How to Improve Gaming Performance on Laptop Windows 10

Understanding how to improve gaming performance on laptop will go a long way to helping you achieve your gaming goals and increase your KD.

Below, I have listed 10 tweaks I use to improve my HP Omen 15, doing so has allowed me to enjoy respectable FPS in games, and decent at that for a mid-range gaming laptop.

You could have the best Warzone laptop in the world or one that only cost you 800. But, if the laptop isn’t optimized for gaming you will be at a huge disadvantage against your fellow gamers.

In this post, we will explain in great detail how to optimize your Windows 10 laptop for gaming. And, share some tips and tricks how to improve it’s overall gaming performance.

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1. Update your System Drivers to Improve Laptop Performance

On this page, I have listed 10 ways how to improve laptop gaming performance on Windows 10. These are steps I will use myself to help improve my laptop.

Apart from Undervolting the CPU. Simply because my laptop pairs an AMD Ryzen mobile processor, unfortunately, this process is not possible. Unlike with an Intel laptop computer.

But, before we dive into each step and change your life. The most important thing is to ensure your Windows operating system and your hardware drivers are up to date.

  • Click “Windows Key”, type “Updates”
  • Select “Check for Updates”
  • Ensure your OS is always up to date

TIP: Change Active Hours – Choose a time that is more convenient and will not interfere with your workflow. This will you will not be interrupted during game time with annoying update requests.

Update Hardware Drivers

To keep your graphics cards up to date, you should have either AMD Radeon Software or Nvidia GeForce experience installed on your system.

If your gaming laptop is brand new, then you need to update these drivers straight away. More than likely, the drivers will be out of date. Depending on, how long the laptop has been on the shelf.

TIP: Change Active Hours – Ensure the check for updates is set to automatic and the Download Software and Drivers, when available, is checked. This way, you will be notified, as soon as there is an update available.

The same with your Intel processor, you need to make sure you have Intel’s Driver & Support Assistant downloaded, and the drivers are up to date.

Once you are happy with the hardware drivers and everything is up to date. Let’s dive into how to improve gaming performance on your laptop.

2. Remove Unwanted Software to Improve Gaming Performance on Laptop

Unfortunately, when you buy a new gaming laptop, it comes shipped with a crazy amount of software already installed. Also known as bloatware.

This type of software, for the most part, is of no use to anyone. Although, apart from the software and laptop manufacturers. Who will cheekily slip the software into laptops without asking permission?

There will be many fingers in this pie, who will all install their little piece of bloatware long before you or anyone decides to buy a laptop for gaming.

Amazingly, there are many types of bloatware, but some not as bad as others. They include news, weather, and music apps and personal assistant software and also system update applications. Just a few of many you will find already installed on your laptop if you know where to look.

The problem with this type of software is, it will eat away at your laptops performance, chew on your battery power and hog your memory.

So, before even thinking about faster frame rates or higher KD’s, you should consider removing this type of software ASAP. And, below I will show you two safe ways this can be done.

How To Remove Bloatware To Increase Your Laptop Performance

There are several ways you can remove bloatware from you gaming laptop. Firstly, you can download and install a clean up tool, and there are some fantastic free options, and also paid options available.

For my machine, I use both Avast and CC cleaner. Both options, will do a great job in helping to remove bloatware from your gaming laptop. But I have found the best software for removing bloatware is Avast.

Avast is free to download and comes with a 30 day free trial with a small fee for the premium version. And, because I use my laptop for work, I don’t mind paying a little extra knowing my gaming machine is all in order and free from bloatware.

But, it is totally up to you which one you choose and to help make your decision easier, I have listed below the best three bloatware clean up tools available.

And they all come with free and paid versions.

Best Bloatware Removal Tools

Other Ways To Remove Bloatware

The easiest way to remove bloatware and unwanted files and programmes from your gaming laptop is by using a software tool like Avast.

But, if you have the time and the patience and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can remove the bloatware yourself. That said, removing bloatware this way can be time consuming and hard work. But it’s worth its weight in gold.

And just so you know, you may not remove all the bloatware from your gaming laptop, and that is why it is best to use a clean up tool like Avast. But, if your happy to proceed this way, and you have the time and the patience, I have listed the steps below.

  1. Press Windows Key
  2. Type “Settings”
  3. Select “Apps”
  4. Go through the list of Applications
  5. Uninstall the apps that are not needed
  6. Once completed, restart your laptop

The 2nd method used to help remove bloatware is a little trickier, and this involves editing the Windows PowerShell command line. You will be deep-diving into Windows operating system and changing the applications that are running on your system.

However, before proceeding, you must back up your laptop files. Because messing around with the PowerShell Window can have irreversible consequences for your gaming laptop.

