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Best gaming headset for hearing footsteps

Are you looking for the best gaming headset for hearing footsteps in any game where being stealthy is huge. If so, this post is for you. I’m a gamer myself, so I understand how headsets are must-have gaming accessories. They will help you stay one step ahead of your enemies. They will allow you to hear footsteps from various directions without wasting time figuring out where they are.

You must also know that not all gaming headsets are created equal in this regard, so you must do your research beforehand. Don’t worry, we got you! We have done the research to list the pros and cons of not only the best headset to hear footsteps 2022. But also some great runners-up. For girl gamers check out the best pink gaming headsets for hearing footsteps in your games.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, who takes their games seriously? Or you just want to relax with a few rounds of your favourite games, headsets for hearing footsteps are essential. So keep reading to learn more!

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Best Headset For Footsteps

  1. Best Razer Barracuda Pro Headset
  2. Best Steelseries Nova Pro Headset
  3. Best ASUS Fusion II 500 Headset
  4. Best Razer BlackShark V2 Headset
  5. Best EPOS Audio H3PRO Headset
  6. FAQs – Answered

What Is The Best Gaming Headset For Hearing Footsteps?

The best headsets for hearing footsteps are the Razer Barracuda Pro because they provide a good frequency response. This means they can accurately reproduce low frequencies, and they also offer excellent Noise Isolation, so they will block out external noise much better. These features are hugely important for hearing footsteps clearer.

Another great option would be the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro. Also wireless and offers excellent sound quality with minimal latency. They’re a bit more expensive than the Razer Barracuda, but they’re worth it if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line option. Lastly, there’s the ASUS ROG Fusion 500’s. These are wired and bring next-level technologies like Quad DAC. That will deliver crisp and clear sound, making them a contender for one of the best wired headsets for hearing footsteps.

1. Best Razer Gaming Headset For Hearing Footsteps

The Razer Barracuda Pro wireless headset is a clear contender for those looking for the best gaming headset to hear footsteps. These are some of the newest and the coolest headphones delivered by Razer thus far, and will offer a great audio experience.

Razer has combined SmartSwitch Dual wireless technology. With integrated noise-cancelling microphones, TriForce Titanium 50mm drivers and THX Spatial Audio to deliver a great set of cans. Not only will these provide excellent sound, but they will also be comfortable to wear.

Best Razer Barracuda Pro;

Razer Barracuda Pro Wireless Headset
2,067 Reviews
Razer Barracuda Pro Wireless Headset

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
  • THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier
  • Razer SmartSwitch Dual Wireless
  • HyperClear Super cardioid Mic
  • TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers

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Is The Razer Barracuda A Great Headset for Hearing Footsteps?

The Razer Barracuda is an excellent headset for footsteps due to next-gen features like Smart Switch Dual Wireless technology. That provides an easy way for you to connect two devices and at the same time. So you can game on your device of choice and take a phone call. All without needing to unpair your devices. The Razer Barracuda Pro headsets also come with HyperSpeed 2.4GHz wireless technology. And packs in the latest Bluetooth 5.2 for the best Bluetooth convenience when needed.

They also have a detachable HyperClear cardioid microphone which is a good option for gamers and other audio enthusiasts. It delivers clear sound quality with minimal distortion, thanks to its directional polar pattern that minimises the noise from your environment. On top of that, the Hybrid Active noise cancellation technology is designed to reduce or completely eliminate unwanted noise from your surroundings. So, in theory, this will help you hear footsteps much more clearly. 


  • Wireless Headset with Hybrid ANC
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • 40mm Razer TriForce Drivers
  • Support for 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Leatherette Memory Foam Cushions
  • Weight: 340g (0.74lbs)
  • Battery life: 40 hours

As always, these sleek Razer cans have a premium design and are made high-quality materials, with flow-knit memory foam tightly wrapped around the brushed stainless steel headband. Which is flexible, lightweight, and will ensure a long lasting durable headset. While the extra ear cup padding will allow for a more comfortable gaming session, which also includes easy access to controls like volume and mute buttons. They also feature the Razer Audio App, allowing you to customise settings directly from your smart phone.


