Discover the Durability: How Long Do Gaming Headsets Last?


How Long Do Gaming Headsets Last

It’s no secret that some gaming headsets are expensive. So, when shelling out a chunk of your cash, you may want to know how long do gaming headsets last. And are they durable and worth the investment.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to these questions. How long your gaming headphones lasts depends on many factors, from how often you use them to how well you take care of them. 

In this article, we discuss all the factors that can affect the lifespan of your headset. From their build quality to the user being too heavy-handed. I will also give you some tips to help make sure your headset last longer. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

How Long Do Gaming Headsets Last?

The lifespan of a gaming headset can vary, but on average a well-made headset can last for several years with proper care and maintenance. Lower-quality products may only last two or three years. To ensure the longest lifespan, handle the headset with care and clean it regularly.

Even if your gaming headset does start to break down after only a few years of use, it does not mean that it can not be repaired. In many cases, you may be able to replace individual parts, such as the earpads or headbands, to extend the life of your headset. Or, you could even try to fix the issue yourself.

Headset qualityLength of time
Cheap Headsets1- 5 Years
Decent Headsets3 -5 Years
High-Quality Headsets7+ Years
How long your headset lasts will depend on use and care

That said, there are many great gaming headset brands that produce some of the finest gaming headsets. Brands such as SteelSeries, Turtle Beach, and Razer. All popular for their durability. Some of them also have lengthy warranties. So, if something goes wrong and it is not your fault, you can get a replacement.   

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So how long do their headsets last?

Razer BlackShark Headsets will last a long time

How Long Do Razer Headsets Last?

Razer headsets will last longer than other brands because their gaming products are made of high-quality materials. With good care, they are sure to last many years. Their gaming headsets are some of the best options for gamers and so are their Razer Blade laptops, keyboards, and gaming chairs.

But how long do Razer headsets last?

Razer has been producing great gaming headsets for over 20 years. And are still popular today. That means Razer must be doing something right. But, Razer has received a lot of criticism over the years for offering poorly built, overpriced gaming products, and some users said, “their products break easily”.

The latest Razer headset I have are the Razer Krakens. Which I have been using them daily for years and still they are some of the best gaming headsets for Warzone gamers on a budget. And still going strong today. With no visible damage, decent sound quality and are comfortable to wear.

The only reason that I decided to purchase a new pair of headphones is that I generously gave my old gaming headset to my son. Who now also uses them daily, and that pair is actually over six years old. So, with good care and attention, your Razer headset can last for seven years or more.

See why I think Razer is a good brand. So good, I now have several of their products in my setup. Including a Razer gaming chair, keyboard, Razer Viper Ultimate and the latest Razer Blade 15.

Razer Headset Features

  • 2-Year+ Warranties
  • Solid Driver Technology
  • Durable Speedflex Cables
  • Great Design & Build
  • Solid Aluminium Frames

How Long Do Steelseries Headsets Last?

SteelSeries is another big name in the gaming headset industry, and like Razer, they’ve been around for a long time. In fact, SteelSeries was founded in 2001, so they have nearly 20 years of experience in making great gaming headsets.

Much like Razer, SteelSeries has had its fair share of criticism over the years. Some users have said their headsets are “poorly built” and “fall apart easily”.

In the past, I have owned a pair of Steelseries gaming headsets, and they lasted a few years before eventually breaking down. However, since then, SteelSeries has upped its game and have vastly improved its gaming headsets.

They currently have great options like the SteelSeries Arctis 9 Dual Wireless Gaming Headsets, known to be some of the best gaming headphones available. Most importantly, they’re made of high-quality materials, with a steel frame construction, which ensures that they should last a long time.

SteelSeries gaming headsets are also known to be premium. So if you want a pair that is durable and strong be prepared to pay a little more. And, like with all quality gaming headphones, if you take good care of them, they’re sure to last.

SteelSeries Headset Features

  • 1-Year+ Warranties
  • High Fidelity Audio Drivers 
  • Plastic Covered Cables
  • Aluminium Alloy and Steel
  • Durable Steel Headband

How Long Do Turtle Beach Headsets Last?

Turtle Beach is also one of the most popular gaming headset brands on the market, and they have also been around for quite some time. They make a wide variety of gaming headsets for different budgets, and they’re all pretty good.

However, Turtle Beach has also had its fair share of criticism over the years. Some people say their headsets are “poorly made” and “cheaply constructed”. While this may be true for some of their lower-end models, their more expensive headsets are actually pretty good.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro and the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2’s are great examples of high-end, well-made gaming headsets. They’re made of quality materials, and it’s clear that a lot of attention to detail has gone into making them.

So, if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting pair of Turtle Beach headphones, be sure to choose one of their more expensive models. As I said before, it’s like with any quality headset. If you take care of them, they will last many years.

Turtle Beach Headset Features

  • 1-Year+ Warranties
  • 50mm Nanoclear Drivers 
  • Plastic Covered Cables
  • Athletic Fabric, Leather 
  • Extendable Headbands

Why Do Gaming Headsets Break So Easily?

There are many factors that can contribute to why a gaming headset may break easily. Things like throwing them at the wall in frustration. Or by jumping up and down on them after you have been shot by a hacker in Call of Duty Warzone. These reasons, more often than not, would break your headset. Other reasons I will outline below.

Poor Quality Materials:

As I’ve mentioned before, most gaming headsets these days consist of mostly plastic and with some this may be poorly constructed and this would make them more prone to break.

However, most Razer headsets have aluminium frames and even the frame attaching the headband to the ear cup is metal. Which I think makes them more durable than the other brands. SteelSeries is the same as they also have steel frames. So it would be worth checking out how they’re made before deciding which headset to buy.