That said, this way will remove all bloatware from you laptop, it just takes time but will be worth it. And will help improve gaming performance on your laptop.

  • Press Windows Key + X
  • Select Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  • Select “YES”
  • You should see “Windows PowerShell” below
Windows 10 PowerShell Window

Next step, open notepad or a blank word document and copy these two lines of code below;

  1. DISM /Online /Get-ProvisionedAppxPackages | select-string Packagename
  2. DISM /Online /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackageName:AppPackageName

Next step, copy the first line and paste into Windows PowerShell and press enter, you should see the window below. A full system overview. The full list of programmes installed on your laptop.

Windows PowerShell will help improve laptop performance

Next Step, carefully look through the lines of code and see which apps you will not need and then copy the line of code, see image below.

If you are unsure what the programme is, leave it for now and research later.

Please note: Each application will have different code, just be extra careful with what you decide to remove. If you need help, please contact me.

Windows 10 PowerShell Window

Next Step, go back to your word or notepad document from earlier. And paste the code replacing the words “AppPackageName” in the line of code below.

Next Step, go back to your word or notepad document from earlier. And paste the programme code you have just copied, replacing the words “AppPackageName” in the line of code below.

DISM /Online /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackageName:AppPackageName

Windows 10 Note Pad

Finally, you need to copy the full line of code including the app code and paste it at the bottom of the PowerShell Window. Then, press enter.

Within a second or two you should see the text “Operation Completed Successfully”. See image below.

Removing Bloatware to improve your laptop performance

You can continue this process until you have removed every annoying piece of bloatware on your system and then restart your laptop.

This process is a superb way to help improve gaming performance on your laptop. And it will free up precious space, speeding up your gaming laptop in the process.

2. Remove Clunky Programmes to Speed up your Gaming Laptop

3. Remove Clunky Programmes to Speed up your Gaming Laptop

The process above involved removing bloatware from your laptop by deep diving into Windows operating system, and most of these apps you probably never knew existed on your laptop.

Next up, you must remove programmes you don’t use or will never need. But don’t worry, as this process is somewhat easier, but another great way to help improve your laptop for gaming.

The latest gaming laptops will come with many pre-installed programmes and most of them can be replaced by much better alternatives. And below, I will recommend one or two replacement programmes that will help improve your laptops performance.

To do this, you can use Windows Control Panel and find out what programmes you have installed on your laptop. From this sheet you can uninstall or disable programmes that will help free up resources.

Uninstall Programmes Using Windows Control Panel

  • Press “Windows Key” and type “Control Panel”, press “Enter”
  • Click “Programmes”
  • Click “Programmes and Features”
  • Right Click Programme” to uninstall.

Understandably, we are all different in more ways than one. We have different tastes, and we will play many different games. Using many different computer programmes.

So, for the most part, I cannot suggest which programmes you need to remove and which ones you should keep, only you can decide that.

What I can do is, suggest better alternatives to some of the more common programmes installed on your laptop. Programmes that are maybe not as clunky as others.

But, before we jump into that, you must scan through your list of programmes and see which ones you use very little or have never used before. And decide if they are a keeper or not.

Unnecessary programmes will use up your resources while updating and running in the background and that’s why it’s best to remove them and doing so will improve your laptops performance.

Alternative Programmes To Use

Changing your default programmes will improve your performance

To help further improve gaming performance on your laptop you can swap out programmes for identical or similar programmes that are more efficient and lighter.

Doing this will save precious space and will help speed up your laptop for gaming.

Microsoft Office 365 Vs Google Docs and Sheets

Quite possibly, if your laptop is new, it will come with a trial version of Microsoft Office 365 already installed. The file size is around 700 MB, just under 1 GB and you can save this space with alternative solution.

Because, if you are anything like me and not a big Microsoft Office user, I would suggest using Google Docs and Google Sheets as a lighter alternative. You can simply, log into your Google account to access Google Docs and Sheets and create and save your files online. It’s safe, quick and easy to use.

So to save space by not using Microsoft Office 365, uninstall the files and use your Google account if you need to draft the odd letter or crunch a few numbers.

But, if you regularly user of Microsoft Office for work and you already have a subscription. Then you can log in with your account details, and away you go, so it’s worth keeping as is.

Skype Vs Zoom

Skype is another one of those programmes, possibly already installed on your gaming laptop. Although, there isn’t much wrong with Skype.

However, Zoom is a much better alternative. It has many more features and is slightly less expensive if you needed to use a more advanced version, compared to Skype.

And, like Skype, Zoom is free for personal use and much easier to use than Skype. Overall, Zoom is much better for laptops.