  • Comfy Lightweight Design
  • Truly immersing 3D audio
  • Compatibility PC/Xbox/PS4/5
  • Long-lasting durable headset
  • Advanced Driver Technology


  • Slightly Expensive

All in all, Razer Barracuda Pro headphones are the perfect choice for gamers looking for an excellent gaming headset for hearing footsteps without wires. One that offers up to 40 hours use when fully charged and supports 3.5mm analog inputs compatible with most gaming devices. If bought direct from Razer they come with a free gift, a 3 month subscription to Qobuz Studio Premier.

2. Best SteelSeries Headsets For Hearing Footsteps

The next badass headset for hearing footsteps is one from the peripherals brand, SteelSeries. Introducing the Arctis Nova Pro wireless headset, the next generation of gaming headphones. Offering the best way to play your games without a pesky cord tying you down. With these you can leave your bothersome cable behind for the best wireless experience.

These premium headphones feature high fidelity drivers with immersive 360° spatial audio, Active Noise Cancellation with Transparency Mode. And they also feature simultaneous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can always be connected without missing a beat.

Best SteelSeries Headset;

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless
10,257 Reviews
SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

  • Pro-Grade Parametric EQ Settings
  • Specialized 4-mic Hybrid System
  • Immersive 360° Spatial Audio
  • AI Powered Noise-Cancelling Mic
  • Premium Hi-Fi 50mm Drivers

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Is The SteelSeries Arctis Nova A Great Headset for Footsteps?

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro headphones will provide you with what you need to clearly hear enemy footsteps in games like Call of Duty Warzone. They come packed with a much improved microphone with next-level noise-cancelling. To help remove annoying distractions from your troublesome siblings so you can fully concentrate on what matters, your games.

Featuring 40mm Neodymium Drivers to give you the hi-res audio that is more than capable for multiplayer fps games where you need to be stealth. Or, if you’re binge-watching American Horror Story on Netflix, there’s nothing better!


  • High-Quality 40 mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Frequency Response 10 Hz – 40,000 Hz
  • ClearCast Gen 2 – Retractable Boom Mic
  • SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software Suite
  • Weight: 298g (0.65lbs)

You also get a wireless base station giving you all your settings in one neat little box. Which has two USB-C ports, so you can connect them to your devices using the provided cables. As for their design, the Arctis Nova Pro headset looks sleeker than any before them. Complete with a futuristic look and an improved fit through the use of different materials, including aluminium alloy and lightweight steel. With superior performance at every turn, there’s no reason not to take advantage of what these expertly designed pieces offer.


  • Audiophile Level Sound
  • Premium Hi-Res Speakers 
  • Wireless Base Station
  • Best Mic for Gaming


  • Slightly Expensive

If you want crisper sounds coming through loud and clear the latest addition to the Arctis line of headsets, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro, are what you need. They are also compatible with ALL devices and will deliver the best high-quality sounds wirelessly, so you can focus on hearing enemy footsteps in-game. So if you have the budget and want the best, these glorious cans will be it.

3. Best Budget Gaming Headsets For Hearing Footsteps

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line headset that will give you the ultimate competitive edge, the ASUS ROG Fusion II 500 is the one for you. With its high-res ESS Quad DAC and advanced virtual 7.1 surround sound, they will provide expert positional audio.

While the beamforming microphone with AI noise cancelation ensures that your voice comes through loud and clear, even in the heat of battle. And for those long gaming sessions, the comfortable ear cushions and adjustable headband will ensure you stay comfortable. So if you’re serious about gaming, you should check out the ASUS ROG Fusion II 500’s.

Best ASUS Headset;

ASUS ROG Fusion II 500 Headset
10 Reviews
ASUS ROG Fusion II 500 Headset

  • AI Beamforming Noise-canceling Mic
  • 7.1 Surround Sound, Hi-Res Quad DAC
  • 50 mm ASUS Drivers – Airtight Chambers
  • Customizable AURA RGB lighting
  • Designed for RPG and FPS gaming

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Is The ASUS ROG Fusion II 500 A Good Headset for Footsteps?

