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Call of Duty Warzone Crashing

Call of Duty Warzone crashing can be a nightmare. But don’t worry, there is a fix for that! Yet it doesn’t stop you from wondering why this keeps happening in the first place. So if that’s you and you’ve been crashing in Call of Duty Warzone? I’m here to help with any problems or issues you’re having.

I understand how Call of Duty Warzone crashing could be the worst thing out there. Most of the time, this happens when you’re trying to load Warzone through the Battle.net platform. Sometimes you might see an error. Like, “could not write file hard drive full”. Again, don’t worry, we have a fix for that too!

This guide will teach you how to fix that problem and once and for all fix Call of Duty Warzone crashing. I hope this helps out anyone who has been experiencing these problems with COD WZ. Once fixed, test out the best settings for Warzone laptops. Or check out the best gaming laptop accessories.

Just a quick note, not every solution on this page will be the reason why your version of Call of Duty Warzone is crashing. But it is worth investigating each step.

Page Contents:

  1. Does you meet the system requirements?
  2. Are your hardware and system up to date?
  3. Does your system have enough RAM?
  4. Does your system have enough storage?
  5. Are your games up to date?
  6. Could not write file hard drive full issue?
  7. Is malware present on your gaming laptop?
  8. How to Uninstall/Re-install your game

Why Does My Warzone Keeps Crashing?

If you’re asking the question, why does my Warzone keep crashing? There could be many reasons why this is happening. Most of the time, Warzone will crash when launching the Battle.net programme and re-starting your laptop will fix most problems.

I know that’s not always the case. I mean, you have already re-started your laptop, but the issue persists, and Call of Duty Warzone crashing is back. Don’t worry, I will go through ways to help prevent this from happening in the future.

It’s worth noting, that when any app or programme stops working, it’s mostly because of the changes you have made to your system. Such as updates to your operating system, hardware, or changes to your software.

Also downloading and installing new security software can affect programmes and games already on your system. Whatever the reason for Call of Duty Warzone crashing, there will always be a way to rectify the problem and get you back into Caldera as quickly as possible.

Below I’ve listed seven ways for you to investigate how to stop Call of Duty Warzone crashing and by following each step, you should be up and running in no time readying for your next dub.

7 Reasons Why My Warzone Crashes

  • Have you updated your game? If not Call of Duty Warzone could start crashing, so you must install the latest patches.
  • If you have too many unnecessary applications running on your laptop, it could result in Call of Duty Warzone crashing or lagging.
  • Warzone crashing could be the result of your firewall settings. Incorrect settings could be blocking the game from loading correctly.
  • Warzone crashes could be because of outdated or faulty graphics drivers. So you should update your graphics drivers.
  • If you don’t have enough virtual memory, that could cause Warzone crashes or freezing issues. You must increase your available memory.
  • Call of Duty Warzone crashing can be caused due to corrupted game files. Repair the game files and see if it fixes the issue.

Meet the system requirements to stop Call of Duty Warzone crashing?

If you are having trouble with Call of Duty Warzone crashing, the first point of call would be to check if your laptop meets the minimum system requirements to run a game like COD Warzone.

To check your system spec,

  1. Press “Windows Key”
  2. Type “System”
  3. Press “Enter” on the system information
  4. Your system information sheet shows your spec

And as long as your laptop spec meets the minimum system requirements for Call of Duty Warzone (see below) then you should be good to go.

If it does, then your spec is not the problem.

Mobile Processor Intel i5 8th Gen 4 Core or AMD Ryzen 3 3250U or above
Graphics Card GTX10 series (Not GTX1050M), or GTX16 series – Radeon RX5000M series
Storage 256 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD (SSD would be best)
Operating System Windows 10 64-Bit
DirectX 12 (Most-Important)

Are your hardware drivers and system up to date?

If you’re experiencing issues relating to hardware or software. This can be caused by outdated drivers, or you may have an incorrect driver installed. So Call of Duty Crashing could be caused by outdated video and sound drivers.