Microsoft Edge Browser Vs All the Others

Which browser you use will play a huge part in improving laptop gaming performance. Some browsers will slow down your laptop, but that will depend on the settings you have. 

And if you not careful a dodgy browser can easily eat away at your memory so you must clear your browser cache and remove your browsing history more often than not.

That said, some browsers make these tasks easy for you, and for overall performance, I recommend using the Microsoft Edge browser. It should already be on your laptop as the default option, if so, there is no change to be done. If not, you must set Edge as your default browser.

Ok, there are many others, like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. But for ease of use, Microsoft Edge is best. And what these browsers have in common is that they will all store your data, like your search history and autofill details and track your footsteps across the web.

The problem with that is, they will reveal your location and your device to third-party sites and trackers. But, if you delete your history and set your tracking prevention to strict and enable “Send “Do Not Track” requests” this will help.

However, if you would like a more secure browser for gaming online, I would recommend you check out Brave Browser. It is highly secure and will give your more confidence when you’re online and seems to be the go to browser for many gamers.

Use to install all your apps with one click

The final section regarding removing and replacing programmes is dedicated to a website called And, if you have never heard of this extremely useful website, you have been missing out. is an online one-stop-shop for many applications, and it is free and extremely simple to use. You can check it out by following the link above.

You can choose from a variety of apps, and there are some superb alternatives. All you have to do is check the box next to the app you would like to use and click the download button. will then download all of your chosen apps, not only that, but it will also keep them up to date. This will save you precious time and energy, better spent elsewhere.

Also, Nitenite has loads of popular apps and programmes we all love and use daily, and you may find one or two that will help improve your laptop further that you haven’t used before.

Decent Anti-Virus Software will help Improve your Laptop Performance

Unfortunately, when you purchase a new gaming laptop, it will have poor antivirus software pre-installed. Why? I don’t know, but it wasn’t long before it was removed.

On my machine, I had McAfee antivirus software pre-installed. And, within two minutes of powering on, I received notifications from McAfee offering discounts, 30% one day, the next day 25% and so on.

The final straw was when McAfee notified me that my trial ends in 30 days after only 72 hours of use. I was dumbfounded, as I cannot remember signing up for one.

From my own experience, I know McAfee antivirus software is known to be mid-range at best and also resource hungry. Norton is very similar, which I have had in the past on a previous gaming laptop.

Furthermore, if you are in the same boat as I was and want to improve the performance of your gaming laptop. I would recommend removing McAfee or Norton and searching for a better alternative.

There are some excellent free antivirus options available, and Windows own security isn’t that bad either. But, because I use my laptop for work as much as I use it for gaming, I needed that bit of extra security.

Bitdefender is the security option I choose, and it’s by far the best antivirus software at present. It offers free trials, and with that, your receive 200 Mb of secure VPN online browsing each and everyday.

Additionally, Bitdefender is perfect for gaming, which is highly important in this day and age. Also, it is easy to use, and it hasn’t bombarded me with notifications, unlike McAfee and Norton.

So, if you feel you need extra security than what Windows Defender offers, I have listed the best antivirus options below. That said, you cannot go wrong with Bitdefender.

Top 3 Antivirus Software To Use

4. Configure Windows 10 To Help Optimize Your Laptop For Gaming

Microsoft Windows has evolved over the years and become a household name for everyday users and now gamers. Windows is now superbly optimized for gaming at any resolution, including 4K, which is four times better than gaming at 1080p.

Now with the introduction of DirectX 12 into Windows. It has enabled game developers to add much clearer and more realistic graphics. So notebook users can now enjoy advanced features such as ray tracing and shading on the go.

Microsoft has also included various settings to help improve you laptop gaming further, and enabling Windows Game Mode is one of them.

You can also enable GPU scheduling, allowing your GPU to manage its video memory that will improve performance and will also help to reduce latency. 

The Story So far…

By now, you should have your hardware and Windows 10 operating system up to date and removed the programmes you don’t need. Also, got rid of that nasty bloatware clogging up your laptop. And your new security software should be configured.

Next up, to help improve gaming performance on your laptop, you can configure Windows 10 to work better for you and your gaming. Even though there are many more things you can do to improve Windows, but these are the ones I use to improve my gaming performance.

Step 1: Enable Windows 10 Storage Sense

Windows 10 storage sense will automatically free up space on your laptop, and enabling this will remove files that are sitting around on your machine that you do not need. These files include temporary files and content sitting pointlessly in your recycle bin.

  • Press “Windows Key”
  • Type “Settings” then “Enter”
  • Scroll Down “Click Storage”
  • Enable “Storage Sense”

Step 2: Remove Temp Files from Windows 10

Removing unnecessary files from your storage will help improve your laptops performance. These files are created each and every time you open your game engine, application, or programme.