The ASUS ROG Fusion II 500 headphones would be an ideal entry-level stereo sound headset. They will help you know whether your teammate is somewhere around the corner. Therefore, saving you from running into one of those moaning zombies and getting bit. They are outfitted with ESS 9280 Quad DACs, which provide lossless audio processing for crisp and clear sound.

While the 50 mm ASUS Essence drivers and airtight chambers are great for hearing footsteps. They provide clear, precise audio that gives you a competitive edge in first-person shooters. Plus, the noise-cancelling effect of the chambers ensures that your gaming sessions won’t be interrupted by outside noise.


  • 50 mm Neodymium magnet DRIVERS
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz – 40,000 kHz
  • AI Beamforming Mic with AI Noise Cancelation
  • 7.1 surround sound with hi-fi ESS 9280 Quad DAC
  • Weight: 310g (0.68lbs)

They also feature advanced virtual 7.1 surround sound and ROG Hyper-Grounding technology for the best positional audio and realistic sound. On top of their great audio, they also bring customizable Aura RGB elements with several light effects, multi-color RGB lighting and over 160 million colours to pick from.

The ROG Fusion II 500 are also lightweight and comfortable without being constraining, weighing only 310 grams and features ergonomic ear cups with two types of ear cushions for a different feel. Choose from either the thick and breathable fabric mesh ear cups or Thin and soft leather Ear Cushions that will provide excellent noise isolation.


  • Lightweight – Durable
  • Armory Create software
  • Perfectly positioned sound
  • Great comfort and chic RGB lighting
  • High-quality QUAD-DAC


  • There are better mics
  • Lot of plastic

The ASUS ROG Fusion II 500 gaming headsets are the perfect cans for hearing stealthy footsteps. Their AURA RGB elements are a nice touch but may not be for everybody. But for those who want to play their games at their best in all light conditions. Will get an accomplished headset for the price tag, so they are worth checking out, in my opinion…

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4. Best Headset To Hear Footsteps With 50mm Drivers

Razer Headsets have won countless accolades over the years from gamers all around the globe and Razer is a good brand for gamers having become a symbol of Esports culture. The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro gaming headset is an impressive option and an excellent choice for hearing footsteps in games like Call of Duty Warzone, and Rainbow Six Siege.

The BlackShark V2 Pro headsets shine as beautiful as they performs, thanks to their comfortable soft-textured ear cups and sleek steel headband. They feature an ergonomic form factor and ultra-lightweight design at just 320g (0.7lbs). So they will design your soundscape in digital and analogue manners for hours of gameplay without compromising comfort.

Best Razer BlackShark Pro;

Razer BlackShark Pro Wireless Headset
2,275 Reviews
Razer BlackShark Pro Wireless Headset

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation
  • THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier
  • Razer SmartSwitch Dual Wireless
  • HyperClear Super cardioid Mic
  • TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers

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Are The Razer BlackShark V2’s Great Headsets for Footsteps?

The Razer BlackShark V2’s are some of the best wireless cans you can buy for hearing footsteps in your video games. They boast Razer’s very own HyperSpeed 2.4Ghz wireless technology. And they would beat most other high-end headphones without wires in a low latency fight. Razer paired that technology with custom tuned TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers. And will deliver better-sounding bass and brighter sounds then any Razer headset before them.


  • 50mm TriForce Titanium Drivers
  • Frequency Response 12 Hz – 28,000 kHz
  • Lightweight Design At 320g (0.7lbs)
  • HyperSpeed 2.4Ghz wireless tech
  • Razer HyperClear Super-cardioid Mic

The microphone is detachable with an Hyper Clear Super-Cardioid pickup patterns that rejects noise from both the back and sides. Which also includes Razer Synapse 3 support for access to advanced mic settings. Clearly, with this mic, you will be all set for greatness, and your team’s comms will be heard crisp and most definitely loud and clear.

