MSI Vs Alienware Gaming Laptops, Which Brand is Best 2023?


MSI vs Alienware

When looking for a new gaming laptop two brands that you need to compare are MSI vs Alienware Gaming Laptops. No fears, I am here to give you an answer! Both brands have a long history of making great products and are two of the biggest names in high-spec laptop space.

But, there are some key differences that you need to know that will help make your decision easier. In this article, I compare these differences, so that you may make an better informed decision.

MSI Vs Alienware Laptop History

Before we dive into the deep end, and look at their latest gaming laptop ranges. Lets spend some time comparing the history of Alienware vs MSI laptops. We’ll answer questions like, How they came about? Who’s been around the longest? Also, which brand sells the most units year in year out….

Alienware Gaming Laptop History

Dell announced in 2006 that they had acquired the gaming computer company Alienware. It didn’t take long before people noticed a link between their name and one of TV’s most popular sci-fi franchises. The X Files. Since then, all gaming laptops made by this brand have been affectionately nicknamed “Area 51s”, or something similar.

Before Dell took over the Alienware brand. Alienware had been manufacturing gaming products for the best part of 20 years. Which included, high-end desktop computers, notebooks, and also gaming consoles.

Moreover, the first gaming laptop released since Dell took offer was in 2009. They named it the Alienware M17x. It ran with a 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 processor and weighed a little over 4.5kg. Which is quite beefy considering most new high-end laptops weigh around 2.5kg. It also ran on the Windows 7.

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2009 Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop

Dell Alienware M17X Gaming Laptop

At the time, the M17x was an impressive gaming beast and received rave reviews from enthusiasts. With 91% of customers recommended this laptop to other gamers. So, the M17x soon became top of every gamers wish list.

Which was swiftly followed by the M17x-R2, M17x-R3, and M17x-R4 laptops. Then replaced by the first of many Alienware 17-inch, Alienware 15-inch, and Alienware 18-inch models. With the Alienware 17-inch and 15-inch gaming laptops still going strong today.

However it was in 2019 Dell Alienware took portable gaming to the next level by releasing the first desktop replacement laptop with a desktop CPU inside. The Alienware Area-51m gaming notebook and one of the first to include an RTX Ray-Tracing Nvidia graphics card.

MSI Gaming Laptop History

MSI stands for Micro-Star International. A Taiwanese tech company that started out producing computer hardware like ASUS. Including motherboards and graphics cards. Yet, it wasn’t until the noughties MSI released their first notebook, the MSI X320 laptop. It wasn’t high-spec by any means.

Unlike with Dell and their Alienware gaming laptops. It took MSI a few more years to announce itself onto the gaming laptop stage and, boy, they have excelled ever since.

Then in 2008, MSI jumped onto the Esports bandwagon. They partnered with their first professional eSports organisation, Finatic. From there, they released their gaming series of laptops, amongst other gaming products.

By 2015 MSI managed to finish the fourth best laptop brand worldwide. Thanks to MSI notebooks such as the Stealth, the GT60 Dominator PRO and the GS60 Ghost. All amazing gaming laptops, equipped with Nvidia GTX 900M series graphics cards and the latest Intel processors. 

Within two years, MSI became the largest gaming laptop supplier worldwide with over 30% market share. Producing gaming laptops such as the GE72VR and GE62VR Apache. Again, these bad boys packed in the latest pieces of hardware that Intel and NVIDIA have to offer.

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2016 MSI GT73S Gaming Laptops

MSI Gaming Laptop

These MSI laptops were beasts. With their 18″ FHD IPS display, weighing over 5kg and offered plenty of space for high-end hardware such as Nvidia’s GTX 10 series, Intel i7 quad core CPUs plus NVMe-SSDs with up to 64 GB RAM!

MSI Vs Alienware: What’s Their Best Gaming Laptops Right Now?

MSI or Alienware gaming laptops

What’s clear is that both MSI vs Alienware are known for their top-of-the-line gaming laptops. You’ll get solid performance, excellent build quality, a decent array of ports, and above average battery life.

These gaming brands offer everything from the best Nvidia RTX graphics cards to the fastest Intel and AMD processors. What’s more, both brands have models with excellent display’s with up to 360Hz refresh rates.

Yet, there’s one notable difference between MSI vs Alienware gaming laptops. It’s that, if you fancy an all AMD machine you won’t get one from the Dell Alienware range. They only have laptops with AMD processors.

