Best Warzone Settings 2023: Improve Warzone Graphics Settings

Best Settings For Warzone

Having the best Warzone settings for your gaming laptop does not necessarily mean you will become the best god dam player and they won’t guarantee success. For that you need skill and plenty of time on your side. What they will do is give you a great chance of being the last one alive in Warzone 2.

If you’re new to this Battle Royale and want to learn how to improve your gaming performance on a laptop these settings will help turn you into the stealthiest, and smoothest COD Warzone machine. 

Keep reading to see the settings I use daily and enjoy high FPS, and with no lag in sight. I’ve also included the best driver settings, the best graphics settings for Warzone, and the best controller settings.

Best Warzone Settings, Who Should Use Them?

This guide showcasing the best settings for Warzone is aimed at laptop gamers looking for ways to improve their Cod Warzone gameplay. However, they may also work well for PC gamers or console gamers, but there is no guarantee. You see, I use a gaming laptop to play Call of Duty Warzone. And all the settings listed on this page are tried and tested on that system only.

Another thing to consider is the best COD settings will differ from gamer to gamer and device to device. What works for me may not be the most suitable option for you and your system. That said, if you are struggling to get your Warzone settings right, there is no harm in giving these a try. Now let’s jump right in.

Step 1: Update Hardware Drivers?

The first step in the best pc settings for warzone quest is to ensure your computer hardware is up to date. This is because outdated drivers and especially graphics drivers can cause all sorts of problems, like poor performance and it could even crash your system. And Call of Duty crashing would be a nightmare.

Then it wouldn’t matter what Warzone PC settings you use simply because the performance of your graphics card will depend on your drivers being up to date and the amount of VRAM the graphics card has at its disposal. This is also a factor in determining its performance levels. Therefore, ensure there is enough RAM in your Warzone laptop. If you are not sure how much RAM you need for Warzone? 12GB to 16GB RAM is ideal.

Did you know? Updating the graphics card driver is the only thing that can improve your laptop’s GPU without replacing it, so you must always keep it updated. The same holds true for your operating system. Check Windows for updates to ensure everything is in order before continuing.

Step 1.1: How to Update Your Drivers?

The first step in the Warzone pc settings guide is to update your device and hardware drivers. This can be done in two ways, manually, but you’ll need the model number of your GPU. If you are unsure what the model number is, you can visit Tech-Power-Up and download the GPU-Z software and run the REPORT.

The GPU-Z report will highlight the make and model number of your graphics card. You can then use these details to find the latest drivers online. That will then give you the best chance of improving performance for your games and game engines. These updates will also fix rendering problems and improve stability of the GPU so you can enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

GPU-Z Graphics Card Report

The graphics chip information on my laptop

The second and easiest way to update your drivers is to use the relevant software supplied by either Intel, NVidia or AMD. So whether your PC/laptop has an AMD or NVidia video card or AMD or Intel Processor, it’s relatively easy to check for driver updates. This will ensure everything is how it should be. To do this, follow the steps below:

If you have already done this, skip to the next section

Updating NVIDIA drivers

  • Open the Nvidia GeForce Experience Software
  • At the top left of the application, click the ‘Drivers‘ button.
  • Top right of the tab, click ‘Check for Updates‘.
  • If a new game ready driver is ready for download. Click ‘Express Installation‘.
  • A window will probably pop up asking if you’d like to proceed. Click ‘Allow‘.
  • The update will now install, and you’re all good!
  • It is a good idea to restart your gaming laptop.

Updating AMD drivers

Update AMD Radeon Drivers
  • Right-click on a blank space on your Desktop.
  • Then Select ‘AMD Radeon Software‘.
  • From here, click the ‘Home‘ tab
  • Right of Screen see ‘Driver & Software Box
  • If your version is out of date You’ll see ‘Install‘.
  • Select that ‘Wait for it to Update
  • Restart You Laptop, You’re Good To Go!

Updating Intel drivers

If your computer has an Intel processor you must also ensure you the latest drivers installed. If you haven’t already, you should download and install the Intel Driver & Support Assistant and that will help keep your system up-to-date. This software works well on Windows 8 through to Windows 11.