The temp files are stored on your (C:)/Drive so will take up precious space, and with only a few clicks you can safely remove the temporary files from your gaming laptop. And this will help speed up your machine in the process.

Please Note: If you cannot delete some of the temp files, this is because you will have the programme they belong to open on your desktop. If so, close down all programmes and then complete the steps again.

Part 1: Remove Temp Files

  • Press “Windows Key + R”
  • Type “temp” in the box
  • Highlight all files and click delete.

Part 2: Remove Temp Files

  • Press “Windows Key + R”
  • Type “%temp%” in the box
  • Highlight all files and click delete.

Step 3: Turn off Notifications & Actions in Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you the opportunity to turn off or pick and choose which notifications you receive when your laptop computer is in operation. Turning notifications off will use fewer resources and will also keep you focused on the task at hand.

Part 1: Turn off Notifications

  • Press “Windows Key”
  • Type “Settings” press “Enter”
  • Select “Notifications & Actions” switch off
  • Hit next tab “Focus assist” switch off

Step 4: Enable Game Mode & GPU Scheduling Using Windows 10

Microsoft created Windows game mode to help boost performance during your gameplay. It is designed to help increase your FPS in-game and offer you a more consistent gaming experience.

When the game mode is enabled, your system informs Windows that you want your system resources to be focused on the game. And, any programmes running in the background will be pushed to one side.

How much it will improve your performance will depend on your system, but it is worth trying anyway.

Follow the steps below to switch game mode on and then test to see if this improves your performance when your game is active. If not, at least you tried.

Next, after enabling game mode you need to click the link, Graphics Settings, which is under the title, Related Settings. And enable hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling.

Once completed you will need to restart your laptop computer.

GPU Scheduling allows Windows to offload most of the GPU scheduling to a dedicated GPU-based processor. It should help reduce latency and improve your overall gaming laptop performance.

Again, GPU Scheduling is another setting worth testing, so try it enabled and then disabled and see if there is a huge difference.

Part 1: Enable Game Mode

  • Press “Windows Key “
  • Type “Turn on Game Mode” press “Enter”
  • Ensure Game Mode is On
  • Stay on Window – See Across

Part 2: Enable GPU Scheduling

  • On the Same Window
  • Click “Graphics Settings”
  • Ensure “GPU Scheduling”
  • Restart your Laptop

Step 5: Managing page File Size Using Windows 10

There is a sneaky hidden feature stored on your laptops system drive called Page File. The page file holds the data your physical RAM cannot.

As a gamer myself, I understand there are times when you will have your game, browser, and your system vitals software running simultaneously. And then, you decide to open your email client.

And if you don’t have enough RAM or virtual memory, your system will get a little twitchy, and your programmes may not run as intended. 

Because you are running more programmes than you have physical memory, the data from the programmes already running will be moved over to your page file. And this will make room for your email client to run smoothly.

This process is called paging, and it works as a secondary memory or better known as your virtual memory. 

But, there is a setting in Windows 10 that allows you to manipulate the page file to accept more data. To do this, follow the steps below, so you can increase or decrease the size of your page file.

Please note: You should only increase the page file size between 1.5 times and a maximum of 3 times the size of your installed physical RAM. And never increase the size to the max.

If you are unsure how much RAM or virtual memory your laptop has, you can look at the system information sheet. 

Press “Windows Key”, then press “Enter” and type “System Information”, Press “Enter”.

Your system Information will reveal how much RAM you have on your laptop

Calculating Virtual Memory

The following calculation is for 8 GB RAM, your Virtual Memory should be….

  • Minimum should be 1024x8x1.5 = 12288 MB
  • Maximum should be 1024x8x3 = 24576 MB

You should only really consider this option if you are running low on virtual memory. Windows 10 should already have this set to automatic, but you can uncheck this box to change these details if you need more virtual memory.

How will you know if you are running low on virtual memory?

If you are running low on virtual memory you should see a message like the one below. If that’s the case, you may need to increase the size of the page file. 

That said, if you continue to receive this error message you should be looking to install additional RAM. Remember virtual memory is only temporary.

“Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied”

Changing Page File Size Windows 10 (Do Not Exceed near max Size)

  • Press “Windows Key “ type “Control Panel” press “Enter”
  • Click “System & Security” then “System”
  • Click “Advanced System Settings”
  • Switch to “Advanced Tab”
  • Under Virtual Memory select change
  • Uncheck manage paging file size. Check Custom Size
  • Increase file size between 1.5 and 3 times your RAM

Adjust the Appearance and Performance of Windows 10

When your operating system is running, there will be many visual effects in action. Things like animations, shadow effects, thumbnails, and icons displayed on your desktop. They will all need resources to run and will use your RAM.

