Best Settings for Warzone: Improve Laptop Performance

Best Settings For Warzone

Having the best settings for Warzone does not necessarily mean you will become the best ever Call of Duty Warzone player. Nor will they guarantee you win every Warzone battle?

But what the best Warzone settings will do is give you a better chance of being the last one alive in Verdansk, Rebirth, or maybe even Plunder. And If you are new to this extremely popular Battle Royale online video game the best Warzone settings will become your gaming laptops best friend.

In this post, I will show you the best Warzone settings I use with my HP Omen 15 and enjoy 130+FPS, not bad for a mid-range laptop using the best gaming accessories. They include the best Warzone driver settings, best Warzone graphics settings, and the best ever Warzone controller settings.

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  1. Warzone System Requirements
  2. Are your Hardware Drivers Up To Date?
  3. Enable Windows Gaming Mode
  4. NVIDIA Control Panel and Graphics Settings
  5. Best Warzone In-Game Graphics Settings
  6. Best Controller Settings Warzone

YouTube Video Showcasing Gameplay with the Best Warzone Settings

Best settings for Warzone guide, who Should use Them?

This best settings for Warzone guide is aimed towards laptop gamers who love Cod Warzone as much as I do. And using these warzone settings in your gameplay will not guarantee success because you also need skill, plenty of practice, and lots of patience.

You also need to put in many hours of hard work, with blood, sweat, and maybe some tears along the way to get good at this highly stressful game.

Even after applying all that, you’re not guaranteed to be the last one alive. As there are 149 hungry players trying to stop you from getting into that final circle. All trying to take you out in more ways than one.

Another thing, the best settings for COD Warzone will differ slightly for each gamer, and, what works for me may not be perfect for you. But, if you are looking to try something different there is no harm in giving the best Warzone settings that I use a shot.

Although, I must stress. The Best settings for Warzone on this page should only be used as a guide, and that changing your gaming laptop settings to match these will not guarantee success.

That said, by using these settings they will not break your system. So, there is no harm in giving them a try. And as my granny always said, “God does love a trier”.

So let us jump right in.

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1.Warzone System Requirements for Gaming laptops?

Before we jump into the best Warzone settings, you need to ensure your laptop meets the recommended system requirements to run Call of Duty Warzone. You could have the best laptop in the world if it doesn’t meet these you will already be at a disadvantage.

You could probably skip this section if you already know you can run Warzone smoothly. But, not everyone understands the COD Warzone system requirements for laptop computers as it’s not as clear as with a PC.

Because the best settings for Call of Duty Warzone would be pointless if your laptop doesn’t meet what is required to run the game. Even if you were given the best Warzone settings from the number one player in the world. They would be pointless if you ain’t got a capable gaming machine to use them.

After research, I found an Intel i5 8th Gen 4 core mobile CPU or an AMD Ryzen 3 3rd Gen processor would meet the minimum spec gaming laptop processors that will run Call of Duty Warzone.

But there isn’t many decent gaming laptops pairing an Intel i5 8th Gen processor with the required discrete graphics card you will need for Warzone. Your laptop needs to be at least equivalent to or above the recommended Warzone requirements.

Below you will find the recommended system requirements to run Warzone on a portable gaming machine. Although these requirements are not set in stone, you may have a spec just under. And still, this should be OK for COD Warzone.

Please Note: these recommendations are just a guide.

The Recommended Hardware to Run Call of Duty Warzone on a Laptop

INTEL MOBILE CPU Intel i5 – 9th, 10th, 11th Gen or i7 – 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th Gen
AMD MOBILE CPU Ryzen 5 4000, 7 4000, 9 4000 series mobile CPUs
AMD GPU Radeon RX 5000M series only Mobile GPU
NVIDIA GPU GTX10M Series (But Not GTX1050M), or GTX16M series
Direct X DirectX 12

2. Are your Hardware Drivers Set on Auto-update?

Your computer hardware requires drivers for your operating system to understand what the hardware is and how it works. Including, but not limited to, your peripherals, graphics cards, and your computer processors.

And these must be kept updated for your system to work how it should and not affect your gaming.

