Can A Razer Blade 15 Run Without Battery? Our Best Advice!

Can A Razer Blade 15 Run Without Battery

It goes without saying that the latest Razer gaming laptops are some of the most impressive machines in the portable gaming space. These laptops are not just great laptops for gamers. They are also great for professional users who use them for work-related reasons while on the go.

But can a Razer Blade 15 run without battery power? In this post, we will answer this question. And we will also take a look at a few things you should know. Plus, provide our thoughts on whether or not it’s possible to run your laptop without its battery. Stay tuned!

Can A Razer Blade 15 Run Without Battery?

This is a great question! The Razer Blade 15 is a powerful gaming laptop and it can actually run without a battery. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to have the power adapter plugged in. Second, running the laptop without the battery may decrease its lifespan over time. Third, you might experience some performance issues since the battery provides additional power to the laptop. Overall, though, it’s definitely possible to run the Razer Blade 15 without the battery.

Does Using The Razer Blade Without The Battery have Risks?

Generally speaking, the risks of using your Razer laptop without a battery are relatively low. After all, manufacturers design laptops so you can use them without batteries for short periods, like when plugged into an AC outlet. That said, there are a few potential risks to keep in mind. 

First of all, if your laptop is only running off AC power, it will be more susceptible to power surges. So, if there is a sudden power outage or spike at your place of work or home. You should not be surprised if your Razer laptop suffers damage. At the same time, you may also suffer data loss. 

Second, while using your Razer Blade without the battery, you won’t have the same level of mobility with it. While it’s not able to run on battery power. And this means you’ll have to be careful about where you use it. 

What I mean by that is, you may have to plan your journey in advance. This is to ensure where you are travelling, there will be an AC outlet to connect to. On the plus side, removing the battery from your Razer laptop while it is plugged into an outlet can extend its life. 

When to Remove Your Razer Laptop Battery?

Removing a laptop battery
Removing a laptop battery

Some people prefer to have the option of using the battery when they need it and then removing the battery when they don’t need it. While others find it more comfortable to keep the battery in at all times.

However, I would recommend removing your Razer laptop battery if you’re going to be working or gaming for an extended period of time and won’t need to move around (You must be connected to an AC outlet). That way, you can help preserve the battery life and ensure it lasts much longer.

This will also help keep your laptop cooler overall. If you are only using your laptop for a short period. It is best to keep the battery attached. It is not worth all the hassle of shutting down your gaming laptop. Waiting for it to cool down before removing the battery. If you’re just sending an email or browsing the web.

Most importantly, it is not wise to remove your laptop battery while it is still charging. Most laptop batteries have a charge light or icon that will tell you when the battery is fully charged. When the light turns off or the icon changes, it will be safe to remove your laptop battery. However, if you remove the battery before it’s fully charged, you may end up shortening its lifespan.

Can I Play Games On My Laptop Without The Battery?

It is possible to play games on your laptop without a battery. It will make no difference whatsoever to your games. Whether you use your battery or remove it all together. As long as your gaming laptops are connected to an AC power source. 

However, if your laptop is plugged in and the battery is fully charged. Then your gaming laptop will run on power from the wall instead of from your battery. Although, some laptops designed for gaming are equipped with Hybrid Power Source Technology. 

Hybrid power source technology lets the processors (GPU & CPU) draw power from the battery and the AC outlet at the same time when your laptop is under heavy use. But your battery life must be above 40%. This will offer the most effective performance. The downfall is that it will drain your battery much faster, even if it is connected to an AC outlet. 

How To Play Games Without Draining The Battery?

If you want to play games without draining your laptop’s battery. The best thing to do is switch off your gaming laptop and remove the battery. However, you must make sure you store the battery in a cool and dry place.

Keep in mind that if you’re playing a games that requires a lot of processing power. Games like Call of Duty Warzone on your laptop. Your battery will drain quicker than a less resource-intensive app or video game.

It is why I always recommend that for the best performance and the highest FPS. You must always be connected to an AC outlet. As an example, when I play COD Warzone on battery power alone.

The game stutters and lags like you would not believe. As soon as I connect my gaming laptop to an AC outlet. It quickly changes from a laggy and frustrating gaming experience with 30 fps to 100+ fps.

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Here are a few tips on how to play games on your laptop without draining the battery:

  • Switch of your laptop, make sure it is cooled down and then remove the battery. Connect your laptop to an AC outlet.
  • Lower the game’s graphics settings. This will help reduce the amount of power your laptop uses while you’re playing.
  • If possible, connect your laptop to an external power source while you’re gaming. This way, you won’t have to worry about the battery running low.
  • Avoid playing games for extended periods without taking breaks in between. This will help conserve your laptop’s battery power.
  • Make sure your laptop is properly ventilated while you’re gaming. Overheating can cause the battery to drain more quickly.
  • Lower your screen brightness, for gaming and movie watching lower it to 70% and other less demanding tasks lower the brightness to 30 to 40%.
  • Remove all devices and peripherals that you are not using. Devices like gaming mice and gaming headsets with RGB elements can quickly eat away at your battery life.
  • Switch to battery saver mode. It is best to use battery saver mode if all you are doing is browsing the web or sending and email. By using battery saver mode it can add hours to your battery life.


The Razer Blade 15 is a good gaming laptop, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular ones on the market. It offers superior performance, making it suitable for gamers and professional users.

But what happens if your Razer Blade battery dies? Is the Razer Blade 15 still usable? The answer is yes! You can still work on your Razer gaming laptop without the battery. You just need to connect it to an external power source. So don’t worry if your battery runs out. You can always continue using it, just as long as you have an AC adapter handy.

Hope this post has answered your prayers, and now you can use your Razer Blade 15 while on the go. With or without the battery in tow. Please consider subscribing to our newsletter. We would love to have you on board and share more helpful content like this.

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

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Avid tech lover since the days of the Sega Master System. Owned my first gaming laptop back in 2006. Since then, dissecting laptops became what I did best. Including models from MSI, HP, Dell, and now Razer. Plus, seven years in IT management and Digital Marketing.

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