Their Price:

The price of a headset can also play a role in how long it lasts. In general, the more expensive headsets are made of better materials and are more durable. However, this isn’t always the case, as I’ve mentioned before, some cheap Turtle Beach gaming headsets are well-made and will last a long time.

However, it is also a fact that more expensive gaming headsets come with better features like lossless wireless technology, better drivers, and superior surround sound technology. Plus, they’re mostly more comfortable to wear than cheap headsets. But still, if they’re not properly looked after, they won’t last that long.


A wired gaming headset breaking down is more often than not because of the cable. These wires can easily break, especially if pulled too hard. Or they’re bent the wrong way. And why many gamers prefer a wireless headset over a wired one. With a wireless headset, they don’t have to worry about breaking the cable or the cable getting in the way.

It is also important to note that most users, and without noticing, will wrap the cable tightly around the headset for storing. This is a big no-no as it can create kinks in the wire. And it can also bring extra tension to the joint. If you persist, over time, this will shorten its lifespan.

The right and wrong way to wrap headset cable

The Correct Way To Wrap Headset Cable
The Correct Way To Wrap Headset Cable

How do I know? This happened to me, so now I make a point of not doing this. It is the same with my gaming controller or gaming mouse. After use, I always ensure the wire is either laid next to the headset. Or use the Velcro strap to neatly wrap the wire. 

However, some gaming headset brands, like Razer, use a braided cord with their headsets and they are much stronger. Whereas many other brands have plastic protecting the wires. This type of material can be weak, and why it is even more important not to wrap them around the headset,


The microphone can also be a weak point on a gaming headset. The good thing is that some headsets allow you to remove the microphone. So if it does break, you can just buy a new one. Some headsets have retractable mics, and you can forget to push them back in when not in use. Also, many gaming headsets come with flexible and bendable microphones. So if you accidentally drop it or bend it the wrong way, it’s not as likely to break.

Accidents happen:

Let’s face it, accidents happen, and sometimes our gaming headsets take the brunt of it. Whether it’s being stepped on or falling off a desk. These things happen and can easily break your gaming headset.

So, there you have it, many factors can contribute to why gaming headsets break so easily. However, there are also many ways to prevent this from happening. I’ve outlined a few of them below.

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How Can I Make My Gaming Headset Last Longer?

There are a few things you can do to help extend the life of your gaming headset. I will outline a few of them below.

is razer a good brand of headset

Take care of them:

This may seem like an obvious one, but if you want your gaming headsets to last a long time, you must take good care of them. This means not throwing the headset around or dropping it on the floor, and cleaning the headset often will help.

Store them properly:

When you’re not using your headset, you must ensure you store them properly. This means not throwing the headset in a drawer or leaving it out in the open where it can get knocked over.

Don’t wrap the cord around the headset:

As I mentioned before, many gamers make the mistake of wrapping the cord around the headset for storage. This is a big no-no as it can damage the cord. Doing this will also shorten the lifespan of your headset.

Get a warranty:

If you can, get a warranty for your gaming headset. This way, if anything does happen to them, you can get them replaced. Just as long as the damage is not due to wear and tear.

Razer offers a 2-year warranty on all its gaming headsets. SteelSeries offers only a 1-year warranty unless you’re in the EU or Australia, then you will get a 2-year warranty. Most other headset brands will come with a standard 1-year warranty. So, it would be worth checking the warranty length before making a decision.

Use a case:

If you’re going to be travelling with your gaming headset, and even if you’re not and just want to take care of them. I would recommend getting a case. This will help protect your headset from any bumps or drops. And it is much better for storing them too. Some brands sell their headsets with cases, so you should check them out first.

Use A Headset Stand:

When you’re not using your headsets, put them on a headset stand. This will help keep them in good condition and prevent them from getting damaged. Some gaming desks have these built-in, or you can shop around and find some great headset stands like the Razer Base Station powered by Razer Chroma. 

There are loads of options out there, and some come with USB Charging Ports and RGB elements. They may not only look as good, but they will help protect your headset for many years to come.

Don’t share them:

One last note, it is important to not share your gaming headset with others. This can lead to them getting damaged or broken. Not only that, you have to think about hygiene. As you are probably aware, it can get sweaty in those lobbies.

How Long Do Wired Headphones Last?

Good quality wired gaming headphones can last as long as wireless headphones with great care and attention. However, wired headphones have a disadvantage over their wireless brothers and sisters. 

That is the wire that attaches your headset to your device. This is always prone to break if you’re not careful. Plus, wires can get tangled, frayed, or simply snapped in half if you’re not careful. 

This is why I always take care when storing my wired headphones away. I always make sure they’re not tangled up, and not cramming them into a bag is a must. I also never put too much strain on the wire, as this can cause damage that may not be immediately visible. 

So, if you’re careful with your wired headphones, they can last just as long as any other type of headphones. (5+ Years)

Do Gaming Headsets Have a Limited Lifespan?

No, headsets do not have a limited lifespan. If you take care of them and don’t abuse them, they can last you many years. However, as with all technology, gaming headsets will eventually become outdated, and there will be newer models available that offer better features and improved sound quality.

Also, when it comes to the lifespan of a gaming headset, it really depends on the brand and model you choose. As well as how well you take care of them. Some brands like SteelSeries and Razer who also make laptops that last for many years if properly cared for. 

Other brands like Turtle Beach may not have the same longevity, but they still make great headsets that will last a few years. And, of course, wired headphones can last just as long as wireless if you’re careful with them. In general, like anything, gaming headsets do not have a limited lifespan and can last for many years if properly looked after.


Many different factors go into understanding how long do gaming headsets last. However, there are also many things you can do to help extend their lifespan. Like, taking care of them by storing them properly. If you throw them about, I am sure they will last no time at all. 

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