How To Know If Razer Product Is Legit? (What To Look For)


How To Know If Razer Product Is Legit

Razer is a popular gaming brand that produce some of the highest-quality gaming products including, gaming laptops, accessories, and software. But with all the counterfeit products out there many gamers have no idea how to know if the Razer product is legit or not.

Do not fear. In this post, I will show you how to know to check the legitimacy of your Razer devices. I will also detail some of the things you should look out for before making your next purchase.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

How To Know If Your Razer Device Is Real?

To determine if a Razer product is legitimate, you can check the Razer logo and holographic security label on the product packaging. Verify the product serial number through the Razer website. And inspect the product for any signs of counterfeiting, such as poor quality materials or design errors.

Razer Product Registration Page
Razer Product Registration Page

You will need details such as the date of purchase, the serial number and the unique Razer ID number. You may also need to upload a photo of the product confirming your proof of purchase. Only then can you see if your Razer product can be registered and be eligible for a Razer Warranty.

How to determine if a Razer product is legitimate

  1. Look for the Razer logo and holographic security label on the product packaging.
  2. Verify the product’s serial number on the Razer website.
  3. Check if the product is sold by an authorized retailer.
  4. Inspect the product for any signs of counterfeiting, such as poor quality materials or design errors.
  5. Read reviews and check customer feedback on the product.
  6. Check the warranty and support service provided by Razer. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of purchasing a legitimate Razer product.

If you’re unsure whether your Razer product is legit or not. It is always prudent to err on the side of caution and reach out to Razer customer support to help determine whether the product is authentic.

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What Does Registering A Product Do Razer?

Some of the benefits of registering Razer products are; choose to receive promotions and product updates. Redeem rewards through Razer Silver and purchase games with your Razer Gold wallet.

Moreover, configuring your devices is made easy via the Razer Synapse software. On top of that, you also get to engage with the Razer community through the Razer forum and this alone has endless benefits.

Razer Gold Rewards
Razer Gold Rewards Page

The Razer community is full of like-minded gamers who will step out of their way to help others find solutions. The biggest benefit to registering your Razer products is taking advantage of Razer’s 1 to 2 year warranties should anything go wrong.

Benefits of Registering Your Razer Products

  • Configure Your Razer Devices
  • Product Updates & Promos
  • Redeem Rewards With Razer Silver
  • Purchase Games With Razer Gold
  • Eligible for Razer Warranties
  • Explore the Razer Forum

Are There Fake Razer Products?

There are definitely fake Razer products out there. In fact, a lot of people have reported receiving counterfeit versions over the years. You see Razer is a good premium brand. Therefore, it makes sense that con artists of the world want to imitate their gaming products simply because there is a lot of money to be made. Where there is money, there are always dodgy dealings.

Over the years, users have reported purchasing many Razer devices from sites like eBay. And they have only realised that they had a fake Razer product after trying to register the product with Razer. Some users were told the product they are trying to register has already been registered.

This Razer forum poster psyjin.28943 reported several counterfeit Razer products in circulation. Of course, these are older products from the Razer lineup. But it shows there are fake Razer products or have been. And this is a valid reason to be careful when purchasing your devices.

The Fake Razer Products Include;

  • Deathadder Gaming Mouse
  • Goliathus Mouse Matt
  • Razer Hammerhead Pro
  • Adaro In-Ear Headphones
  • Abysses Gaming Mouse

Some Counterfeit Issues Include;

  • Came in a generic packaging – a brown paper bag
  • Product Registration: The Serial Number ‘has already been registered’
  • Poor attention to details and finish. The rubber zipper pull for the earbud case is marred black
  • The stitching on the inside of the carrying case is poorly done
  • Did not come with the usual sticker tag attached to the earphone wires themselves
  • Size dimensions of the Razer mousepads are incorrect
  • Stitching does not match that of the genuine mat
  • Products delivered with a lighter faded shade of black or a bluish-black may indicate a counterfeit
  • Sometimes the graphics will be incorrect – incorrect sizing of graphic, text too big, etc.

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Fake Products

What Are The Signs That Your Razer Product Is Fake?

Sometimes it is impossible to tell if your Razer product is legit or not. The bad news is that con artists have become so skilled at what they do. You may never know if you have purchased a fake Razer product or not. 