As for build quality, the Razer BlackShark Pro is a gaming headset that provides comfort and noise reduction for extended sessions. Equipped with memory foam ear cups that ensures maximum relaxation. While the adjustable headband ensures stability during intense gameplay moments without any sign of discomfort or fatigue!


  • Advanced Noise Cancellation
  • Superb THX 7.1 Spatial Audio Support
  • TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers
  • Light and Comfortable to wear
  • Razer HyperSpeed Wireless Tech


  • Overwhelming Bass for Some
  • THX Available In Some Games

If you are looking for a set of cans at a reasonable price for the spec, then you must seek out the Razer V2 Pro gaming headset. You will hear footsteps clearly in all your games and get in touch with social cues like voice chat out loud. Or listen in on hints around corners when exploring a dungeon rather than fighting through crowds of enemies blindly.

Check Availability: – For 2 years of warranty and tech support

5. Best Gaming Headsets For Hearing Footsteps (Acoustic)

Looking for a high-performance, lag-free wireless gaming headset that are also great for listening to music? Then look no further than the EPOS Audio H3PRO Hybrid wireless closed acoustic headset. This premium package will deliver secure, lag-free wireless performance thanks to engineering at its finest.

The EPOS H3Pro is equipped with dual microphone technology with one boom arm, which you can detach and re-attach with ease. And the second mic is seated inside the ear cup, which will improve noise cancellation. The detachable boom arm makes it easy to turn these from some of the best headsets for footsteps to some of the best music listeners. They also have a built-in ANC slider to easily activate low-frequency noise-cancellation.

Best EPOS H3Pro Headset;

EPOS Audio H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Headset
402 Reviews
EPOS Audio H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Headset

  • Proprietary High-quality Speaker System
  • Detachable Boom Microphone
  • EPOS Surround Binaural Sound
  • Redesigned Lightweight Build
  • EPOS Brain Adapt AI Technology
  • Enhanced Noise Cancellation

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Are The EPOS Audio H3PRO Great Headsets for Footsteps?

The H3PRO Hybrid design is simple and are mostly hard plastic, with a steel strip running through the headband making it sturdy, strong and ever so long lasting. Theses premium cans are also lightweight only 309g (0.68lbs) so they are some of the lightest headsets for gamers on our list. The materials used include leatherette, suede and a mesh fabric covering the headband and inner earcups.


  • Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20,000 kHz
  • Superb Audio with EPOS Audio Technology.
  • Built-in ANC slider activates low-frequency
  • Dual Mics and Detachable Boom Arm
  • EPOS Brain Adapt Technology
  • Lightweight Design At 309g (0.68lbs)

The EPOS H3Pro headset also comes with its very own audio technology and custom gaming suite. Using the supplied low-latency dongle or USB cable you can easily customize the sounds you hear. You can adjust the trebles and bass sounds plus things like the surround sound, equalizer settings, reverberation, voice enhancement, side tone, noise gate, and much more.


  • Good battery life and great sound
  • Solid microphone, loud, accurate
  • Multiple Connection Options
  • Extremely Comfortable to wear
  • Lag-free wireless performance
  • Gaming headset that can do it all


  • None

So whether you’re looking for a competitive edge in online gaming or just want to enjoy your favorite games in peace, the EPOS Audio H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Closed Acoustic Headset is the perfect choice for gamers who want secure, lag-free wireless performance with multiple connection options. For music listeners who game, this one should be on your radar.

What Features Are Important For Hearing Footsteps?

The best gaming headset for hearing footsteps are designed for games where stealth is king, like first-person shooters. And not just any set of cans will help you hear footsteps right up close. Or other things like teammate conversations clearly. And for stealth video games it is important you hear footsteps so you can avoid them. So here are some things to consider when deciding which are the best headphones for hearing footsteps.

Noise-cancelling Is A Must!

One of the most must-have features with the best gaming headset for hearing footsteps is noise cancellation. Not only will this technology help you better hear footsteps. But not being distracted by other sounds in-game will make all the difference. Noise cancellation reduces outside noise so you can focus on what matters, the in game sounds. 