If you only have 8 GB RAM installed, the bare minimum for a decent gaming experience. Then disabling these effects will save your RAM, and with only 8 GB, you will need all the spare memory you can get.

Windows allow you to adjust how these appear and how they perform. This way, you can choose the setting that works best for you. So if you are short on RAM, this option would be great.

How to adjust Windows Visual Effects

  • Press “Windows Key “
  • Type “Adjust the Appearance and Performance” press “Enter”
  • Choose Option “Adjust for Best Performance”
  • Click “Apply” then “Ok”

Disable Unnecessary Start up Programmes to Improve Gaming Laptop Performance

Every time you turn on your laptop there will be programmes that automatically start running behind the scenes. And this can have a dire effect on your startup time and your overall performance.

However, some programmes need to run, like your security software. But many don’t. So to help improve your laptop gaming performance, it is best to disable the unnecessary programmes on start-up.

Additionally, you should check this periodically because you will be downloading and installing many programmes over time as some will automatically permit themselves to run on start-up.

Disabling Start up Programmes

  • Press “Windows Key “
  • Type “Settings” press “Apps”
  • Select “Start Up” on the left panel
  • Toggle “Off” the programmes you don’t need on start up

5. How To Improve Gaming Performance On Laptop: Adjust Power Settings

Adjusting Windows 10 power settings is possibly one of the best ways to improve gaming performance on laptop and could prevent your CPU from overheating.

You will be amazed just how effective creating and adjusting your power plan settings can be. But, before we dive into creating your new power plan. I would advise you to check your battery settings and make sure power mode is set to Best Performance when plugged into a power source.

Furthermore, enable “Limit Notifications and Background Activity” and “Lower Screen Brightness while in battery Saver” will help extend the life of your battery.

Besides, when gaming and to get the best performance, you should always be plugged into an outlet.

  • Plug into a power source, then click the battery icon at the bottom right of your display and ensure the slider is set to Best Performance. (On the Plugged In Power Mode Option)
  • Click on battery settings and enable the steps above.

Improve Laptop Gaming Performance and Create a Custom Windows 10 Power Plan

For the best gaming performance on your laptop, you need your very own power plan. So you can customize the processing power to suit your laptop cooling.

To do this, it will involve changing a value in the Windows Registry Editor. But, be extremely careful when changing these settings, as you could quite easily put your laptop out of use.

That said, I can assure you if you follow the steps below, you will be fine and dandy.

Before we jump into the registry settings, we first need to create a new power plan that you can use for gaming only. And it is best to keep the default power plan, that was created by your manufacture. This way, you can switch back to using the default power plan for everyday use.

Did you know? Creating a customizable power plan will help bring down the temperatures of your hardware and especially your laptop processor.

And the following steps would be extremely helpful to you if your gaming laptop is suffering from high CPU temps when in full-on game mode. And adjusting the processor power management tab will work wonders and reduce the core temps by some degree without losing too much performance.

But first, let’s create your custom power plan.

Creating a Power Plan

  • Press “Windows + X Key “
  • Click on “Power Options”
  • Scroll Down to Related Settings, Click “Additional Power Settings”
  • Click On “Create Power Plan”
  • Select “High Performance” & Name You Plan
  • Click “Next”
  • Well Done! You have now created a power plan

Now you can make changes to your power plan to your heart’s content, and you also have the original power plan to fall back on.

Next, you need to add a field in the advanced power plan settings. So you can adjust the processing performance by disabling or reducing the processor boost mode.

See the image below with the Processor Performance Boost Mode visible. However, this option is not available by default, and you can check for yourself by following the steps below.

Windows Power Options

  • Press “Windows Key”
  • Type “Edit Power Plan”, then “Enter”
  • Select your custom power plan
  • Click “Change Advanced Settings”
  • Click “Processor Power Management”
  • Is the option there?
  • If not, don’t worry we will create it

My laptop Processor Power Options

Windows 10 processor power management settings

What is Processor Performance Boost Mode?

Processor performance boost mode has been designed to allow your processor to consume more energy in exchange for an increase in processing speed. It is intended to complete short bursts of higher workloads quicker.

Manufacturers seem to set the default boost mode on the highest possible setting, which is aggressive. However, prolonged use of aggressive boost mode will quickly raise the temperatures of your processor and will also drain your battery.

This is especially the case in smaller laptops that have inadequate cooling. CPU temperatures can peak at 90ºC in high intensive gaming scenarios. And excessive use over long periods can drastically reduce the life of your laptop and your gaming.