Or it could be that your operating system needs updating. I’m not saying this is the reason why Call of Duty Warzone crashing is a problem for you. But it is vitally important to ensure your hardware drivers and your operating system is in good condition.

In return, your laptop will run smoothly, and it will be better protected from malware and malicious attacks. Because there are millions of sneaky viruses itching to infiltrate your system.

Updating Windows 10

Millions of people daily use Windows by Microsoft, and Windows 10 is possibly the best computer OS available. At the same time, not looking after Windows will allow your laptop to become vulnerable. Here I will go through some basic tasks to ensure Windows is up to date and will help keep your system running smoothly.

Windows 10 has essential updates, and these should be set to on by default. Essential updates are posted monthly, and they are downloaded and installed automatically. Unless thou, there is an immediate threat to Windows. In that case, the update will be posted as and when.

Windows 10 optional updates are unique to your laptop, or PC. You must always check to see if they are required for your particular hardware. These include driver updates for your HIDs (human interface devices, mouse, and external keyboards).

They also include optional operating system updates and you can check if you need them before installing them. Sometimes they include only minor, unimportant updates. Therefore, there is no major rush to install them, but its worth checking all the same.

How to check for Windows Updates

  1. Press “Windows Key”
  2. Start Typing “Updates”
  3. Select “Check for Updates”
  4. Click the “Check for Updates” button

How to check Windows 10 for Optional Updates

Windows 10 Optional Updates to help stop Call of Duty Warzone from crashing

Change Windows 10 Update Timings

You should check your default Windows update settings and change the “Active Hours” to suit your lifestyle. This way, Windows will only update your system outside of the hours you choose.

Doing this will ensure the update process will not affect your work or your gaming. And your system will stay protected without getting in your way.

  1. Press “Windows Key”
  2. Start Typing “Updates”
  3. Select “Check for Updates”
  4. Click on “Change Active Hours”
Windows Updates active Times

Uninstall previous Windows Updates

Maybe, Call of Duty Warzone crashing was caused by updating your operating system with the latest Windows 10 patch. No problem, you can uninstall any previous updates from Microsoft using the uninstall update sheet located on the Windows update page.

  1. Press “Windows Key”
  2. Start Typing “Updates”
  3. Select “Check for Updates”
  4. Click “Advanced Options”
  5. Select “View Update History”
  6. Select “Uninstall Updates”
  7. Choose the update you want to uninstall

Outdated Drivers Could Be Causing Call of Duty Warzone to Crash

Device drivers enable your hardware to work correctly with your operating system. You can update drivers manually, using Windows update, or downloading the drivers directly from the vendor’s website.

Microsoft Windows is great for updating drivers for various hardware components including, USB ports, network adaptors, displays, and storage devices. But, even this can go wrong, meaning you could have an incorrect driver installed which is the reason why Call of Duty Warzone is crashing.

This is where the Windows device manager comes into play. Windows “Device Manager” allows you access to the list of hardware you have currently installed.

With this you can manually install drivers, update drivers, and uninstall drivers. Also, you can check if your devices are working correctly. Not only that, you can also scan for any recent hardware changes.

Accessing Windows Device Manager

  1. Click “Windows Key + X”
  2. Select “Device Manager” from the panel on the left.
  3. Right Click the Hardware “Select Properties”

The device manager sheet will show you vital details about the driver installed, including the file version. And if the driver is working correctly or not. You can use the reference numbers to search through support pages for help. Alternatively, you can contact the vendor and give them the exact file number as a reference.

Rolling Back Bad Drivers Using Device Manager

If you feel Call of Duty Warzone crashing is caused by an incorrect driver you can use the device manager sheet to roll back your hardware drivers to the previous driver. Then you can re-start Warzone and see if this is the cause.