So if that’s you’re thing, I mean an all AMD gaming laptop. You have to go with MSI for sure! There’s the Delta or Alpha Advantage Edition laptops. Powered by AMD 5000 series processors paired up against AMD 6000 graphics cards. They will provide more performance than any other all AMD competitor out there in this price range.

Now that’s outta the way, lets take a look at the best MSI vs Alienware 17-inch gaming laptops, to determine who has the best high-performance gaming laptops right now, is it Alienware or MSI? Let’s see.

Best 17-Inch MSI Vs Alienware Laptop Comparison

The table below shows the top-specs available for the 17-inch MSI vs Alienware gaming laptops.

CENTRAL PROCESSORINTEL i9 11900H – 4.9GHz INTEL i7 11800H – 4.6GHz
RAMMAX 64GB DDR4 3200MAX 64GB DDR4 3466
PORTS Type-C (USB / DP / Thunderbolt 4)
Type-C (USB3.2 Gen2 / DP)
3x Type-A USB3.2 Gen2
HDMI 2.1
Type-C (USB / DP / Thunderbolt 4)
Type-C (USB3.2 Gen2 / DP)
2x Type-A USB3.2 Gen1
HDMI 2.1
KEYBOARDPER KEY RGB 1.7mm travelPER KEY RGB 1.5mm travel
WIRELESSWi-Fi 6E + Bluetooth v5.2Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth 5.2
COOLING Cooler Boost Trinity+ Alienware’s quad fan technology
AC ADAPTER230W Slim adapter 240W Slim adapter
BATTERY4-Cell – 99.9(Whr) 4-Cell – 87(Whr)
WEIGHT4.06 lb (2.1 kg)7.05 lb (3.2 kg)

Looking at the top-spec for the Alienware vs MSI 17-inch gaming laptops. You’ll see that the Alienware model comes with faster RAM and a much better display with G-Sync. But there’s one notable difference that matters most. It’s powered by an RTX 3080 card, with max graphics power 165w with dynamic boost.

Which is the most powerful GPU you can get on a portable gaming machine, as of now. But, it’s not all bad news for MSI, because it packs top-of-the-line processors with up to an Intel i9 11900H. The third-fastest Intel mobile CPU available. Behind the Intel Core i9-11980HK and the Intel i9-11950H laptop processors. And yes, it’s faster than what’s packed inside the Alienware X17 laptops, on paper anyway.

But, this comparison is for the best gaming laptops. And the GPU is more important than the CPU so the Alienware X17 wins this one. This means you’ll be able to play games at an increased framerate. Plus, you’ll enjoy higher graphics quality on this model compared to the MSI laptop.

TOP-SPEC VERDICT: Dell Alienware

Alienware Vs MSI 17-Inch

MSI vs Alienware laptops are some best laptops with best cooling systems with superb high-quality fan cooling technology. The Dell Alienware x17 laptop, uses Advanced Alienware Cryo-Technology. Also, a gallium-silicone thermal material which helps to maintain system stability during high-performance tasks such as gaming. This Alienware laptop also has four fans and four copper heat pipes, whereas most laptops only have two (fans).

Although, the MSI GS76 Stealth is an exception because it has three fans and also more (7) heat pipes. The MSI Stealth use’s it’s very own exclusive Cooler Boost Trinity+ technology known to enhance the fan airflow further. And ensure optimal thermal dissipation while gaming. In addition, Stealth GS76 also has the world’s thinnest 0.1 mm sharp-edged fan blade design.

Results below taken from the tech review website, Notebookcheck. (Lower is better)



MSI vs Alienware RTX 3070 Gaming Laptops, Who Has The Best?

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop that will give you an edge over the competition. You cannot go wrong with either the Alienware m15 R4 or the MSI GE66 Stealth. They’ve clearly designed these laptops for gamers who demand the very best.

Both laptops come packing some serious power. With an Intel 10th Gen i7-10870H CPUs and NVIDIA RTX 3070 8 GB graphics cards. So there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t experience blistering performance and stunning visuals.

Plus, both laptops boast 1TB NVMe PCIe SSDs so you’ll have plenty of storage space for your games and other files. And with Wi-Fi 6 technology built in, you’ll be able to game anywhere you go.

Yes, there’s a price difference, but the MSI laptop does have an extra 16 GB RAM, plus, a faster 300 Hz display which would make all the difference in performance.