So, if you have been suffering from extreme CPU temps, this may be the cause and needs addressing ASAP. And, you should be aware, the extreme heat from a hot processor could soon spread to other core components like your graphics card.

But with these steps, you can safely disable or reduce boost mode. Although, disabling boost mode will result in a loss in performance but, you may be surprised by how much.

My game of choice is Call of Duty Warzone, a highly intensive game, and I also use my laptop for work. Therefore, it mustn’t overheat or get too hot. I have since reduced boost mode, and during gaming, my core temps have gone down to 55 max from around 85ºC.. 

Amazingly, I still enjoy a respectable 100+ fps in COD Warzone, which was previously 130+ fps.
Unfortunately, this option is not available by default, so a little tweaking of the Windows Registry is required.

But believe me, you will not be disappointed. Just follow the steps below, but extremely carefully.

How to Disable Processor Boost Mode Windows 10

  • Press “Windows Key”, type “Registry Editor”, Press “Enter”
  • Select “Yes” to Make Changes to your Device
  • Click the folder “HKey Local Machine”
  • Then the folders “System” and then “Current Control Set”
  • Now Click “Control”, Scroll Down and Click “Power”
  • Then “Power Settings”

You should now see a sheet that looks like this image below.

Windows 10 Registry
  • Next, Click on the folder starting with “54533251-82be-4824” and so on..
  • Now find the folder starting with “be337238-od82”
  • Look on the right panel see “Attributes” double click this option
  • And change the file data from “1” to “2” and Click “OK”
Change Windows Registry to Improve Laptop Performance

Now, you can shut down the sheets, and go back to your custom power plan.

  • Press “Windows Key”, type “Edit Power Plan”
  • Select your Custom Plan “Change Plan Settings”
  • Then “Change Advanced Settings”

Now you will see there is another option called “Processor Performance Mode” which can now be disabled, or changed. The settings I use are listed below. However, you can play around with these to see which best suits you and your gaming laptop.

My Custom Power Settings

  • Min Processor State: Both 5%
  • Max Processor State: Both 95%
  • Processor Performance Mode: Disabled
  • Switch back to the default plan when you not gaming, and test the different options to see what works best for you.
My Custom Power Plan Settings to help improve laptop performance

6. Install a Laptop Performance Booster to Maximize Laptop Gaming Performance

6. Install a Performance Booster to Maximize Laptop Gaming Performance

As a gamer myself, I understand the importance of enjoying the best possible performance, the highest frames, with the best images. And, I now know you are no different.

How do I know? Because you wouldn’t be here reading this amazing detailed post and searching for ways to improve your laptop performance.

So let’s continue.

Another superb way to maximize laptop gaming performance is to install a game booster. And the right booster will help unleash the full potential of your gaming machine.

Both gaming boosters listed below I use myself to help to improve performance on my laptop. And well worth your consideration if you are deadly serious about your gaming and improving your laptop performance.

Razer Cortex Booster

Razer Cortex Game Booster will help improve your laptop performance

The Razer Cortex Gaming booster will increase your FPS and help to maximize laptop gaming performance, and it will also free up resources and RAM.

So you can enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

The Cortex Booster uses two core modes, one that enables your processor to prioritize gaming and one that disables CPU sleep mode.

All you need to do is register with Razer and then downloaded and installed the software on your machine. Once done, it will run in the background and manage your OS, and it will also pause pointless applications when in game mode.

The Razer Cortex software will concentrate on optimizing your games for the best possible performance with the hardware you have.

Furthermore, the Razer Cortex booster is compatible with many popular game titles, including Fortnite, Warzone, Valorant, PUBG, and Apex legends. But these are just a few of many games you can boost.

Finally, if you decide to install the Razer Cortex game booster, it would be best to test all the features to see what works best. And, it also comes with a useful FPS counter to help monitor your progress.

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WTfast Game Booster for Smoother Gaming

WTfast Laptop gaming Booster

WTfast is another superb game booster but slightly different from the Razer Cortex. And, if you are serious about your gaming and dedicated to improving your laptop gaming experience, you must consider a game booster like WTfast.

WTfast will help improve your latency and help to deliver lower ping. Unlike the Razer Cortex game booster above, which improves your laptop processor and programme issues during game time.

WTfast works on the outside and aims to deliver the best connection to your game server possible, whichever country you are in.

If you have an older gaming laptop that may not be quite up to speed, or optimized for the latest game titles. Or, you could have a below-par Wi-Fi connection and suffer from jitters and clutters while playing games online.

WTfast game booster will ensure you use the fastest and most reliable path via their Private Global Network to the game server. It will improve packet loss, eradicate ping issues, and reduce latency. 

WTfast is an extremely popular laptop game booster used by top gamers from around the world. It is also compatible with hundreds of high fidelity game titles we all love and play today.

