HP Omen Vs Alienware Gaming Laptops: Which Brand is Best 2022?



Are you looking for some of the best gaming laptops to play your favourite games? Then you would need to know the difference between HP Omen Vs Alienware gaming laptops. Two very different gaming brands in terms of their specs and price to performance.

Alienware has built a reputation for producing large, powerful gaming laptops and desktops. HP has built a reputation on supplying basic home use and business computers. They now have a superb range of budget gaming laptops under 800s something Alienware does not.

So keep reading to uncover the truth about their range in terms of price, performance and specifications. With some real-world feedback from gamers on which laptop brand is worth your money.

Which Gaming Laptop Is Best HP Omen vs Alienware?

When deciding between HP Omen vs Alienware gaming laptops, there is no clear-cut answer which one is best since it depends on your individual needs. Both brands are known for delivering a superb range of gaming laptops that perform well. So either one would be a good choice and will not disappoint.

If you’re looking for the best gaming laptops specifically, the Alienware m15 would be the better option since it is more focused on that market. Otherwise, HP Omen laptops offer a well-rounded experience and are also cheaper. So they might be a better choice if you’re on a budget.

Dell Alienware Vs HP

Brand History Comparison

It is easy to compare the Alienware vs Omen brands. Because of how well-known and popular these two brands have become. They are now two of the world’s most successful computer companies. They have built similar size companies with thousands of employees located across the globe. And they also started their companies in remarkably similar environments.

Dell computers began their journey from inside a dorm room on the Texas University campus. And the idea behind HP computers came about in a residential car garage. Similar to how Amazon started its journey. 

HP Omen Gaming Laptop History

Hewlett-Packard is an American company which dates back to 1939, created by two close friends, Bill Hewlett and David Packard. They quickly became the world’s number-one selling PC brand. Which was by no means an easy feat with so many competing brands. Like Lenovo, Apple, ASUS, and Razer is a good brand. But HP kept the number one position for years. 

In 2006 HP acquired the Voodoo computer company, who specialised in high-performance desktops. And a few years later, HP introduced the Omen range of laptops into its portfolio. But they kept the original “Tribal Mask” logo (shown below). Until 2020, when they introduced the diamond Omen logo, which HP now uses on all its Omen gaming products.

These include high-spec gaming desktops. Monitors, gaming laptop accessories and the mid-range HP Omen 15 and 16-inch laptops. Which have gone from strength to strength and now include the latest Intel and AMD Ryzen processors and NVidia GeForce RTX graphics cards.

HP Omen Logos
HP Omen Logos Past and Present

Dell Alienware History

Dell Alienware has a similar story behind its history to HP. But, with one notable difference. Dell came into existence sometime later. They were first created in 1984 by solo entrepreneur and multi-billionaire Michael Saul Dell. Amazingly, from his dormitory room at the Texas university. And exactly one year later, Michael completed his first computer build, the Turbo PC. (shown below). But unlike HP, Dell has only managed to get the number one selling computer brand once, from 2006 to 2011. But they have been in the top three rivalling brands such as HP, Lenovo, and ASUS ever since.

Dell Computers first ever PC, the Turbo PC
Image Credit: Wikipedia

First Dell Computer

The founder of Dell Computers, Michael Saul Dell, released his first-ever computer. Built at the tender age of 21 and sold for nearly $3700 (£3000), a crazy amount of money at that time.

It was happily named the Turbo PC and had a massive 10MB hard disk drive. Its power was from an Intel 8088 processor that ran at 8 MHz which is crazy to think with today’s CPUs.

8 MHz equates to 8 million cycles per second, and when you think the latest Intel 12th Gen Intel processors run at 5.20GHz or 5.2 billion cycles per second. It is just amazing how far the latest computers have come.

In 2006 Dell acquired Alienware, a computer company with 20 years of experience. Their portfolio included desktop computers, notebooks, and consoles. Yet, it wasn’t until 2009 that Alienware released their first notebook. The Dell Alienware M17x. It featured a 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 processor and a dedicated NVidia GeForce GTX 675M GPU. And the first to bring NVidia PhysX technology and 3D Vision to notebook gaming. But it had mixed reviews, some good and some extremely bad. But still, 91% of gamers recommended the M17x. At the time, it was an impressive beast.

Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop

Alienware Vs Omen Laptop Specs

When you compare Alienware Vs Omen gaming laptop specs. You will find far more Alienware RTX 30 series based laptops. Compared to only a few within the HP Omen range. Surprisingly, there is a wider selection of Omen laptops with 30 series cards in the USA. Compared to many other countries.

Best Graphics Options

The most important spec to consider when choosing a laptop for gaming. Is the graphics power it offers. If you’re looking for the best graphics? Then you’ll want to check out the latest Alienware RTX 3080 TI laptops. These bad boys pack a serious punch and will definitely give you the edge.

While the top-of-the-line HP Omen laptops, only a few options come with NVidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics. And there are NO laptops with the newer 16GB NVidia RTX 3080 Ti’s. However, HP Omen have many more options in the budget space. So, if you’re on a tighter budget, then the HP Omen is a great choice and will still provide you with excellent graphics quality. It is just that Alienware offers more in terms of graphics power. Whichever option you choose, you can’t go wrong with either of these brands!

Best Processor Options

The processor is the next consideration when deciding between an Omen vs Alienware gaming laptop. But this really depends on what you want from your gaming laptop. Both brands have AMD and Intel processors, but Alienware has more powerful Intel processors. Yet they both have the latest AMD Ryzen 6000 series CPUs in their laptop ranges.

However, if you want the fastest possible processing power for the ultimate multi-tasking experience. Then you should consider an Alienware laptop with one of the 12th generation Intel Core i7 or i9 processors. But if you’re looking for something that is a little more budget-friendly. An HP Omen laptop will have you covered. They come with 11th generation Intel processors. So not the latest, but the best option if your budget is tight. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preferences and what you need from a gaming laptop as to which laptop you choose.

Best Display Options

Which display option is best would depend on what you plan to do with the laptop. If it’s just for gaming? The FHD display options would be best. But if you tend to run programmes such as Photoshop or want the laptop for video editing. It would be worth investing in either the HP Omen or Alienware laptops with the QHD displays.

Alienware vs Omen Display Options

So who has the best options?

Alienware offers a few different options, including a 165 Hz, a 360 Hz FHD option, and a 240 Hz QHD option. On the other hand, the HP Omen line features 144hz FHD and 165 Hz QHD displays. Also, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology is available with the Alienware laptops. And this helps to synchronise the refresh rate of your display with the performance of your graphics card. That will offer smoother gameplay during high-speed gaming action. Something you won’t get with an HP Omen laptop. But this extra tech would surely bump up the price.

In the end, if you want the highest possible refresh rate, then the Alienware 360 Hz FHD display is going to be your best bet. However, if you’re looking for a more balanced approach with the Quad HD resolution and reasonable refresh rates. The HP Omen 165 Hz QHD laptop could be a good option and an affordable choice.

Best Upgrade Options

If you’re looking to tailor your gaming laptop to your own specific needs. Alienware would be the best choice. Alienware is known for being one of the most upgradable brands of laptops on the market. Their top-of-the-line machines can rival even some of the best desktop gaming PCs. 

Alienware gives you a lot of flexibility. You can upgrade nearly all the major components on their laptops. And this makes it easy to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology. HP Omen is also a great option, and they offer some decent upgrade paths as well. However, Alienware tends to have a bit more when it comes to switching out parts. And the flexibility you have during the purchase stage is unmatched by any gaming laptop brand. So if that’s important to you, then Alienware would be the way to go.

Best Design

Alienware and HP Omen both have some pretty great laptop designs. They both offer laptops with thin and sleek chassis. But which brand designs are best? Well, the futuristic look of an Alienware laptop is sure to turn heads. 