Surround Sound Quality

Surround sound makes it seem like the sound is coming from all around you. This gives you a more realistic experience and helps you hear footsteps more clearly. So for a headset to be effective for hearing footsteps, it should have good surround sound technology. The good thing, most decent headsets these days will have that in abundance. However, some of the best gaming headsets use AI technologies to deliver precise audio cues in real time. And this will give you the advantage and help immerse you into the action.

Comfort Is King

Another thing to consider when choosing the best gaming headset for footsteps is the build materials used. Comfortable headsets are hugely important, mainly for comfort reasons. Headsets are meant to be worn for extended periods without feeling like your head is about to fall off. And because playing video games is an immersive experience, it requires concentration and focus. If you’re not comfortable, there will be no focus, nor will you be able to concentrate.

Therefore, the best gaming headsets must have some of the following, an adjustable band, memory foam padding, or gel-infused ear cushions. The material must be soft fabric, or soft leather would all offer comfort. However, too much plastic without enough padding can become uncomfortable quickly. So pay attention to what materials are used before making a decision.

Driver Technology

The best gaming headsets for footsteps should allow you to hear every step with pinpoint accuracy. The headsets listed above are some of the best options and will deliver accurate sound the best. They have some of the best driver technology, with up to 50mm neodymium drivers, which will enable you to pinpoint footsteps and determine the exact direction of gunfire. Note, larger drivers does not always mean better sound. So it is best to do your research, so you can understand the benefits of each type.


What Is The Best Gaming Headset To Hear Footsteps?

If you’re looking for a gaming headset designed for hearing footsteps. You’ll want something more lightweight and less bulky than normal PC-gaming headsets. They must have certain features that improves what you can hear and in detail. We recommend the Razer Barracuda or the SteelSeries Pro these are not just great for hearing footsteps. They are also voted two of the best gaming headsets in 2022. And for gamers on a budget, you should check out the Razer BlackShark wired version, and these are some of the best wired headsets of their generation, and they will not disappoint.

What Is The Best Headset For Call Of Duty Footsteps?

The best headset for warzone footsteps will depend on your budget and taste. But you do not necessarily need to spend a fortune on the most expensive gaming headset. And if money is no object, we recommend the EPOS Audio H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Headset for their superior AI technology. The Razer Barracuda Pro is also a good choice and comes with its own advanced technology. However, either pair will make all the difference between victory or defeat. With either of these you will have a much better chance of winning your Warzone battles in the new Caldera map and hear every footstep as they happen.

What Is The Best Xbox Headset For Footsteps?

There are a lot of different headsets out there that claim to be the best for Xbox gamers. But which one is best will depend on what you’re looking for. If your primary interest is a gaming headset for hearing footsteps in games like Call of Duty or Halo? Some of our top picks in this category include the Razer Barracuda, the Turtle Beach Elite, and the Astro A50’s. These are all decent choices for hearing footsteps in your games. For budget gamers looking for the best headset there is nothing much wrong with the Razer Kraken wired headset range.

Are Open-back Headphones Better For Hearing Footsteps?

Open-back headphones definitely have their advantages when it comes to hearing footsteps in games. First of all, they provide a more natural soundstage, so you’ll be able to hear directionality much better. Secondly, they tend to have better bass response, which is handy for trying to listen in on those pesky footsteps. However, open-back headphones also have a few disadvantages. First of all, they’re not as durable as closed-back headphones. And they are also not as good at isolating outside noise. So, if you are playing games in a noisy environment, open-back headphones might not be the best choice.


You should now know there are plenty of great headsets to choose from with different features and varying price points. But, if hearing footsteps is most important above anything else should only consider the best headsets for hearing footsteps. The SteelSeries Pro or Razer Barracuda are great options. They’re made with top-quality materials that ensure their headsets will last some time and could even outlive anything before them.

For those who want more than just great headphones, we recommend checking out our roundup on the most expensive gaming headsets if you haven’t already done so. Or the more premium EPOS H3PRO Hybrid, a superb set of cans without wires that will not disappoint. As always, if there’s anything else on your mind – just let us know! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter, so we can send you more posts like this one.

Thanks for Reading, Until next time, cya!! 🙂

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