  • Download & Run the Intel Assistant Software
  • Follow the Onscreen Instructions to Install
  • It will now Scan your Computer for Outdated Drivers
  • Update the Drivers, if any, Then Restart your Laptop

Windows Operating System

Step 2: Update Windows Operating System

Before we dive into the best pc settings for warzone, you should first check Windows for any pending updates. Assuming you have all your graphics card drivers up to date, this is vitally important to ensure the most optimal experience.

Windows updates are sent monthly. Unless there is a security breach. In that case, Microsoft will send the updates as and when needed, but it is always a wise idea to check. Not only that, but you should also occasionally take a look at the optional updates, as you never know if there is an update that will help you.

How to Check For Windows Updates?

  1. Press “Windows Key”
  2. Start Typing “Updates”
  3. Select “Check for Updates”
  4. Click the “Check for Updates” button
  5. Wait for the update and your laptop to restart

Step 3: Set Windows 10 Game Mode

Windows game modes help boost performance during gameplay. The goal is to increase your FPS in Warzone and provide you with a more consistent gaming experience. When Windows game mode is active, your system tells Windows to focus system resources on your games, and background programs are pushed to the side. However, it depends on your system how much it improves performance, but it is worth trying.

Windows Game Mode

How to Enable Game Mode?

  1. Press ‘Windows Key
  2. Type ‘Game Mode’
  3. Select ‘Game Mode Settings
  4. Swipe ‘Game Mode On’
  5. Stay on this Window

How to Enable GPU Scheduling?

After enabling game mode, the next step is to enable GPU Scheduling. First click on Graphics Settings, which is in the top right corner under the title, Related Settings. Then enable hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. Once completed, you will need to restart your gaming laptop computer for this setting to take effect.

  1. On the Same Window
  2. Click ‘Graphics Settings’
  3. Then Enable ‘GPU Scheduling’
  4. Next, Restart Your Gaming Laptop.

What is GPU Scheduling?

GPU Scheduling allows Windows to offload most of the GPU scheduling to the GPU-based processor. By enabling this your gaming laptop performance should be improved, and latency should be reduced.

Step 4: Best Warzone Graphics Settings

By now, all your drivers should be up to date, including graphics, processor, and Windows drivers. If not, go back and make sure these are up to date. Once you’re happy with that, it is time to optimise your computer using the best Graphics settings for Warzone here. 

This involves changing the NVidia control panel settings and then changing the settings for Warzone Pacific itself. But first, it is best to adjust the 3D settings in the NVidia control panel and there are two ways to do this.

First, change your 3D settings manually through NVidia GeForce Experience. Second, you can change the settings automatically using the NVIDIA control panel. This is the best way to ensure Warzone will run as smoothly as possible.

The control panel will allow you to set the GPU options you plan to use most often. It also allows you to set the 3D settings to be applied globally. This way, you can use game-specific settings for each game that you play. This will help improve gaming performance for all your games and not just Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3
Image Source: Call of Duty

How to Change the NVIDIA Control 3D Settings?

  1. On Your Desktop ‘Right-click’
  2. Select the ‘NVIDIA Control Panel
  3. Click ‘Manage 3D Settings‘ Top Left Corner
  4. Click ‘Programme Settings’
  5. Select ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ from List
  6. You may need to select ‘Browse‘ Then ‘Add’

You have now added Call of Duty Warzone to the NVidia control panel so you can customize the 3D settings to your heart’s content. Including Power Management Mode, Texture Filtering and so on. The first step is to select the preferred graphics processor. Change this to the High-Performance Graphics Processor option.

NVidia Control Panel - Global Settings

Specify The NVidia Control Panel Settings

Staying with the NVidia control panel, you will need to specify the individual settings for Warzone Pacific. The table below highlights all the settings that I use daily with my gaming laptop. Consistently hitting 120+ FPS, ideal for this popular first-person shooter.

Note: the best graphics settings for Warzone listed below should be used as a guide. Also, your available control panel options may differ slightly from mine, as this will depend on the graphics card you have. However, the majority should remain the same.