Take the Dell ALIENWARE x17. A superb gaming machine that definitely serves up an impressive build. With sturdy premium magnesium alloy materials throughout. While the top-of-the-line HP Omen laptops also use aluminium. But only on the frame, as they are mostly plastic elsewhere. And, nothing much has changed since the first HP Omen 15 released. 

Overall, the Alienware laptops are the ones that stand out. Mainly due to their illuminated RGB strip design surrounding the back. They also feature next-level AlienFX RGB lighting. So you can ramp up the style to suit any mood or environment. HP Omen laptops also have RGB elements but only with the backlit keyboard.

In the end, both gaming brands have good laptops made with sturdy materials.And they both have exhausts across the back and sides. However, Dell Alienware’s vents are much bigger. Plus, they also feature a classy hexagon pattern grille. To help boost intake efficiency and offer an improved gaming experience over any Omen device.

HP Omen Vs Alienware Keyboards

There is no comparison between an Alienware m15 vs HP Omen 15 keyboards. But the layout is similar on both laptops. They have soft keys with little travel and similar sized trackpads. And neither brand bothered to include a number pad. They both also offer fully customizable lighting systems with 4-zone RGB. Plus, N-key rollover and anti-ghosting technology.

Alienware Gaming Laptop Keyboard

But what stands out is the quality of the keys that come with an Alienware m15 or 17 laptop. Dell has worked with keyboard-key manufacturer CherryMX to bring the best-in-class keyboard keys. They also include the impressive AlienFX lighting system. Stainless-steel switches with gold-plated and electrical contact enclosures. All this will ensure the best typing experience. With a 15 million keystroke lifecycle, you can type all day without worries.

So, the Alienware Keyboard is far superior compared to the keyboards you get with the HP Omen laptops. They also have a much sexier and smoother look and gets the nod on their quality and superb array of features. With the added bonus of the RGB lighting strip across the back to give their laptops the ultimate gaming feel.

HP Omen vs Alienware Pros & Cons



  • All Options Offer High Performance
  • High Quality Build Materials
  • Excellent Cooling Capabilities
  • Super Customization Options
  • Good Customer Service
  • Good Battery Life


  • No Laptops In Budget Space
  • Known to be Quite Expensive
  • Not Ideal for Everyday Use

HP Omen


  • More Reasonably Priced Options
  • Good Thermal Cooling Capabilities
  • Strong and Sturdy Build Quality
  • Ideal Laptops for Everyday Use
  • Thunderbolt 4 with USB4 Type-C
  • Great Options for Beginners


  • Not the Best Customer Service
  • Not As Good Looking As Alienware
  • Not As Powerful As Alienware m15

Dell Alienware Vs HP Omen Customer Service

When choosing a gaming laptop, either an HP Omen or an Alienware one, the customer service part is sometimes left behind. But it is worth remembering they cost a pretty penny. So, if anything was too wrong, the company needs to be there to help you resolve or fix your problems. And especially if the problem turns out to be a manufacturing default.

Big companies like HP and Dell have been in the trade a long time, so they should have this down to a fine art. So I decided to research and test who has the best customer service. I also checked out the services that these two brands have to offer.

HP Omen Customer Service

The HP website is well laid out and offers loads of resources and guides. There is an active community forum full of HP users. Who discusses the latest software and hardware problems. You can clearly see that other users are more than happy to assist in fixing issues or offering a solution. So, most issues could be fixed this way. And all without speaking to an actual HP representative.

However, that is where the fun stops because Laptop Mag carried out a test phone call with an HP rep and ran into a couple of issues. There were pushy staff trying to sell additional warranties etc. But, the same would probably happen if you were to call Sky Tv or Virgin Media for help. HP has loads of helpful resources, guides, and many tips on their website. So, if you decide an HP Omen laptop is for you. You should be ok with the after sales support. Just be prepared to say no if they offer you something you don’t need.

Contact Options

  • ASK Rose Online Bot
  • Live Chat 12 Hours Per Day
  • Email Support (24 hours)
  • Contact Number (15 Hours)

Dell Alienware Customer Service

When visiting the Dell website you are presented with a small pop up box on the right of the screen. Offering email support, technical support, freephone contact number and WhatsApp messenger. You will find loads of other resources and guides to help fix common laptop computer problems. It is easy to navigate and find what you need.

