Are Razer Gaming Laptops Worth It In 2024? (Razer Blade User)


Are Razer Gaming Laptops Worth It

Razer laptops are known for their lightweight, aluminium designs and powerful performance. They have been a popular choice of laptop among gaming enthusiasts for years. But are Razer gaming laptops worth it and is the higher price tag justified?

Yes, Razer gaming laptops are definitely worth it if you are a gamer looking to invest in one of the best gaming laptops. Razer laptops pack powerful hardware components into a lightweight, and sleek design. While these laptops do come at a premium price, they offer a high level of gaming performance that makes them worth the investment.

With my new Razer Blade 15 in hand, I will take a closer look so you can see what all the fuss is about. In this post, I break down the features, pros and cons of these laptops.

Are Razer Blade Laptops Worth their Price Tag?

Gamers looking for the best gaming experiences should consider investing in a Razer gaming laptop. Some of the best gaming laptops released in recent years. Offering superior performance, they have a solid and durable build, and a beautiful and simple design.

The Razer Blade 15, Razer Blade 17, and the new Razer Blade 16 and 18 desktop replacements have taken portable gaming up a notch. These powerful notebooks offer everything a gamer or professional content creator needs. Razer laptops are also good for everyday use, school work, or any other demanding task you throw their way.

James Alexander the Jimmtech Owner with the Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop
I Love My Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop

Razer Laptops Feature The Latest Hardware

One of the biggest selling points of a Razer gaming laptop is the powerful hardware. Razer gaming laptops feature the latest Intel Core i7 and i9 processors and the most advanced NVidia GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards. And therefore, capable of handling even the most demanding AAA games on ultra settings or professional software like Adobe.

Another feature of these powerful notebooks, is the fact Razer laptops are easily upgradable including the RAM and the storage capacity. They also feature the latest memory type, with some models like the Razer Blade 17 can hold up to 64GB of DDR5 RAM. 

What’s more, the top Razer gaming laptop can carry up to 4TB of SSD storage space and it features two open M.2 slots. This means you can add two 2TB solid-state drives, and they also support both SATA and NVMe SSDs so you can save money on storage.

Razer Laptops Feature Top-Notch Display’ Quality’s

Another key factor as to why Razer gaming laptops are worth the money, is the fact that they also have high-quality displays with fast refresh rates. What’s more, their gaming laptops also come with advanced features such as G-Sync that are essential for smooth gameplay.

The top Razer Blade laptops feature 4K and OLED QHD (1440p) displays, that are ideal for content creators. Razer also has gaming notebooks with Full HD displays with high refresh rates such as the Razer Blade 15, Razer Blade 17, and Razer Blade 16 and 18-inch laptops.

Razer Blade’s Design and Build is Unmatched

Another benefit of Razer and their gaming laptops is their unique, sleek, and minimalist aesthetic. The feature an all-matt black chassis and the green colour scheme that gives their laptops a look that sets them apart from other notebooks on the market.

Only a few laptop brands that can match Razer’s unique designs, such as Apple with their MacBook computers. Additionally, Razer laptops feature high-quality all-aluminium chassis, known for their durability. Most other gaming laptops only have a metal frame but the chassis is plastic. This in my opinion sets Razer apart from the rest.

The Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop
MY Razer Blade 15 Is Durable & Reliable

They Offer Additional Advanced Features

Razer gaming laptops also come with a variety of additional features that make them stand out, such as their gaming keyboards with per-key RGB lighting. Which you can customize to suit your gaming setup, with the use of the Razer Synapse 3 software.

Moreover, Razer Blade laptops also have Thunderbolt 4 ports allowing you to connect to external devices like gaming monitors and external hard drives. They also have a software suite that allows you to customize settings and monitor system performance.

One other feature that makes them worth it, is their Full HD (1080p) cameras. but do not benefit from a camera shutter for privacy. However, Razer’s newer laptops, the Blade 16 and Razer Blade 18, now incorporate this feature. While the precision glass touchpad is class.