Windows 10 Roll Back to previous driver
  1. Click “Windows Key + X”
  2. Select “Device Manager
  3. Click the small arrow next to the hardware
  4. Select “Properties”
  5. Click “Driver Tab”
  6. Select “Roll Back Driver”

Installing Drivers For Third-party Hardware

Microsoft Windows is great for updating drivers for your HIDs and other hardware’s listed above. But to update the drivers required for the graphics card, and the processors you would need to visit the vendor’s website.

Or, if you haven’t already done so, you can download and install the update-driver software supplied by the likes of NVIDIA, AMD or INTEL. This software will make your life a whole lot easier.

All processors and graphics cards on today’s gaming laptops all require some kind of update process for the hardware to work correctly. This is vitally important to help fix bugs and ensure you have the latest performance enhancements, and, on occasion, you will be treated to the latest new features.

Are your NVIDIA Graphics Card Drivers Updated?

If you are one of the lucky ones and have an NVIDIA dedicated graphics card, then you should already have GeForce Experience downloaded and installed on your gaming laptop. If not, this should be your priority. Download it here: GeForce Experience.

Once you have downloaded GeForce experience, you can then search for the latest drivers, and you can double-check the drivers against what you already have.

Using the NVIDIA GeForce experience will allow you to re-install drivers and set your in-game overlay settings to meet your needs. Not only that, but you can also record live gameplay and share it with your friends.

So, after downloading the software and setting up your profile, make sure you have “Automatically Download Driver Updates” ticked, and you will find this option at the bottom of the general page.

Doing this will ensure your graphics card drivers are kept up to date and without you having to worry as often. But there will be the odd time you need to manually check and make sure your drivers are the latest available.

If your drivers are not up to date this could be why Call of Duty Warzone is crashing

Are your AMD Drivers Updated?

AMD, like NVIDIA, offers superb device driver and utility software to help support your GPU’s and CPU’s. And without these tools, your life would be much more difficult.

AMD’s Radeon software will help keep your graphics and processor units updated. If you haven’t already, you need to download the combined AMD chipset and Radeon Graphics driver installer.

The Radeon auto-detect tool will note which chipset, graphics card, and version of Windows you have installed and then provide you with the latest drivers compatible with your system.

Download Here: AMD Radeon Software

Are your AMD Radeon Drivers up to date

Best AMD Radeon Settings

After you have downloaded the Radeon software, make sure the “check for updates” tab is set to automatic, and the “Download Drivers and Software” is enabled. You will find these settings on the “System” tab and to ensure you have the latest drivers you can select “Check for Updates”.

Are Your Intel Processor Drivers Up-to-Date?

Intel offers the driver and assistant auto-detect tool. This tool will update most of Intel’s products, but it won’t work with all. Although if you have an Intel CPU, you must have this tool running on your laptop computer.

The Intel auto-detect tool will continuously scan your PC for driver and software updates and provide you with vitally important system and device information.

Download Intel Auto Detect Tool: Intel Driver Auto Detect Tool – UK

Download Intel Auto Detect Tool: Intel Driver Auto Detect Tool – US

Keep Your Call of Duty Warzone Game Files Up To Date?

Battle.net Call of Duty Warzone installer

Call of Duty Warzone crashing could be happening because your current version is not up to date. Or there may be an error in one of the game files. Either of these reasons could cause Warzone to crash.

Although, like most decent game installers, Battle.net comes with several handy features to help make your games run smoothly. For Call of Duty Warzone to work correctly or any other game you play linked to the battle.net platform, you must ensure your game files are kept up to date.

Battle.net makes it easy for you to check for updates manually. Plus, you can scan and repair the game version you have installed to ensure you don’t have corrupt files lurking around.

Updating Warzone Files Using Battle.net

To update Warzone installed through Battle.net, select the wheel next to the “Play Button” on the Battle.net home screen. Then select “Check for Updates”, it will only take a second or two to check to see if you have the latest updates for your game.

Once the check is complete, restart the game. If it doesn’t work, then you are not having much luck. Next, try “Scan and Repair”.

There is also an option to uninstall the game or modify the install, but those options are the last resort. And especially knowing how long it takes to download and install Call of Duty Warzone.