So, before we jump into the Best Warzone Settings, you need to check and make sure you have the latest driver installed and your Windows system is up to date, and in tip-top condition.

Simply because the performance of your graphics card will depend on your drivers being up to date. Also, the amount of RAM the graphics card has at its disposal is also a key factor in determining the performance levels.

Did you know? Updating the graphics card driver is the only thing that can improve your laptops GPU without replacing the actual graphics card, therefore, keep it updated.

Updating Drivers

You can update you drivers in two ways.

First, you can manually update your drivers, but you will need the model number of the GPU. If you are unsure what the number is, you can use a website like and download and run their GPU-Z REPORT.

See the image below.

Running the GPU-Z report will highlight the make and model number of your laptops graphics chip. And, you can use these details to find the latest driver for your graphics hardware.

It is vitally important you keep your drivers in tip-top condition. Manufactures will update drivers to improve performance for your games and game engines. And these updates will help fix rendering problems. And help improve stability to help give you the best gaming experience possible.

Gaming Laptop Graphics Information Using GPU-Z

The graphics chip information on my laptop

Set-up Automatic Driver Updates

Yes, you can manually keep your hardware and graphics drivers up to date. But why bother when we live in a world of automation, and AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA give you access to the latest drivers with a click of a button.

And you can set the software to auto-update. This way, you can spend more time precious time concentrating on improving your gun skills and less time worrying about driver updates.

Therefore, if you have NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel hardware, then you must download their auto-detect software and set this up as soon as possible.

Below, you will find links to the software and tips on the best settings to enable.

NVIDIA Graphics Drivers


Download and install NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience, Click here: Download GeForce.

Make sure you have “AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD DRIVER UPDATES” ticked. You will find this option at the bottom of the general page.

Click, “CHECK FOR UPDATES” to ensure you have the latest game ready driver installed.

AMD Processor and Graphics Drivers

Download and install AMD’s Driver and Utility Software, Click here: AMD Radeon Software

Make sure the “CHECK FOR UPDATES” tab is set to automatic. And the “DOWNLOAD DRIVERS & SOFTWARE” is enabled.

Are your AMD Radeon Drivers up to date

Use Intel Auto-detect Tool for the Latest Drivers

For Intel processors, you can use their auto-detect tool for your Intel hardware drivers. But this tool doesn’t work with all Intel products, but for the latest processors, it does.

Download Intel Auto Detect Tool: Intel Driver Auto Detect Tool – UK

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Update Windows Drivers

Before we dive into the best settings for Warzone, there is one more thing you need to ensure, check Windows is up to date.

As you could have the best Warzone settings in the whole wide world. But, if your system is not up to date, then you ain’t got a chance in hell.

Windows 10 updates are sent monthly. Unless there is a security breach. In that case, Microsoft will send the updates as and when needed, but it is always a good idea to check for updates daily.

Not only that, you should take a look at the optional updates, as you just never know if there is an update that will help you.

How to check for Windows Updates

  1. Press “Windows Key”
  2. Start Typing “Updates”
  3. Select “Check for Updates”
  4. Click the “Check for Updates” button
Windows 10 Updates can help improve Warzone

3. Set Windows 10 Game Mode to Improve Performance

There are many ways to help improve your gaming experience, including enabling Windows Game Mode. Windows 10 game mode will help improve your gaming experience by giving you a more stable frame rate. By how much, I am not sure.

Additionally, when game mode is enabled, you will not receive update driver requests from Windows. or Windows restart requests.

So you can concentrate fully on Warzone and not having to worry about anything other than winning with the help of the best Warzone settings.

Steps to enable Game Mode on Windows 10

  1. Select Windows key
  2. Type Gaming
  3. Select Game Mode Settings
  4. Make sure Game Mode is enabled
Windows 10 Game Mode

4. Best Warzone Graphics Settings: Using the NVIDIA Control Panel

Ok, you have updated your hardware drivers, and you should by now have updated Windows. If not, go back and make sure these are up to date.

Now onto the next stage.

Now, to get anywhere near the best settings for Warzone, you will need to change your laptops 3D settings. NVIDIA provides two ways to adjust these.

First, you can change your 3D settings manually through the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application. Second, you can change them automatically using the NVIDIA control panel.

