laptops available. Including impressive Chromebooks and Convertibles that are great for browsing the web or watching your favourite Netflix shows.

Acer also have a range of options suitable for everyday tasks, including the ultra-thin and lightweight Acer Swift laptops. Not to mention, some quality and classier models, including the Acer Aspire laptops, which now also come with dedicated graphics.

For gamers, Acer have some great gaming laptops including the Acer Nitro 5’s and also high-end laptops which include the Acer Predator Helios and Triton series, but these ones are more expensive and more suited for gamers enthusiasts. But it’s clear, Acer have laptops suitable for everyone, from students to professionals, casual gamers, and enthusiasts, so whatever it is you do, Acer will have something for you.

ASUS Laptops Brand Overview

Similar to Acer, ASUS also offers a wide range of laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, monitors and other peripherals. But compared to Acer, ASUS’ product range is a bit more diverse, and they offer a wider range of features and prices.

These include some of the best gaming laptops out there, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus and Strix laptops, to name a few. Plus, their popular ASUS VivoBooks that are perfect for everyday tasks, and watching movies. So let’s dive and take a look.

Vs ASUS – Design & Build

ASUS is known for its stylish laptops. In fact, many consider their laptops to be the most beautiful ones on the market. And they offer a variety of designs that are sure to appeal to everyone, from simple and sleek designs suitable for school, or just relaxing at home browsing the web. ASUS also have great business and creator laptops that just scream premium. Plus, powerful gaming laptops with extreme RGB elements and unique designs.

Regarding the build quality, ASUS laptops are well-built and will last a good few years with proper care. However, Acer’s cheap laptops are more rugged and can withstand a few knocks and bumps better than ASUS laptops. And when you look at their high-end laptops, there are far fewer similarities. I mean, ASUS uses a lot of metal in their builds, like the ROG Zephyrus and Strix laptops these are built with the highest-quality materials that you will find. 

Overall, I’d say that the build quality of the ASUS laptop is good. As I said, the materials seem to be high-quality, and the construction is always solid. Yet, there have been a few reports of users experiencing problems with the keyboard or trackpad, but overall I think they are pretty reliable machines. Other great models include the ASUS Flow Z13, the world’s most powerful tablet, and the design of the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 which is unmatched by any other brand out there.

Latest ASUS Rog Zephyrus Gaming Laptop

ASUS Zephyrus Duo 16 2022

Value for Money

ASUS is often considered to be one of the more expensive laptop brands on the market. But that doesn’t mean that all ASUS laptops are overpriced. In fact, there are a good few models that offer good value for money. However, unlike with Acer, where you can pick up a decent little browsing machine for as little as $100, the ASUS price range starts at around $200-$300, but for that, you will get yourself a nippy and sturdy everyday laptop with decent hardware and features.

Additionally, ASUS offers a wide range of laptops with different hardware options, so you can be sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs. Another thing with ASUS is that whatever price point you’re at, their options will all have the features you need in a laptop.

Whether that be a budget gaming laptop with dedicated graphics to ultra-slim high-end creator laptops that would make some of the best laptops for Solidworks or other resource hungry software. So, if you are looking for a good value for money laptop, ASUS could be that.

Customer Service & Warranty

ASUS offers customer service via phone, email, and live chat. But it is their social channels where you can get the best help, and it is much smoother than their phone support. You should expect to get the reply you want within ten minutes, as stated by

In addition, the ASUS website is packed full of useful articles, how-tos and such. But, for the best help, you would need to create an account, and the best part about creating an account is that you will get “5GB Free” cloud storage that you can use, when and wherever you like. Which is great if you require additional storage space.

As for their warranties, most of their laptops come with a one-year warranty, including accidental damage and free two-way shipping for repairs. Unlike Acer, which makes you pay to return their products for repair. So that’s a thumbs up to ASUS.  You can also extend your ASUS warranty if you wish, for as little as $50.

Vs ASUS – Performance

ASUS laptops are well known for their outstanding performance. In fact, most of their gaming laptops come with high-end hardware and features that are sure to meet the needs of even the most demanding users. ASUS also offers a variety of software and hardware options so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a powerful laptop that will let you play the most demanding games out there, ASUS is definitely a brand to consider. However, their more powerful laptops are often on the more expensive side, but they’re worth the investment if you want the best gaming experience possible.

Besides, they feature top-of-the-line hardware, including the latest Intel 14-Core processors, AMD Ryzen 6000 series and the latest 165W NVidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. Plus, they have the latest DDR5 RAM and PCIe SSD storage. One big difference between ASUS and Acer is that ASUS displays the RTX variants on all their laptops and Acer does not, so you’ll know what you’re getting with ASUS.

ASUS Product Range

As I have said, ASUS’s product range is diverse, and they have a wide range of laptops available. Including the impressive Asus ZenBook and VivoBook laptops. Plus, Chromebooks with flip action for browsing the web, and more impressively, they have their ASUS ProArt Studio-Books that are great for photo pros, designers and content creators with flair. 

We have already mentioned their impressive ROG series, including the ROG Zephyrus and ROG Strix gaming laptops that will surely rival any PC. Clearly, ASUS laptops are suitable for just about any task, including professionals, casual users, low-level gamers, enthusiasts, and content creators.

ASUS Vs ACER Verdict

When comparing ASUS vs ACER laptops, it is clear they’re very similar and that both brands have covered all areas. With super laptops for everyday use, great gaming laptops and amazing laptops in the designer space. But, ASUS takes this one because of the countless worlds-first on many of their products. Not to mention, they have won many awards for their ROG Series of gaming laptops. Clearly, ASUS is top of their game for performance and design, and why they take this one – no matter how similar Acer and ASUS are on other product ranges. But overall, an Acer laptop would cost you less.


An ASUS laptop is a wise choice if you are looking for a powerful and reliable machine. ASUS offer good value for your money, and their laptops come with a wide range of features and hardware options. Additionally, ASUS offers decent customer service via phone, email, and live chat, as well as a one-year warranty that includes accidental damage.

As far as Acer is concerned, they’re a good option if you’re looking for a budget laptop, as their machines are generally cheaper than ASUS laptops. However, Acer’s customer service is not as good, and their warranties do not include accidental damage, plus they will make you pay for returns. 

Additionally, Acer does not have as wide a range of features and hardware options as ASUS. So, if you’re looking for a powerful laptop that will let you play the latest games, ASUS is a slightly better option than Acer. If you’re on a budget, Acer is also a good choice.

If you are still unsure which brand to choose, check out our comparison of HP Omen Vs Alienware or MSI Vs Asus Laptops or Alienware or MSI for more laptop comparisons.

So there you have it, Acer vs ASUS laptops. As I said, it really depends on your needs and preferences as to which brand is best. It may also be worthwhile subscribing to my newsletter for more content like this!

Thanks for reading, Until next time, Cya!! 🙂

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