7. How To Improve Gaming Performance On Laptop? Overclock Graphics Card

Use MSI Afterburner to improve laptop performance

The MSI Afterburner software is the world’s most used software for improving graphics card for gaming. It gives you the gamer, complete control over your clock speeds and in real-time.

Not to mention, MSI Afterburner is completely FREE to use and will improve your laptop’s gaming performance.

You would think you would need to be gaming on an MSI machine, but that’s not the case. The MSI software will work with any gaming laptop that has a dedicated graphics card (GPU).

Plus, the app is safe to use, and it’s a quick way of overclocking your graphics card, designed to give your GPU a performance boost without risk of damage. If you did manage to push it too far, the GPU is designed to shutdown to help prevent unrepairable damage.

What is Overclocking?

In a nutshell, overclocking is the process of speeding up your GPU calculations above the manufactures specifications. It’s worth noting, doing so will heat your GPU more than usual.

To overclock your GPU, you will start by setting your fans system to maximum and then run your benchmarking software of choice. Although, I would advise using Unique Valley.

And depending on how good your laptop cooling system is will depend on how much heat you can tolerate. You are looking for the GPU temperature to settle at its top value or when the graphics software starts to look sketchy. 

See the image below, this was my run with Unique valley after 15 mins, max temp 59ºC. Now I can start to overclock because I know my top value temp is 59ºC.

Once you are confident with your temps, you can proceed to overclock.

HP Omen 15 RTX 2060 Nvidia Graphics Card Max: Temp 59ºC

My Nvidia RTX 2060 Max Temp is 69

Now you have found your max temp value you can proceed to overclock. But before you do, understand there could be a chance you hit a brick wall and experience a black screen or experience a blue screen error.

It just means your GPU has become unstable, but do not worry, Nvidia has you back. Just restart your laptop, and all will be good. It will revert to your default settings. And then you go again.

Start by increasing the Core Clock by 10/15 and then run Unique Valley. If your GPU can handle the extra Core Clock Speed and it cools ok continue to raise the clock speed by another 10/15, and so on.

But, whatever you do, do not let the GPU temp rise above 90ºC. As an example, my max GPU value was 59ºC. Therefore, I have between 59ºC and 90ºC to find the overclock sweet spot.

And keep raising the core clock until you find the sweet spot of max performance.

Tips on Overclocking your Laptop

  • Ensure you, your laptop and your surroundings are cool.
  • Download Benchmarking tool, this one is great. Unique valley
  • Set your fans speed to maximum, with the MSI app or use your system software
  • Run the benchmarking software, about 15 mins, find max temp
  • Proceed to overclock, good luck!!

Good Luck!

8. Keep your Gaming laptop Cool and Buy a Laptop Cooling Pad

It goes without saying, keeping your gaming laptop cool will help improve your gaming performance. Although a laptop cooling pad will not change the world, it will cool your core temperatures.

If you’re concerned if they work, we checked, if cooling pads work for gaming laptops and we have written a detailed post after testing a cooling pad with my HP Omen gaming laptop. On testing, the cooling pad helped to reduce the core temps by a (5-10) few degrees. Not a lot, but it helped.

Another great thing about laptop cooling pads is they’re an inexpensive gaming laptop accessory. Plus, they will also elevate your laptop up from a flat surface which helps massively with airflow.

Dust is another KD killer and can have dire consequences for your gaming laptop performance. And why I open and clean my laptop at least once a month. Sometimes twice, depending on how busy I am.

Like I have said before, I also use my gaming laptop for work, so it’s important it functions 100% every time. And taking good care of your gaming laptop will pay dividends in the end and you laptop performance will benefit.

Tips to Keep Your Laptop Cool

  • Buy a laptop cooling pad
  • Elevate your laptop, to allow for airflow
  • Ensure your exhausts are clear
  • Clean inside and out regularly
  • Keep your laptop out of direct sunlight
  • Reduce unnecessary graphics settings
  • Close unnecessary programmes
  • Clean your files regularly with a programme
  • Do not game chilling on your bed or carpet

9. Install a Cleaning Tool to Improve your Laptop Performance for Gaming

Download CCleaner to help improve your laptop for gaming

Installing a cleaning tool will improve your laptop performance for gaming, you will remove hidden malware and speed up your machine.

I know cleaning your gaming laptop on the outside and underneath the chassis is easy, and you can easily spot specs of dust and grime. However, cleaning the inside is not.

You cannot see the little cretins, the viruses and the malware that will attach to your machine and nibbling away at your performance. And will most definitely slow down your gaming.

That is why you must install a laptop cleaning tool and a tool like CCleaner, which is the number one downloaded tool of this kind across the globe.