Graphics FeatureBest Settings
Image SharpeningOFF – When image sharpening is on, there is not much difference in performance, it just improves images. 
Anisotropic Filtering8X – Anisotropic Filtering is a type of texture filtering and will increase the visual quality of textures at steep angles to the camera. You can increase to 16x, but with lower performance.
Gamma CorrectionON – This setting will not have an affect on performance
Antialiasing – ModeSet to Override any application setting
Antialiasing – Setting4X – The higher this value, the better the quality of your images. However, if you are experiencing lag, it would be wise to turn this down in increments and test until the lag has disappeared. 
Antialiasing – TransparencyOFF – No Affect
Background Application Max FROFF – I do not run any other applications when playing Call of Duty Warzone. The same applies to you if you want to improve your KD. Cod Warzone requires 100% concentration.
Low Latency ModeOFF – In low latency mode, frames are submitted into the render queue ready for the GPU. NVidia states it will reduce latency by 33%. However, I have tested low latency mode on and off, and while turned on, I noticed a drop in FPS. Enabling low latency mode will work for some games, but not Warzone.
Max Frame RateOFF – Because you do not want to be limiting frames.
Multi-Frame SampledOFF – Multi-Frame sampled may increase anti-aliasing without a drop in performance.
OpenGL Rendering GPUSELECT YOUR GPU – This determines how it handles your games. If you have more than one NVidia GPU. Or more than two external monitors.
Power Management ModePREFER MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE – This will give you a better experience at the cost of battery life. But for the best performance, you should be plugged into an outlet.
Shader CacheOFF – This improves load times and will help eliminate stuttering. The most effective use of Shader Cache is when you only have 8 GB RAM or less. If that’s the case, your COD Warzone performance will suffer. (Need 12-16GB RAM)
Texture Filtering QualityHIGH PERFORMANCE
Triple BufferingOFF – Only impacts games that use OpenGL
Vertical SyncON/OFF – When you turn vertical Sync on it will cap the frame rate to your displays refresh rate. You should only turn it off when your frame rate is lower than your monitors refresh rate.

That’s it, you should have changed your NVidia control panel settings to match those above. Click the ‘X’ at the top of the NVidia control panel sheet. It is always a wise idea to restart your gaming laptop or PC to ensure all the changes take effect before moving on.

Call of Duty Vanguard

Step 5: Best Warzone Graphics Settings In Game

The next step is to change the graphics settings for Warzone in-game. But first, it is imperative to understand that every gaming laptop or PC will be different in some way. Therefore, the most suitable Warzone settings may differ slightly from one machine to the next. But there are some that are taxing on any machine, no matter what hardware you have. Options like Texture Resolution, this can have a huge impact on performance.

Best Warzone Display Settings

Display SettingsBest Settings
Display ModeFull-screen Borderless or Full Screen – Even though most people will tell you full-screen mode is superior. Full-screen mode enables all your resources to concentrate solely on your gaming performance. That was best until Microsoft released full-screen optimizations for Windows 10.
Screen Refresh RateScreen refresh rate should match your display.
Render Resolution100 – Ideally, you want the render resolution set to 100 (1080p). However, the higher the number, the more of your resources are used. You should test the difference, starting at 100 and move it down slowly and see what works best. 
Aspect RatioAutomatic
V-SyncDisable – V-sync will eliminate screen tearing but may increase lag. This will affect your frame rate as your graphics card cannot match your screen refresh rate. You should only use V-sync if you experience screen tearing.
Custom Framerate LimitUnlimited – This will give you the maximum possible frames your gaming laptop can handle with the settings you have. 
NVidia HighlightsDisable
NVidia Reflex Low LatencyEnabled + Boost
Table Showing Best Warzone Display Settings

Best Warzone Settings: Details & Textures

Details & TextureBest Settings
Streaming QualityLow
Texture ResolutionLow – Texture resolution will be determined by the hardware you have at your disposal. The higher you set this, the more resources are used.
Texture Filter AnisotropicLow – Texture filtering Anisotropic option will help increase the visual detail of textures at certain angles
Particle QualityLow – Particle quality option is for making explosions, blasts, and sprays sharper and less blurry.
Bullet Impact SpraysEnable – Turning this off can be a disadvantage in-game because it can give you directional awareness of where the other player is shooting from. I did not see much difference in performance when disabled.
TessellationEnable – This gives you extra details on bumpy surfaces and trees and will help to present objects in a scene and sort them out ready for rendering. It will also have a slight impact on performance, but not so much that it should be disabled.
On-Demand Texture StreamingEnable – If you turn off this option, or set it to medium or low. You will experience a lower-resolution version of the textures for your weapons and operators.
Table Showing Best Warzone Details & Textures