Again, Laptop Mag completed a test call, this time, the call was a little easier. Overall, it was a decent experience, and you should be fine ordering your Dell Alienware gaming laptop. And be confident you will be looked after for some time to come.

Contact Options

  • Live Chat 12 Hours Per Day
  • Email Support (24 hours)
  • Watts App Messaging
  • Freephone Number

HP Omen Vs Alienware: FAQs

What’s So Special About Alienware?

Dell laptops like the Alienware M15s are special laptops because they feature the highest-quality build materials and their cooling capabilities are unmatched by many other brands, bar a few. Only the likes of the latest Razer gaming laptops and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus range could even come close to matching the power and performance of the Alienware M15 and x17 laptops. They will deliver the best gaming performance in any AAA title you play and give you the highest frame rates. They also feature the full range of Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, and Mini DisplayPort’s. And masses of PCIe NVMe M 2 SSD storage. Not to mention huge 70.9 Whr and 86 Whr batteries. And some of the best graphics cards and processors available

Does HP Omen last long?

You should expect an HP gaming laptop to last six years or more. But this will depend on how well you look after it. If you take good care of it by cleaning the display, the grilles and ensure you wipe the exhausts clean to remove dust and dirt, will help with longevity. In addition, you should periodically scan your laptop with anti-virus software and make sure to keep the drivers updated. There are other things that will reduce the lifespan of an HP laptop. Like pushing the processor and graphics card to their limits for hours on end will reduce the lifespan.

Which is Better HP Omen 17 or Alienware 17?

Which is best between the 17-inch HP Omen, or Alienware 17-inch gaming laptop will come down to your budget. Alienware laptops are far more expensive, but they are really high quality. That is not to say HP Omen machines are not. But if you are looking for a gaming laptop to show off at the party, the Dell Alienware x17-inch laptop would certainly raise a few eyebrows. When it comes to design, these gaming machines are top of the tree, and they come with almost endless customization options. You can pick and choose the components to match your gaming requirements.

Are Alienware Laptops Good?

Dell Alienware laptops are some of the best gaming laptops you can buy. They always feature top-of-the-line hardware, including the latest mobile CPUs, GPUs, GB RAM types, and SSD storage. Alienware laptops with best cooling systems. They feature Cryo-tech cooling technology, which focuses solely on gaming performance. Dell designed the dual-fan cooling system to pull in more ambient air and then push it out through the vents on the sides and back of the laptop. And this will ensure the best system performance. The only downside to an Alienware m15 or x17 is their high price. Often more expensive than other brands with similar specs. But without a doubt, you will get the best laptop available.

Is Omen a Good Brand for Gaming?

HP Omen is a good brand for gaming. They have an excellent selection of gaming laptops with the best Omen laptop featuring an NVidia RTX GeForce 3080 graphics card and an Intel Core i7 11th generation processor. And this would offer a good gaming experience. However, there are no Omen laptops with more powerful Intel Core i9 processors, nor are they any with the latest 12th Generation CPUs. But, HP Omen gaming laptops are solid, made with durable materials and affordable.


When comparing HP Omen or Alienware? Many factors go into whether one will be better than the other. To wrap it up. Dell Alienware laptops are far more powerful and will offer the best gaming performance and make some of the best gaming laptops for Call of Duty Warzone or other high fidelity game title. But, Alienware laptops are also more expensive than the HP Omen line-up. 

Consumers can also better choose an Alienware laptop spec to suit their needs and requirements. And you will find many more Dell Alienware m15 laptops pairing the latest Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics cards and 12th Gen Intel processors. Something the HP Omen 15 review laptop range cannot match. However, HP does have some of the best gaming laptops under $1000 for beginners.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We will be more than happy to answer your questions. Lastly, to get updates when we release new articles on the website, subscribe here. We also send out promos and offers we get from brands in our space, so don’t miss out.

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