However, there are many free tools similar to CCleaner that will do a superb job for you and will help improve your gaming performance. They will all seek out the malware and virus’s clogging up your system.

But, the software I use and I have done for many years is CC Cleaner, and the free version will do a remarkable job for you. Even if you need that bit more, the paid version is not expensive.

Below, are three tools you need to consider downloading onto your laptop to help improve gaming performance. It is up to you which one you choose, but CCleaner has been good to me.

Top 3 laptop cleaners in 2021

10. Intel Laptop Users can Undervolt the Processor to Optimize Laptop for Gaming

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you too much about Undervolting simply because my gaming laptop pairs an AMD Ryzen mobile processing chip. Undervolting is only possible with Intel-based laptops.

What I can tell you is Undervolting is another way to improve gaming performance on your gaming laptop. But, it needs to be an Intel-based machine.

And if you didn’t already know, Undervolting is where you reduce the voltage sent to your laptop CPU to reduce heat and energy consumption without stealing your performance.

Undervolting your CPU is an alternative laptop cooling solution, and done correctly can be more effective than buying a cooling pad. Even better than applying additional thermal paste.

Results can vary, but you could reduce CPU temps by as much as 30ºC. More common numbers are between 5ºC to 20ºC, depending on your system.

Advantages/Disadvantages to Undervolting

I understand the advantages you gain from Undervolting your CPU will outweigh the risks. And you will not lose any laptop gaming performance, nor will you risk your warranty.

Undervolting Advantages

  • Reduced Temperature’s
  • Increased Battery Life
  • Reduce the Fan Noise
  • Prolong the Life of your Laptop

Undervolting Disadvantages

  • Blue Screen of Death

Finally, I would only recommend you Undervolt your laptop, if you are confident and researched the correct procedure. If you would like help or more information, please contact me or drop a comment below. I would be happy to help and send you a detailed guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase FPS on my laptop?

There are many optimizing techniques you can try to help improve fps on your laptop, the guide above will help. In addition, the following tips will also help to improve your fps.

First thing to note is your display’s refresh rate, as an example, my laptop has a refresh rate of 144Hz which should mean I can achieve a maximum frame rate of 144fps. So if your display’s refresh rate is 120Hz then 120fps is achievable. Now that you know your possible frame rate you have a starting point.

Try the steps below, at the same time keep an eye on your frame rate, try to match your display’s refresh rate.

Enable Windows Game Mode
Enabling Windows Game Mode can have an effect on your laptops performance in games. So make sure this is enabled. However, it is worth testing it enabled and also disabled and see which works best.
Update Drivers
Making sure your gaming laptop’s system is up to date and device drivers are up to date is essential to getting the best performance from your laptop. Plus, your video card drivers must be up to date.
In Game Settings
Every video game will have different settings, it’s worth reducing things like shadows, texture effects etc, so not to use too much of your video ram. These settings can have a huge effect on fps, so you will need to sacrifice aesthetics for performance gains.
Reduce Screen Resolution
The most used resolution in games is still 1080p, even though we now have 4K and 8K displays. You may be using 1440p resolution, so reducing this down to 1080p would offer huge performance benefits. Although I wouldn’t advice to go any lower than 1080p, simply because the game may become unplayable.
Plug Into Power Point
There is no way in the world you’re going to hit the fps heights while gaming on battery power alone. Make sure your gaming laptop is plugged into a power point (electricity) for best performance.
Overclocking the GPU
A last resort would be to overclock your GPU, doing so can improve your graphics performance. You can use MSI Afterburner software to achieve this but make sure you follow their guidance correctly.

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Final Thoughts…

To think, you could have the best gaming laptop in the world or the best budget headset or the best external keyboard. Or you may have forked out for the most expensive gaming headset they would all be pointless if your laptop is not optimized for gaming.

You would be wasting your time and money, but, after reading this post there’s one thing guaranteed your gaming performance will improve. By how much will depend on many factors, like how good is your laptop cooling and what graphics card you have.

Even if you manage to act upon some of the steps above you will see a difference in how your laptop performs. And I do understand there are many more things you can do to improve your gaming.

But it won’t be a bad start if you follow the steps in this post. If you have, you will be well on your way to the next Warzone victory, or first. And maybe you could become the best goddam builder in Fortnite.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading our guide on how to improve gaming performance on your laptop, if you have any questions related to laptops, gaming or anything in between please do not hesitate to contact me.

Alternatively you can drop a comment below. And, if you’re feeling a little curious, subscribe to our email list to receive our latest content straight to your inbox with weekly emails with helpful guides and laptop tips.

Happy Laptop Gaming!

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