The control panel will allow you to set the GPU options you plan to use most often. Also, allowing you to set the 3D settings to be used globally.

Not only that, but you can use game-specific settings for different games you play that may need different settings than normal to help improve overall gaming performance.

And Call of Duty Warzone will fall into that category.

How to Change the NVIDIA Control to Improve Warzone Performance?

  • Right-click on a blank space on your desktop
  • Select the NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Click Manage 3D Settings

You will see two tabs, Global settings, and Programme Settings.

Change Windows Graphics Settings

Before you change the 3D settings, you need to ensure Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling is enabled.

And to do this you need to click the link, Windows Graphics Settings, to open the graphics settings window. You will then see an option to turn on Hardware-Accelerated Scheduling.

The benefit of enabling accelerated scheduling is it will help improve your gaming performance and help reduce latency. Once enabled, you will have to restart your laptop computer, for the process to take effect.

Use Windows Graphics Settings and turn on Accelerated scheduling to improve latency for best settings for warzone

How to add Call of Duty Warzone to NVIDIA’s Control Panel to change 3D settings?

Next up, you need to add your game to the NVIDIA control panel so you can customize your 3D settings for that particular game. In this case, Call of Duty Warzone.

  1. Click the Programme Settings tab
  2. Click Select a Programme to Customize
  3. Search for Modern Warfare folder
  4. You may need to select Browse
  5. Click ADD
Add Call of Duty Warzone to NVIDIA control Panel
Call of Duty Warzone folder located in programme files

Ok, you have now added Call of Duty Warzone to the NVIDIA control panel. And, you can now customize the 3D settings to your heart’s content.

You will find the best Call of Duty Warzone graphics settings that I use are below. I have tried and tested all the different options and find these settings work best for me.

They allow me to enjoy on average 130 fps while playing COD on my gaming laptop. Although, there is no guarantee they will help improve your performance.

Give them a try and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

How to change Warzone 3D Graphics Settings?

The first step is to select the preferred graphics processor. And, then change it to the High-Performance Graphics Processor option.

NVIDIA Control Panel select preferred Graphics Card

Next step, you need to specify the settings for COD Warzone. 

Below, you will find my NVIDIA control panel Warzone settings and my HP Omen Gaming Laptop spec includes an RTX 2060 GPU and an AMD Ryzen 7 processor along with 16 GB RAM.

And with these settings, I consistently enjoy 100+ FPS in game.

These settings should only be used as a guide for the best graphics settings for Call of Duty Warzone. Unless thou, you have the exact gaming machine as me.

Also, your available control panel options may differ slightly from mine depending on the graphics chip you have, but mostly they should be the same.

NVIDIA Control Panel Call of Duty Warzone Settings

Below you will find the Nvidia Control Panel settings I use to play Call of Duty Warzone, these settings work for me and they work well. However, they may not be suited to everyone. If you have the time and the patience, it’s best to play around and find the best Warzone graphic settings to suit your system.

Image Sharpening

When the image sharpening option is turned on, I do not see much difference in performance, but it will improve your images. But not necessarily overall performance.

Anisotropic Filtering

Anisotropic Filtering is a type of texture filtering and will increase the visual quality of textures at steep angles to the camera. You can go as high as 16x, but your may experience lower performance.

Gamma Correction

ON – This will not have an affect on performance

The Antialiasing – Mode

The Antialiasing – Setting

The higher the value, the higher the quality of your images. However, if you are experiencing lag, it would be best to turn this down in increments and test each increment until you are satisfied with the outcome. And the lag has disappeared.

Antialiasing – Transparency

Background Application Max FR

I do not run any other applications when I am in Call of Duty Warzone game mode, and neither should you. That’s if you want to improve your KD. Cod Warzone requires 100% concentration to get better at the game.


Low Latency Mode

With low latency mode, frames are submitted into the render queue just before the GPU needs them. NVIDIA states low latency mode will reduce latency by 33%. However, I have tested low latency mode on and off, with COD Warzone, and while turned on, I noticed a drop in FPS. But it is up to you to give it a go.

Enabling low latency mode will be ok for some games, but, not Warzone on my machine.