Besides, if COD Warzone has previously worked on your machine, then there should be no reason why you cannot rectify the issues before jumping onto uninstalling the game.

I’m sure you don’t want to be wasting the best part of two days waiting for COD Warzone to re-install. Therefore, if you haven’t managed to fix Call of Duty Warzone crashing, read on.

Does your system have enough RAM to stop Call of Duty Warzone Crashing?

A common reason why a game crashes or fails to load is that your laptop does not have enough RAM for Warzone. Or may you have too many applications running simultaneously.

Hey, if you are anything like me, I have my email client, browser with seven or eight pages open, and depending on the tasks I am doing on the day. I may also have Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Rush running in the background.

However, when I decide to put my work away and turn into a Call of Duty Warzone gamer, I make sure I close as many apps and programmes I can. You should only have the Battle.net programme running, and may be Nvidia GeForce and your system vitals software anything else should be shut down.

Did you know, when you close apps and programmes using the X-Button at the top of each sheet, Windows may not shut them completely? So they could still be running in the background, therefore, taking up precious RAM and processing power.

You can close programmes and apps completely using the Windows Task Manager sheet.

Windows 10 Task manager

Free RAM using Task Manager

  1. Click the Windows Key + X
  2. Select task manager
  3. Right-Click a programme to end the task

How To Check How Much RAM Your System Has Available?

Many different hardware components can affect your laptops performance, things like your graphics card and your hard drive, both can be the cause of poor performance. However, two of the most important components that will affect your laptops performance are the processor and RAM (memory).

The great thing about RAM, especially for laptop computers, is you can upgrade the RAM to improve performance, and your gaming will benefit from additional memory.

Adding more RAM is possibly one of the cheapest upgrades you can do with the most benefit. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the processor, which is much more difficult to upgrade, if at all.

You can check the system info to see how much RAM is available by following these steps.

  1. Click the “Windows Key”
  2. Type “System Information”
  3. Click “Enter”

Having enough RAM to run your games, operating system, system vitals software, and in this case, the Battle.net installer is vitally-important to ensure your laptop runs smoothly.

Call of Duty Warzone crashing could be because you don’t have enough RAM to handle the game.

Warzone, in particular, requires you to have a minimum of 8 GB RAM to allow the game to run on your device. And 16 GB would be the sweet spot, my gaming laptop has 16 GB RAM, and Warzone runs like a dream, plus other apps and programmes.

So, after you have checked your RAM and you see you have less than 8 GB RAM. Then you will need to add more. Or if you only have 8 GB RAM, close all programmes and apps, apart from Warzone and Battle.net and try again.

If it still doesn’t work, then you may need to install additional RAM to stop Call of Duty Warzone crashing. However, if you find you have more than enough RAM and Warzone keeps crashing, continue reading to find a solution.

Does You Have Enough Storage Space?

The latest gaming laptops now come with SSDs as the main storage solution. SSDs are smaller and faster than ever before. My current gaming machine has SSD storage, so no bulky hard drive slowing it down.

But still, I regularly clean up my footprint every other day and delete what I don’t need as and when I can. If I didn’t I know my laptops performance will suffer. And my programmes and apps may not work how they should.

So, it’s vitally important you keep on top of your storage and remove unnecessary information from your laptop, and when you only have an SSD, this is especially important.

Deleting your photos and folders from your laptop should be done daily. Although. you can manually delete these, but sometimes dregs are left behind, files you don’t see on your desktop, or when searching through your documents.

To locate them, you either need to search through your documents, many folders, and hidden corners or you can make your life easier and download a decent and possibly free system clean up programme.

There are some fantastic free computer cleaner programmes you can use to help you remove unwanted files from your laptop computer. Personally, I use AVG antivirus software and CC Cleaner, both have a free version and a paid pro version. But the free version is adequate for what you will need.

How to find Windows 10 Disk Clean-up sheet

Windows offers a decent tool to help remove files from your storage space. The disk clean up tool will go some way to help you remove the unnecessary file from your laptop.