Here are a few signs that your Razer product might not be legit:

Check the Packaging:

If your Razer mouse, Razer headset, which in my opinion are some of the best gaming headsets for Warzone gamers, or what other Razer product you have is delivered in poor packaging. You should be wary of low-quality packaging like transparent plastic bags. In some cases, brown paper bags. If the product does not fit snugly in the box, your Razer product might be counterfeit.

The box your Razer devices comes in should have the serial number and barcode label attached. In law, products must have these kind of labels attached to the packaging. Especially barcode labels that are like identity cards. Barcode labels help shippers and buyers understand what the goods are inside. 

Original Razer products definitely have these. I have purchased many Razer devices and they have all been packaged using high-quality materials. With labels attached. This is something all high-end brands such as Razer take great care in doing. They have to keep up with their premium gaming brand image. If your product does not fit this, then you may have a fake Razer device.

Fake Websites:

Unfortunately, fake websites selling counterfeit goods are all too common. However, you can check if the website is not legit by clicking on the ‘Padlock’ at the top of your browser window. Just plug in the URL of the website you intend to purchase your Razer product from and click on the padlock. This will show if the website is secure or not. (Most of the time, the padlock is red if unsecure)

To be safe, I will always recommend purchasing your Razer products from an authorised reseller. Amazon is a good place although fake products can also be found on Amazon as well. The best place to buy your device is from Razer themselves. This way, you will be entitled to their warranties and other benefits that come with registering your products with Razer.

Amazon Box
Buy From Amazon

Poor Quality Products

The quality of your Razer product can be an indicator whether it is legit or not. Compare the packaging against the one purchased from Razer. To do this, you can either look at reviews on YouTube. Or you might have a friend who already has this product. So compare it with what they have.

You can also look at product images on Razer’s website. Check things like the location of the logo. Is it the same colour? See if the buttons are the same and are in the correct place. Also check if the serial or model numbers are there?

All Razer products should have serial and product numbers printed on the device. The same labels that should be on the box your device comes in. You will find these on the bottom or the back of the device. In some cases, inside the battery compartments. If your Razer devices do not have these, it may not be legit.

Razer Product Images
Razer Product Showing The Barcode Label

What To Do If You Find Your Razer Device Is Not Legit?

If you find that your Razer devices are not legit, and you purchased your Razer device from a third-party retailer. You need to contact them and let them know about the fake device. They may not be aware of any issues, so they would appreciate you letting them know.

It is also a wise idea to report the fake device to Razer even if you purchased it from somewhere else. Razer will have a policy in place for dealing with fake Razer devices.

It may also be a good idea to contact your local trading standards office, they can help put a stop to it. by stopping the counterfeit seller from spoiling another gamers day.

Finally, if you have paid using your credit card. You may be entitled to a refund by making a claim against your card provider like a chargeback. But this can often be tricky, but it is worth a shot.

Can A Fake Razer Product Be Registered?

You can not register fake Razer products with Razer. Razer products are registered through a warranty registration page on Razer’s website. If you do not have a unique ID or an original serial number you will not be able to register the product.

Like I said before you will need to supply a proof of purchase in the form of a photo. If you do not have these details, you can not register the product and it will not be covered under the terms of the warranty.

Original Razer Products

Razer Devices In The Box
Razer Products Showing Serial Number

How To Spot A Fake Razer Mouse?

There are a few things you can do to check if your Razer mouse is genuine. First, look for the barcode, these are usually located on the bottom of the mouse or inside the battery compartment. It should also have “@Razer Inc” written on the base of the mouse as well as the trade mark symbol.

You can then check to see if the product serial number is listed on Razer’s website. But you will need to register the mouse by creating a Razer ID. If your mouse doesn’t have the product serial number or the one it does have doesn’t match, then it’s likely fake product. If you are still unsure, contact their customer service and ask them to verify the authenticity of your gaming mouse.

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Razer has worked hard to build a stellar reputation among gamers, and it would be a shame for that to be tarnished by the presence of counterfeit products. Understandably, it would be a nightmare if you had purchased a product that is not legit.

The main problem is that fake Razer gaming products cannot be registered. That means no additional benefits and neither would you be entitled to a warranty. It’s why we encourage all gamers to buy their Razer products directly from Razer or from a reputable retailer.

Never fall victim to buying cheaper products thinking you’re getting a great deal. More than likely, you will get sent a dodgy product. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter, so you can stay up-to-date on the latest news from Razer. Including information on how to spot a fake product.

Thanks For Reading, Cya Next Time!

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