Max Frame Rate

OFF – For obvious reasons we do not want to be limiting frames. Or do we? That is up to you.

Multi-Frame Sampled

Multi-Frame sampled may increase anti-aliasing without a drop in performance.

OpenGL Rendering GPU

YOUR GPU – OpenGL rendering GPU determines how it needs to handle your games and apps if you have more than one Nvidia GPU. Or more than two external monitors.

Power Management Mode

Maximum Performance would give you a better experience at the cost of your batteries life. Although, for the best performance, you should be plugged into an outlet anyway.

Shader Cache

The Nvidia Shader Cache option reserves a certain amount of your HDD and uses it to stream shaders. This improves load times and will help eliminate stuttering. The best use of Shader Cache is when you only have 8 GB RAM or less, and if that’s the case, you may not be able to play COD Warzone anyway.

If your gaming laptop only has an SSD, do not enable this.

Texture Filtering Quality

Triple Buffering

OFF – Only impact games that use OpenGL

Vertical Sync

ON/OFF – When you turn vertical Sync on it will cap the frame rate to your displays refresh rate. And, you should only turn it off when your frame rate is lower than your monitors refresh rate.

My laptop has a 144Hz display, and my average frame rate is around 130 fps. Therefore I turn V-Sync OFF.

5. Best COD Warzone In-Game Graphics Settings

Each and every gaming machine will be different in some way or another. Therefore, the best Warzone settings may differ slightly. Again, I must stress the settings on this page work perfectly for me. That’s not to say they won’t be for you.

But lease use the in-game Warzone settings below as a guide. Besides, if you are looking to improve your gameplay, it is worth testing these out.

If you don’t mind, let me know in the comments below if you used my settings. And if they have improved your performance when playing COD Warzone.

Best Warzone In-Game Display Settings

Display Mode

My display option is the fullscreen borderless mode for COD Warzone.

Even though most people will inform you fullscreen mode is best. Why? Because fullscreen mode enables all your resources to concentrate solely on your gaming performance.

However, that was true until Microsoft released full-screen optimizations to Windows 10. Which takes full-screen games and runs them instead in a borderless windowed format.

And this allows you to run your game overlay windows without affecting performance. Therefore, when you run your game in the full-screen borderless mode, your game thinks it is in the full-screen mode. So giving you the best of both worlds.

And with no applications running on screen the power from the CPU and GPU is concentrated on the game just like with full-screen mode.

I have tried and tested all the other modes with my HP Omen, and full screen borderless mode gives me the best overall performance for Warzone.

Screen Refresh Rate

The screen refresh rate should match your display.

Render Resolution

Ideally, you want the render resolution set to 100. However, the higher the number, the more of your resources are used. I find setting my render resolution to 90 works perfectly for me.

You should test the difference, starting at 100 and see how your laptop handles the resolution at 100 and move down slowly.

And, if all is well. Happy days.

Aspect Ratio

Set Aspect Ratio to Automatic


V-sync will eliminate screen tearing. But if you are not careful, enabling V-Sync may introduce lag into the equation. And this may affect your frame rate if your graphics card cannot match your screen refresh rate. Therefore, you should only really enable V-sync if you are experiencing screen tearing.

Custom Framerate Limit

You should set your custom frame limit to unlimited, giving you the maximum possible frames your gaming laptop can handle with the settings you have. 

Although, your frame limit will depend on the power of the GPU and CPU that you have at your disposal.

Low Latency

Enabling reflex-low latency will help reduce overall latency in your game. By how much, will depend on your hardware. Also, enabling reflex will produce more heat for your laptop and increase your GPU power draw.

Check VRAM usage if you enable this.

Best Warzone Settings: Details & Textures

Streaming Quality

My streaming quality is set on Low. I have tried the other options. But, this option gave me the best performance.

Streaming quality is texture streaming and I believe this option helps with low res images in the background of the game.

Streaming Quality

My streaming quality is set on Low. I have tried the other options. But, this option gave me the best performance.

Streaming quality is texture streaming and I believe this option helps with low res images in the background of the game.