Other Ways to Improve Your Storage Space

There are other ways you can improve your storage. Using Windows OneDrive is great, and it only takes a second or two to set up and away you go.

OneDrive will help you free up more space by transferring files, photos, and folders you want to keep but don’t necessarily need every day over to their cloud storage.

There are others like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Apple iCloud, and they all offer various amounts of free storage, and after you have reached your limit, they have varying prices for additional storage.

For the record, I am not to keen on Dropbox, I have used it before, and I felt it took a long time and loads of effort to update files and folders from my device to the cloud storage. However, I have used OneDrive for many years, and I have yet to pay for additional storage.

Alternatively, you can invest in additional storage and swap out your SSD for a bigger one, or you can purchase an external storage device that you can connect to your laptop via the USB port.

In an ideal world, you want to have two storage options. An SSD for storing and booting your operating system and the 2nd drive (SSD or HDD) to use for your games and large files.

Call of Duty Warzone Crashing Caused By Creating Multiple Hard Drives Or Partitions?

Installing and uninstalling software from your laptop computer can affect your system files. If not done correctly and especially security and monitoring software, could have dire consequences for your laptops performance.

An example, when you try to run a game like Call of Duty Warzone using the Battle.net installer and you are getting the error message ‘could not write file hard drive full’. Quite possibly, you may have accidentally created a partition within your hard drive.

This could have happened when you have uninstalled or installed new software and even if your laptop does not have a hard drive, you could still get this message. Annoying, I know because this happened to me.

So, if you are experiencing this error, what is happening is Warzone is trying to load onto a partition you have created and the hard drive does not have the required space. Or it may not have any space at all, or you could only have an SSD, like me.

But don’t worry because I was able to correct it? Not once but twice.

So if this is happening to you, follow these steps below. Hopefully, doing this will rectify the problem and Call of Duty crashing won’t be an issue you need to deal with anymore.

Step 1: Clear Battle.net Programme data folder

  1. Press the “Windows Key + R”
  2. In the run box type %ProgramData% then click “OK”
  3. Find and delete the Battle.net folder
Delete battle.net folder to help fix Warzone Crashing

Step 2: Clear Battle.net App data

  1. Press the “Windows Key + R”
  2. In the run box type %AppData% then click “OK”
  3. Find the “Battle.net folder” inside the Roaming folder and delete
  4. Select “AppData” on the top bar.
  5. Select “Local Folder” then select “Battle.net” folder
  6. Clear the “Logs Folder” and “Cache Folder” inside the “Battle.net folder”
Delete Battle.net roaming folder

Step 3: Run Battle.net application

  1. Locate the Battle.net folder inside your “C Drive”. (Not the shortcut)
  2. “Right Click” and select “Run as Administrator”
  3. Battle.net installer will load, then try loading Warzone
  4. You will have to re-enter your credentials

Hopefully, you have followed the three steps above and now you have rectified any issues you are having with the Call of Duty Warzone crashing.

But, if you are still experiencing issues with Warzone crashing you could either try the steps above again. But, before you run the Battle.net application, re-boot your laptop.

However, if you are now at a stage where you are pulling out your hair because you have tried the steps above, and they have failed to get your game running.

Unfortunately, the only alternative would be to uninstall/reinstall Call of Duty Warzone.. But before you jump the gun and uninstall Warzone read on as you may still find a fix.

How to check if Malware is affecting your gaming?

Malware, short for malicious software, can be an absolute nightmare for your gaming laptop as it can slow it down. More importantly, malware can be the culprit who steals your secrets and your information. If you’re not careful, you could lose everything.

The worst thing about malware is it can come in many forms, Virus’s, Trojan horses, Rootkit, Spyware, and Adware. These are just a few of many forms of malware that can infiltrate your operating system.

Most of the time, you have unknowingly accepted these tiny pests onto your system. That could be in the form of a toolbar add-on or browser extension, or maybe you have opened an email.