Best Warzone Shadows and Lighting Settings

Shadows & LightingBest Settings
Shadow Map ResolutionLow – The higher the settings, the better your surroundings will look. Visually there is not much difference between setting the map resolution to either low or normal. But, when selecting either high or ultra, there is a big jump in VRAM usage. If you want faster frames, set it to low. 
Cache Spot/Sun ShadowsEnable – Enabling the cache shadows allows the game to store the shadows in your VRAM. As a result, the shadow maps will render faster during gameplay. When disabled, they will load as and when needed, and this can cause lower frame rates or drops in frames.
Particle LightingLow – Medium
DirectX Ray-TracingDisable – Enabling Ray-Tracing will show a noticeable difference in your frame rates. So unfortunately, the best settings for Warzone do not include the latest realistic and immersive high-fidelity extras that ray-tracing brings.
Ambient OcclusionBoth – This option will add shadows to areas affected by objects blocking light, like buildings, windows, and rocks. The GTAO option is for static elements, and the MDAO option is for dynamic elements. My preference is to use both. Some, however, will advise disabling.
Screen Space Reflection (SSR)Disable – SSR gives you reflections on wet surfaces, puddles, and any shiny surface. Possibly one of the biggest drainers of your resources. I set this too low, and that is where it will stay.
Table Showing Best Warzone Shadow & Lighting Settings

Best Post Processing Effects Settings

Post Processing EffectsBest Settings
Anti-AliasingSMAA 1XOFF
Depth of FieldDisable
Motion BlurDisable
Dynamic ResolutionDisable
Film Grain0.00
Table Showing Best Warzone Processing Effects

Step 6: Best Controller Settings for Warzone

If you complete all the Warzone settings above to improve FPS, you will have a better chance of getting a DUB in Call of Duty. Next, we take a look at the best controller settings for Warzone. However, these will be different from player to player. There are some Warzone fanatics who can handle sensitivity in double figures. (Not Me)

So, if you are struggling to get the maximum performance out of your gaming controller while playing Warzone. Now you’re looking for ways to improve you aim, sensitivity etc, there is no harm in testing the controller settings below.

Aim SettingsBest Settings
BR Button LayoutTactical
Stick Layout PresetDefault
Invert Vertical LockDisable
Dead-zone0.5 – Depends on stick-drift
Horizontal Sensitivity5
Vertical Sensitivity5
Aim Response CurveDynamic
Aim AssistStandard
Use/Reload Behaviour Contextual Tap
Table Showing Best Warzone Controller Settings
Aiming: Best Controller settings for Warzone
Warzone Aim Controller Settings

Your Warzone weapons settings must be the same as these. I have tried them all and believe me these controller settings are most effective. Also, ensure you change the Use/Reload Behaviour to Contextual Tap so you can open loot crates and reload your guns with one tap. This will save precious time.

Best Controller settings for Weapons
Warzone Weapons Settings

Your movement in Warzone is as critical as any other setting on this page. Make sure you set Slide Behaviour to Tap and Automatic Sprint to Tactical Sprint. Both options will help improve your Call of Duty gameplay immensely.  

Warzone Movement Settings
Warzone Movement settings

Additional In-Game Warzone Settings

The last two Warzone settings will help transform your in-game experience. First, change the Warzone map in the top left-hand corner of the game screen. Making this square will allow you to see a much broader area on the map. Also, Enabling the map rotation option will help you when you are in tight spots on the map. This option is especially useful when you’re inside buildings. Finally, change the compass cardinal direction text to numbers.

Warzone Map Settings
Warzone HUD Settings


One thing is for sure, using the best Warzone settings will definitely improve your gameplay. Boost your win rate, kill rate, and reduce your death rate. However, there are many other ways to help with improving Warzone’s performance. 

First, ensure your system and your hardware drivers are up to date. Maintain optimum temperatures on your gaming laptop, delete unnecessary files, and clean dust and debris from its interior are just a few.

If after all that, you still cannot reach the heights, maybe it is time to invest in a new gaming laptop for Warzone? Or it may be that you can’t hear those pesky footsteps? In that case a new gaming headset for Warzone may help.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this post. If you have any questions drop a comment below. Why not subscribe to my email list to receive our latest content straight to your inbox?

Thanks for reading, Cya, Next Time!