How To Use Laptop In Bed? Best Tips To Prevent Damage!


How to use laptop in bed

Using a laptop while relaxing on the bed is not a good idea. Unless you are prepared to take precautions to prevent your laptop’s temperature from heating up, which could lead to damaging the internal components. So if you are wondering how to use laptop in bed, this blog post is a perfect read.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Can I Use Laptop In Bed?

You can use your laptop in bed. But, you must take extra precautions because it can lead to poor posture. In addition, your laptop may also experience high temperatures and even overheat due to blocked vents, preventing them from being able to dissipate heat efficiently.

Is It Safe to Use Your Laptop On The Bed?

Generally speaking, it is safe to use your laptop in bed. But it is not recommended as it could lead to damage caused by overheating. This is because the temperature inside any electronic device increases when ventilation is blocked. Preventing hot air from escaping.

Additionally, if there is any fabric between the laptop and its surface, whether it is a hard surface, or soft surface. This will further reduce airflow, resulting in overheating issues. Depending on the material, there is a chance it can increase the risk of static electricity building up. Causing components to fail.

What Could Happen When Using Laptop In Bed?

  • Strain on your wrists could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hunching over your screen will likely cause neck pain
  • Potentially damage your device from overheating
  • Using electronic devices at night lead to poor sleep quality

Furthermore, using your laptop computer before you go to sleep can also disrupt your sleep. The blue light emitted by a laptop screen can disrupt your natural sleep cycle, making sleeping much harder.

It is also difficult to maintain proper spinal alignment and this can lead to musculoskeletal problems, which will not be pleasant. That said, there are a few measures you can take to help minimize these potential issues.

How to Safely Use a Laptop In Bed?

If you must use your laptop while in bed instead of your home office or somewhere else. You must be proactive in taking care of yourself and your computer. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to help minimize damage and ensure you are less likely to suffer in the long run.

Do Not Block the Vents

To safely use a laptop in bed, you should ensure that the vents are not blocked by blankets, duvets, or any other material. If your laptop computer has vents on the base, you will need to prop it up somehow. Blocked vents can lead to overheating, which will shorten how long your laptop will last.

Good Cable Management

You’ll want to be aware of any cords extending from the laptop, which may present a tripping hazard. Place any cables or cords out of the way to remove these risks. But still easy enough for you to access them without too much hassle.

Use a Laptop Stand

Using a laptop stand or cooling pad can help make all the difference when using a laptop in bed. Either one would make life a little more comfortable and ergonomic. Even though laptop stands are great, they may not completely eliminate the potential risks.

Use a Laptop Cooling Pad
My Razer Laptop On A Cooling Stand

But, using a laptop bed stand can help improve posture by elevating the device from a flat surface to eye level. Which can help reduce neck and back strain. Also, placing a lap desk underneath can also help dissipate heat by allowing air to circulate around the computer and help keep your laptop cool.

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Use an External Keyboard

Investing in an external keyboard is another way to improve the experience while using your laptop in bed. This will allow you to maintain a more comfortable position, which can help reduce strain. It will also allow you to type more comfortably when working for an extended period of time.

Lastly, an external keyboard will also give you some breathing room between you and your laptop screen. So less chance of you suffering eye strain, and this will also help minimize issues from blue light. You should also consider buying an external mouse to help further improve your laptop use.

Use a Standing Desk

Using a laptop on your bed does not allow you to work in the most comfortable way. So, investing in a standing desk will help to improve posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems.

Using a standing desk can also allow you to work at a more comfortable height and distance from the screen. Again, just like an external keyboard, it can help reduce eye strain and other vision-related issues.

Prop Yourself Up & Take Breaks

When using laptops in general, it’s important to take regular breaks and always keep yourself comfortable. Place pillows behind your back if needed during usage, so you don’t end up slouching. This action could potentially cause neck pain or other issues down the line.

How to Use a Laptop Comfortably in Bed Without Hurting Your Lower Back?

If the use of a laptop in bed can not be helped, here are a few things to do to prevent hurting your lower back. Most importantly consider how you position yourself and your laptop when sat on the bed. 

The wrong position can cause major issues, so find a way to align your body in an ergonomic posture, and prevent sitting in a bad posture. It is best to have support under your legs, such as pillows. Ensure your legs are at a 90-degree angle compared with the top of your body.

Place pillows behind your back and one to each side to keep you upright and as straight as possible. This will help prevent neck pain caused by slouching. Sit as far away from your laptop screen as possible.

That said, everyone is different in terms of what type of comfort works best. So experiment and try different methods until you find the best solution. Don’t overdo it, and take regular breaks.

How To Use Laptop In Bed Without it Overheating?

To prevent your laptop from overheating while using it on the bed. Keep it off any soft surfaces because this will not only prevent proper airflow. It will also attracts dust and dirt, which can creep inside.

For a small additional cost, invest in a laptop cooler, by far one of the best computer peripherals you can buy. It can help reduce the temperature of the internal components by as mush as 10°C (50°F). 

This may be enough to stop your laptop overheating. If you don’t have a laptop cooling pad, you will need to find a way to elevate your device to help dissipate excessive heat away from your device.

It is also imperative you keep the laptop clean, including the cooling fan or fans, the screen and the keyboard area. The best option is to use a soft lint free cloth, and a can of compressed air.

You should also reduce the power settings or the amount of programmes running. Reducing the screen brightness can also help reduce the amount of heat, unless though, you are sat in a dark room.

You should also take breaks as often as possible to allow the computer to cool down. And always ensure proper air circulation, overheating can reduce performance and irreparable damage.

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Best Way to Use Laptop In Bed

The best way to use your laptop in bed is to ensure you have good airflow. It is also important that you have an ergonomic setup and promote a healthy posture.

Use a tray, cooling pad, or lap desk on top of a pillow or something comfortable to prop up the laptop and put the device at eye level so that you can maintain proper body alignment.

Yet, even with all these measures in place it’s still important to take frequent breaks, this allows your body and your device enough rest time so you don’t run into any irreparable issues.


Understanding how to use laptop in bed properly will help you out in the long run. It may even save you money. If you end up damaging it you could end up buying a new gaming laptop or laptop.

Even if you have the best laptop ever. You still need to take proactive steps like setting up an ergonomic workspace, employing postural techniques, taking breaks and ensuring the computer does not heat up.

Hopefully, you have taken note for the next time you decide to use your laptop in the comfort of the bedroom. If so, why not subscribe to my email list for more helpful content sent to your inbox.

Thanks for Reading, Cya Next Time!

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