You can also get malware from inserting a flash drive or USB into your laptop computer, so watch out for that as it does happen. Yes, and I agree, this all sounds a little crazy, but malware can and will affect your programmes and could be the reason Call of Duty is crashing.

But there are many things you can do to prevent yourself from being a victim and help keep your system safe so you can enjoy your gaming stress-free.

Use Microsoft Safety Scanner to check for malware

One of the reason why Call of Duty Warzone is crashing or not running how it should is because you have invited malware or a type of virus onto your system.

Yes, you could have prevented this, but sometimes you may not even realise how it happened until it is too late. However, you can check your operating system for malware by downloading and running the Microsoft Safety Scanner.

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free tool that will scan your Windows laptop computer looking for malware. You can download it for free from Microsoft’s website, and it only takes a couple of minutes to install and run and you will get your results in minutes, if not seconds.

Download and Run: Microsoft Safety Scanner

Microsoft Safety Scanner running
Microsoft Safety Scanner completed

Use a third-party anti-malware program with Windows 10

Although Windows 10 will provide real-time protection and will periodically scan your drives for malware. It is also a good idea to install a third-party anti-malware scanner.

Installing an anti-malware scanner that will coexist with Windows Defender will give you extra protection against the many forms of malware and virus that lurk around.

My personal favourite and the one I use daily is AVG anti-virus software, and of course, there are many other alternatives that all promise to keep your system safe.

But I found AVG software easy to install and use, and since downloading the programme several weeks ago, I have had zero issues with malware. Also, I can scan my laptop daily, remove tracking cookies, and delete unseen files taking up my storage with a click of a button.

AVG software is great, especially with the kind of work I do and the number of files, videos, and images I create daily. Ok, there are many other software providers you can use, but I will only recommend what I use.

The AVG anti-virus software is free to download, and once you are happy you can purchase a subscription for very little money. It comes complete with everything you need to help keep your laptop computer safe.

Including, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Adware, Real-time protection, Remote firewall and will be compatible across all your devices.

How to stop Windows Defender/Firewall from blocking your game?

Another reason why your games or programmes are not working how they should, is that the Windows Firewall if blocking them from running. Windows 10 has a superb built-in anti-malware software called Windows Defender.

Plus, Windows firewall which offers real-time scan based anti-malware protection against anything your download and run on your laptop computer. Also, Windows Defender can also prevent your games from loading if you have dodgy or corrupt files within the latest update.

But you can manually allow your applications or programmes through the firewall. Just follow the steps below to add Call of Duty Warzone or any programme or application through the Windows Firewall.

  • Press “Windows Key” start typing “Windows Defender Firewall”
  • Press “Enter” when you see “Windows Defender Firewall”
  • Select “Allow an App or Feature”
Allow your Application through Windows firewall my stop Call of Duty Warzone crashing
  • Then click “Change Settings”
  • Finally, click “Allow another App”
Windows Defender Firewall change settings and add programme
  • Click “Browse” to search for your application
Use Windows Firewall to add an application
  • Locate the Game Application folder, C: drive/Programme Files/Your Game
  • Click Open to add, then click the “Add Button”
Adding Cod Warzone to windows Firewall may prevent it from crashing

How To Uninstall Games The Right Way?

If you have tried all the possibilities above and still Call of Duty Warzone is crashing the inly thing left is to uninstall the game files and then re-install a fresh copy of Warzone.

By uninstalling COD Warzone and the Battle.net platform you are removing all the files associated with the game, and this includes all the references to any of the files in the Windows registry.

The registry is the master database of Microsoft software and hardware settings. So, when you reinstall the game and the battle.net installer, all of the Call of Duty Warzone files and settings are restored in the correct locations so you are starting with a clean slate.

There are several ways to uninstall your games and your programmes. But, not every way will remove all the necessary files and folders. Therefore, follow the steps below to uninstall Call of Duty Warzone and the battle.net platform the right way and the best way.