Texture Resolution

The texture resolution you can have will be determined by the hardware you have at your disposal. The higher you set the texture resolution, the more resources are required, But the better your graphics will look.

My texture resolution is set to normal, and this works perfectly for me. I have tested on low to see if I could squeeze out more frames, and I did. But not enough for me to change my settings, and I didn’t want to sacrifice any further on image quality.

Texture Filter Anisotropic

The Texture filtering Anisotropic option will help increase the visual detail of textures at certain angles. I have the Anisotropic filter set to 8x in the NVIDIA control panel and set the Warzone in-game texture filter to high.

The difference from medium to high aesthetically is quite large.

And setting this option lower than high will free up very few resources. Therefore, losing very little in performance.

Particle Quality

Particle quality option is for making your explosions, blasts, and sprays sharper and less blurry. My particle quality option is set low. There wasn’t much difference on the screen between the low and the normal option.

Bullet Impact Sprays

Turning bullet impact sprays off can be a disadvantage in-game because enabling this can give you directional awareness of where the other player is shooting from. And it also looks neat.

I have enabled my option, as I did not see much difference in my resources taking a hit when disabled.


Tessellation gives you extra details on bumpy surfaces and trees and will help to present objects in a scene and sorts them out ready for rendering. However it will also a slight impact on performance, but not enough to disable.

That said, visually, without this option, the scene may not look as great, and you will probably gain a few frames, but only a few. But it’s your choice whether you go with all or near. Or you may even disable to squeeze those extra two or three frames.

On-Demand Texture Streaming

On-Demand Texture Streaming will be of great benefit when your texture resolution is set to high.

But if you turn off the On-Demand Texture Streaming option, or even set on medium or low. You will experience a lower-resolution version of the textures for your weapons and operators.

Activision introduced texture streaming to reduce package size by removing unneeded textures from your game. And what happens is, when you encounter a high-res weapon or operator skin in-game, the high-res textures will be streamed to your cache.

And you can control the bandwidth required by setting your limit using the options below.

Best Warzone Settings: Shadows and Lighting

Map Resolution

The higher the settings, the better your surroundings will look. Visually there is not much difference from setting the map resolution to either low or normal. But, when selecting either high or ultra, there is a big jump in VRAM usage.

If you want higher frames, then tone the map resolution down. Or turn the map resolution to high or ultra for clearer visuals and take a hit on your VRAM.

Cache Spot/Sun Shadows

Enabling the cache shadows allows the game to store the shadows into your VRAM. And this way, the shadow maps can be rendered faster during your gameplay.

And when disabled, they will load as and when needed, and this can cause lower frame rates or drops in frames. And on occasion stuttering.

Ideally, for these settings to be effective, you need your gaming laptop to have at least 16 GB of RAM.

Particle Lighting

Particle lighting affects the quality of particles in-game, illuminated and lit particles. And the quality of particles from the lighting in-game. To be honest, I didn’t notice a great deal of difference in performance on any of the options. Therefore, I decided to leave my setting on Normal.

Play around with this setting, as you may see something different. If I did, it’s not really worth worry too much about.

DirectX Ray-Tracing

Enabling, Ray-Tracing will show a noticeable difference in your frames rates. Ok, it does look cool. But we want the highest possible frames. So unfortunately, the best settings for Warzone does not include the latest realistic and immersive high-fidelity extras that ray-tracing brings.

However, if you are just having some fun, smash the ray-tracing button, and whack up your settings. As long as you don’t mind gaming at 60fps.

Enabling ray-tracing on my gaming machine does make a -20-40 frame difference. Which is a big call to make when your goal is to win a Call of Duty Warzone battle. And even then, I have to adjust other settings to compensate.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion will add shadows to areas affected by objects blocking light, like the buildings, windows, and the dreaded rocks. Yes, rocks, those objects that we cannot seem to climb over. And dynamic elements such as vehicles and your characters.

The GTAO option is for static elements, and the MDAO option is for dynamic. You can choose to use both options or singular. My preference is to use both options but is is one setting you must test yourself and see what fits best.


SSR or screen-space reflections will give you reflections on wet surfaces and in puddles or any shiny surface. SSR is possibly one of the biggest drainers of your resources.

