How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop (Windows 10 and 11)


How to Screenshot on Gateway Laptop

For years Gateway laptops have been a popular choice for Windows users. The company has continued to make quality machines. One question that still comes up often is how to screenshot on Gateway laptop.

This blog post will show you three different ways depending on your version of Windows. So, whether you’re a new or experienced user, keep reading to learn how to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop!

How to Screenshot On A Gateway Laptop?

Pressing CTRL + Print Screen key is the easiest way to take screenshots on a Gateway laptop. The screenshot is then saved to the clipboard. You can also take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop with just the PRTSC key, but this time the screenshot is saved to the pictures folder in Windows Explorer.

Press PRTSC key (Print Screen Key)Screenshot of Active Window
Press CTRL key + Print Screen KeyScreenshot Saved to Clipboard
Press Windows Key + Shift + SScreenshot with Snipping Tool
Press Windows Key + GScreenshot with Xbox Game Bar
Gateway Laptop Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip #1: Using Print Screen Button

There are several different ways to capture a screenshot on your Gateway computer. However, there are slight differences between using the PrtSc button on Windows 10 Gateway laptops to Windows 11 systems. So, I’ve covered the simple steps to both laptops here.

Showing the Print Screen Button on Laptop
Print Screen Button

Using the Print Screen Buttons Windows 10

Take a screenshot with Windows 10 Gateway computer. Although depending on the model. You can either use the FN key +Print Screen button. Or CTRL + Print Screen. Both of these methods will take a screenshot of your current computer screen and then saves the screenshot to the clipboard.

If you prefer to save the screenshot to a folder press the Windows Key + PrtScn button to take a screenshot of your current screen and this saves the screenshot to the screenshot folder.

Using the Print Screen Buttons Windows 11

If you have a newer Gateway laptop with the Windows 11 operating system. You can take a screenshot by pressing the FN key + Print Screen Key. This will take a screenshot of your current screen and then you can then paste the screenshot into an app of your choice.

If you prefer to save the screenshot to a folder, press the Windows Key + PrtScn buttons to take a screenshot of your current screen and save it to a folder so you can use the image later.

Take Screenshot of the Active Window

If your Gateway laptop is connected to a monitor and you want to take a full-screen screenshot of only one display. For Windows 11 laptops, select the display and then press FN + ALT + PRTsc buttons. For Windows 10 laptops, press the ALT + PRTsc buttons. (Only the active screen will be captured).

If you want to instantly use the screenshot, open up a graphics editor. Such as Windows Paint, Gimp or Microsoft word. Then press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot into the application. You can then resize or crop the screenshot and save your screenshot to the format of your choosing. (JPEG or PNG)

Tip #2: Take a Screenshot Using the Snipping Tool

All Windows-based laptops, including Gateway computers have built-in tools like the snipping tool. With the snipping tool, you can easily learn how to screenshot on a Fujitsu laptop, Gateway laptop or any other laptop running the Windows operating system.

With the snipping tool, you can take a screenshot of your entire screen. Or, if you prefer, you can capture just part of the screen. This all depends on what you need the image for.

The Microsoft Windows Snipping Tool
Windows Snipping Tool

You can then save your screenshots in any format or location of your choosing. Moreover, the snipping tool allows for more control over how you can capture different parts of your screen. The snipping tool also has features such as selecting, cropping, annotating and options for sharing your captures online.

Opening the Snipping Tool

For Windows 10 and Windows 11 Gateway laptop users, first press the start menu or the Windows key and start typing Snipping Tool in the search bar. Then select the snipping tool from the menu. Alternatively, you can press Windows Key + Shift + S to open the snip tool.

Using the Snipping Tool

After opening the Windows snip tool, click on the new button inside the toolbar. You can then choose which area on your screen needs capturing. Choose Rectangular snip or Freeform (for more irregularly shaped selections). Or the Window snip mode for a full-Screen snip.

After you have captured the screenshot, you can choose to Crop (to remove unwanted areas). Annotate (drawing arrows, circles, squares or text), Or Save As, to save your screenshot to a folder of your choosing. Lastly the Send To option lets you share the screenshot online.

If you want to learn more about the Windows Snipping Tool, you can visit Microsoft. They have an in-depth article on how to use the Windows Snipping Tool to capture the perfect screenshots.

Tip#3: Take a Screenshot Using the Xbox Game Bar

There are a number of different methods to take screenshots and all of the methods shown above will work with most new Gateway laptops that also have a similar keyboard.

But you can also take great looking screenshots with the built-in Xbox Game Bar. This tool is great for capturing your screenshots and screen recording your gameplay footage using your Gateway laptop.

The Xbox Game Bar would be the best way to screenshot for gamers who want to capture their latest gameplays and share their conquests on Twitter or any other social networks. However, being able to use this tool is dependent on the laptop model you have.

Opening the Xbox Game bar

To open up the Xbox game bar tool, press the Windows logo key + G. Alternatively, you can press the Windows key and type Xbox Game Bar into the search bar and click on the app from the menu.

Use the Xbox Game bar For Screenshots
Xbox Game Bar Feature

Using the Xbox Game Bar

Launch the game or program that you want to capture an image from then press Win+G together. Then select the Camera Icon. This will take a screenshot of the whole screen.

This time, the screenshot will be saved to the captures folder. This is the same method I use to screenshot on a Razer laptop and all other Windows laptops I own.


Screenshotting on a Gateway laptop running Windows 10 or 11 is relatively easy. All you need to do is press the Print Screen button or CTRL + PRTSc. And, depending on the model of you have. Whether that be a new Gateway laptop or an older one you can also use the Xbox Game Bar.

If you have further questions about how to take a screenshot on Gateway laptop, feel free to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter for more helpful content like this.

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