Method 1

  • Open “Control panel”
  • Select “Uninstall Programs”
  • Right Click “Your Game”
  • Select “Uninstall”

Method 2

  • Load Battle.net
  • Click the wheel next to the Play Game
  • Click “Uninstall”, select “Yes”

After uninstalling any game, it is always a good idea to ensure there are no files left lurking behind, removing these will ensure you get a clean reinstall. Follow the step below.

Check the following folders for any files relating to your game.

  1. Find: C:\Program Files\CallofDutyModernWarfare
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\CallofDutyModernWarfare
  3. C:\Program Files\Common Files\Blizzard Entertainment
  4. C:\Users\Public\Games\CallofDutyModernWarfare
  5. C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Blizzard Entertainment\CallofDutyModernWarfare\
  6. C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp
  7. C:\Windows\Temp

How to uninstall the Blizzard Application

Now that you have uninstalled the Call of Duty Warzone game files it would be best to uninstall the Battle.net application. That way, when you install COD Warzone and the Battle.net application, you will have new files and folders located in the correct order and in the right position.

If you were to only uninstall Warzone, and, then wait the eight hours for the game to re-install. Only to find that you still have issues with Call of Duty Warzone crashing quite possibly you would have to uninstall the game all over again.

Just for the record, you won’t loose your info stored with battle.net, once you have downloaded and re-installed Battle.net you can log back in with your credentials, and you’ll be good to go.

Uninstalling Battle.net

  • Open “Control panel”
  • Select “Uninstall Programs”
  • Right, Click “Battle.net”
  • Select “Uninstall”
  • Select “Yes”

Once you have uninstalled COD Warzone and the Battle.net platform, it would be best to restart your laptop or PC before re-installing them.

Download Battle.net here: Battle.net Application


How Do I Fix Warzone Crashes?

If you try to load Call of Duty Warzone but it keeps crashing, then there must be something wrong with the game files, or you may have corrupt drivers, in-correct drivers, or outdated drivers.

To stop Call of Duty Warzone crashing there are a number of tasks you can do to rectify this problem. First stop would be to install the latest game patch which can be done by using the battle.net installer, just click on the check for updates button.

Next step would be to check your graphics card drivers, and it’s a good idea to have the latest drivers for all hardware, including Intel, AMD and Nvidia. The links below will help. However, if you already have their driver software installed you can check over there.

AMD Drivers
NVIDIA Drivers
Intel Drivers

Another reason why Call of Duty Warzone crashing is a problem for you is because there are too many background programmes running. Close down programmes and apps you’re not using, doing so will free up much needed resources.

Next up, graphics settings. If your in-game graphics settings are too high you might be using too much VRAM, so consider reducing these, mainly the settings to do with textures.

Reduce Texture Resolution
Texture Filter Anisotropic
Particle Quality
Bullet Impact Sprays

Another reason Call of Duty Warzone crashes is because you have the wrong DirectX installed, check to see if DirectX 12 is installed and having the correct version can reduce driver overhead.

Finally, check how much RAM you have installed, 8GB is required for COD Warzone, if you only have 8GB in total consider reducing the number of programmes running. Plus, increasing your virtual memory can help.

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If you have ever found yourself playing Call of Duty on your Warzone laptop, only for it to crash and force you back to the desktop? If so, don’t worry. You are not alone! This is a common problem that many players have experienced while trying to play this exciting online game with their laptops. 

Usually if this happens once or twice in one session then there may be some kind of temporary network issue occurring at the time. However, if this keeps happening after several attempts with no change in environment conditions then more likely than not there’s something wrong with your computer itself. 

Try updating your hardware drivers and system software first before anything else since these can often cause crashes during games like Call of Duty Warzone.

Hopefully, after reading our guide on how to prevent Call of Duty Warzone crashing you’ve found a fix. If you have any questions related to laptops, don’t forget to subscribe to my email list so I can help answer them. Check out my guide on the best headsets for Warzone, to help improve you KD.

Happy Laptop Gaming!

P.S Please share this post if you have managed to stop Call of Duty Warzone crashing.

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