My setting is set on low, and that is where it will stay.

Although, there is an option to turn this setting off. But I didn’t see a big enough difference to warrant that. Again, this is one of those graphics settings you would like to have but just cannot have unless you have a beast of a gaming machine.

Best Warzone Settings: Post Processing Effects


This option helps remove jagged edges and flickering lines from surfaces and moving objects. The best options are SMAA T2x and Filmix SMAA T2X but you will take a little fps hit.

The other option SMAA 1X is intended for laptops that only meet Warzones minimum system requirements. Having said that, my laptop is above the minimum requirements, but, this option works best for me.

Depth of Field

Motion Blur

Dynamic Resolution

Frame Rate Target

6. Best Controller Settings for Warzone

The best controller settings for Warzone will be different from player to player and there will be some Warzone fanatics who can handle sensitivity in doubles figures.

That could be you, but it isn’t me I would advise to go with what suits you and your gaming. But, if you are struggling and looking for ways to improve your gameplay, there is no harm in testing the Warzone controller settings below.

One thing is for sure, when using the best controller settings for Warzone my win rate and my death rate improved. Therefore, my overall KD improved.

It took time, but I have tried and tested many methods, as much as. I am on my third controller since I started playing Call of Duty Warzone.

What are the most Important Settings?

The most important controller settings to consider are the button layout, sensitivity, and aim response curve. But, they’re not the only controller settings to consider.

Your button layout is another one and my layout settings is set on Tactical.

This will allow you to use your paddles to jump and ping so your thumbs will never leave the thumbstick. Honestly, that does make one hell of a difference.

Sensitivity is also hugely important for playing Call of Duty Warzone as you need to be able to make quick and smooth adjustments at any given time.

Especially when you have a Warzone camper trying their best to snipe you from a rooftop, or camping behind a tree.

My Warzone controller sensitivity is set to 5 for both vertical and horizontal. And this is perfect for me. Although, if you can go a little higher, Great!

Finally, setting the aim response curve to dynamic has made a world of difference. Not just that, the dynamic setting is ideal for controller players.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a go and you must let me know if your KD improves.

Controller Button Layout, Sensitivity, and Weapons

Best Controller settings for Warzone

Movement settings in Warzone are just as important as any. Make sure you set Slide Behaviour to Tap and Automatic Sprint to Tactical Sprint. And both of these settings will improve your gameplay immensely.

Warzone Movement Settings

Your Warzone weapons settings must be the same as these. I have tried them all and believe me these controller settings are best.

You must change the Use/Reload Behaviour option. In addition, make sure this option is set to Contextual Tap and enabling this, you are able to open loot crates and reload your guns with one tap. 

And not having to hold will save precious time.

Best Controller settings for Weapons

Additional In-Game Warzone Settings

Warzone Map Settings

The Verdansk Warzone map in the top left-hand corner of the game screen must be set to square. By doing this you will see a much bigger area on the map.

Enabling the map rotation option will help you when you are in tight spots on the map. And, this option is especially important for buildings.

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My Final Thoughts..

Hopefully you have got some useful tip and tricks from reading this guide. One thing is for sure, having the best warzone settings will improve your gameplay. And will also improve your frames rates win rate, kill rate, and reduce your death rate.

Just make sure you keep your operating system and your hardware drivers updated. Also, play Call of Duty Warzone plugged into an outlet for best performance.

That said, there are many other ways to improve your laptop for Warzone, like ensuring your laptop is running at the optimum temps, and deleting unnecessary files and cleaning pointless files from your storage space.

And for that, I use a fantastic programme from AVAST, and for very little money. Avast will help keep your laptop secure and clean ensuring you never miss a humungous update from Activision.

Or maybe you are looking for a new gaming laptop to test out the ray-tracing capabilities Warzone has to offer, for that you can check out one of my other pages here, and if you’re looking for a new gaming headset for Warzone this page will help.

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Hopefully you have enjoyed reading our guide on the Best Call of Duty Warzone Settings and if you have any questions related to laptops, gaming or anything in between.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or drop us a comment below. And, if you are feeling a little curious, subscribe to our email list to receive our latest content straight to your inbox.

Happy Laptop Gaming!