  • NVidia RTX 30 and 40 series graphics
  • Latest Intel Core i7 and i9 Processors
  • Beautiful FHD, QHD, 4K Display’s
  • Per Key RGB Backlit Keyboards
  • Great Full HD (1080p) Webcams
  • The latest DDR5 RAM (Memory)
  • Masses of NVMe SSD Storage
  • Superb Glass Precision Touchpads
  • Vapour Chamber Cooling Systems

Are Razer laptop Value for Money?

One of the biggest concerns with a gaming laptop from Razer is their higher price tag. Razer is a premium brand name and like with all premium brands you have to pay a higher price.

But it is worth it considering the powerful hardware and next-level engineering that goes into packing all this muscle into a lightweight all-aluminium and slim compact design.

You are paying for a durable gaming laptop designed to handle demanding games at the highest settings. Additionally, they have an advanced cooling system and other features that make them a better value option than many other gaming laptops. 

Here are some test results from running COD Warzone on the Razer Blade 15

Heat test Results with the Razer Blade 15

Is It Worth Buying A Razer Gaming Laptop?

Razer laptops are worth buying, these laptops offer everything a professional user or a gaming enthusiast would need in a portable notebook. Like powerful hardware, sleek designs, and additional gaming features make them ideal desktop replacements. 

So why are Razer laptops so good and are they worth buying? A Razer laptop offers gamers the ability to handle demanding games on the highest settings and deliver fast refresh rates. And therefore, are perfect computers for AAA gaming and high-detail content creation.

In addition, Razer Blade laptops feature high-quality displays, per-key RGB lighting gaming keyboards. Which is something I love about my Razer notebook, the feel of keyboard and makes for a comfortable typing experience. They can also be synced with other Razer Blade gaming accessories and other types of devices. 

Some of the downsides to buying a Razer Blade laptop is the premium price tag, and although Razer has improved the Razer Blade 15 battery life, it is still not the best. So if battery power is more important, then a Razer gaming notebook is not a good choice. 

Are Razer Laptops Really That Bad?

The quality of Razer laptops is a subjective matter, and opinions may vary depending on individual experiences. While some users have had negative experiences with their Razer laptops like suffering battery bulge issues, short battery life, and overheating. However, I have only had positive experiences with my Razer Blade laptop.

From the research I have done, I have read a few negative reviews about Razer laptops with some users stating that they are not good. Yet, these comments go back to 2012. Razer has since improved their laptops and are now considered one of the best gaming laptops.

Why Are Razer Laptops Bad?

Razer laptops are fantastic gaming notebooks. I’ve been a hardcore gamer for years, and this is one of the best gaming laptops, the Razer Blade 15. It’s packed with an 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor, NVidia GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, and 32GB RAM. That is plenty of power for running any game or demanding software like Adobe Photoshop.

Also, the Razer Blade also looks good, its sleek black finish gives off a very stylish vibe that many gamers would appreciate. This is a powerful gaming notebook that won’t let you down. I am just unsure why some users ask: Are Razer laptops really that bad and are disappointed.

Is The Razer Blade 15 Worth it?

The Razer Blade 15 is one of the best gaming laptops on the market and is worth every penny. The Blade 15 offers excellent performance, superb build quality, and has an understated design. This gaming laptop has truly taken the portable gaming world by storm, offering a top-of-the-line experience for those willing to invest the money.

Are Razer Blade Laptops Worth It For Students?

Yes, a Razer Blade laptop would be a great investment for students, especially if they play games in their down time, or use resource intensive software like video editing, or graphics in their studies. The only downside being the higher price tag compared to many other laptop brands. But users will enjoy superior performance and reliability that is hard to be beat.


There is no doubt that the latest Razer gaming laptops are a great choice for serious gamers and content creators looking for a powerful notebook that can handle any demanding task. Razer laptops are thin and lightweight, which makes them ideal for power users on the go.

You may be wondering, why are Razer laptops so expensive and more pricey than most other gaming laptops. From my own experience, Razer Blade laptop is simply the best laptop. offering a high level of performance and customization that can make it great value for money.

If you want a new gaming laptop, it is definitely worth considering one from Razer. I truly love my Razer Blade 15 and would recommend it to any user who desires a bit of class.

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