Which Laptop Should You Choose?

If I had to choose between these two, it would be a close call. But first, before making a decision it would be best to check out the TGP (Thermal Graphics Power) of each laptop. And we already know the MSI Vs Alienware laptops above pair Nvidia RTX 3070 8GB graphics chips but they could be one of six RTX 3070 variants.

Nvidia RTX 3070 Variants

GPU MODELTGPCUDA CoresClock SpeedTurbo CSBusBandwidth
RTX 3070 GPU Max-Q8051207801290256bit12Gbit/s
RTX 3070 GPU Max-Q8551208551365256bit12Gbit/s
RTX 3070 GPU Max-Q9051209301410256bit12Gbit/s
RTX 3070 GPU115512011101560256bit14Gbit/s
RTX 3070 GPU120512011701590256bit14Gbit/s
RTX 3070 GPU125512012151620256bit14Gbit/s
Manufacturers can assign an extra 5, 10 or 15 watts to each GPU with dynamic boost. The RTX 3070 TGP up to 140

After checking over at their official website, here. Dell states, they use the most powerful RTX 3070 GPUs in their Alienware m15 R4 gaming laptops. Whereas MSI use the weakest in their MSI GS66 Stealth laptops. This alone would be enough for me to choose the Dell Alienware model over the same MSI option, if it’s just for gaming.

BEST RTX3070 VERDICT: Dell Alienware

Alienware Vs MSI: Which Laptops Have The Best Overall Design?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a laptop for gaming. But one of the most important for some is the design. Some people might prefer a sleeker, more professional design. While others might prefer something with more gaming features. So, which brand has best designed laptops – MSI vs Alienware? Let’s take a closer look.

Dell Alienware Laptop Design

There’s no equal to the Dell Alienware range. These Alienware laptops are gaming beasts. With their sturdy construction, you’ll be able to work on your computer without worrying about it getting damaged. Or breaking into pieces- making this the perfect device for gamers!

They feature premium magnesium alloy materials that deliver a sturdy and durable chassis. Backed up with a beautiful, and unique design with an ultra-cool alien theme.

For instance, check out the Alienware M15 R4 range of laptops, there different in colour than most. Available in lunar Light or dark side of the moon finishes, it’s kind of sexy for a gaming laptop. Plus, the illuminated Alien head power on button, along with the white keyboard is a nice touch.

We haven’t even mentioned these laptops have colourful LEDs that light up their keyboards. It’s a bit like having a party on your laptop every time you turn it on. On some models, this includes an LED strip across the back edge. Plus, there are loads of customizable colour options to choose between.

If this matters to you, then it’s definitely worth shopping around as these laptops are pretty pricey. They also have a great option if you’re looking for something more compact – Dell XPS 11.

MSI Gaming Laptop Design

MSI laptops to some, offer a true gaming experience not found anywhere else. Plus, they have a range of gaming laptops in almost every price bracket. Which is something Dell Alienware cannot match.

But how well are they designed?

The MSI Stealth and MSI Leopard ranges are high performance laptops that have a much simpler design than the Alienware machines. They’re much like many other high-spec laptops, aside from Alienware.

If you want something a bit more futuristic, and MSI is your choice of brand then check out MSI’s GE66 Raider gaming laptops. They have a cool looking mystic light theme with a panoramic aurora lighting design. Which expands across the entire front of the chassis and with over 16.8 million colours to pick from. These laptops are closer to appearance to Dells Alienware laptops.

And for those, who want a more professional looking gaming machine. There’s the MSI Sword designs, these are slim laptops packed with all the latest hardware. Designed by professional illustrator, Nagano Tsuyoshi, the guy who’s known for designing computer game characters. These laptops have a “Dragon Blade Sword” theme and great laptops for gamers who want a little style.


Unlike, the other verdicts based on fact, they best designs are of my opinion. I think one to one, The Alienware laptops look the best. But across the board, they all look very similar. Whereas, MSI has a design for most tastes.

Alienware or MSI, Best Variety?

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop with the best range of specifications and features. It’s most definitely worth considering both MSI and Alienware. These brands are top of the tree when it comes to portable gaming.

MSI laptops are always a great buy, whether you’re looking for something in the $800 range or higher. With prices ranging all across their product line up, they’ll have something that fits your needs and budget!

MSI is well-known for its gaming laptops like the MSI Raider and MSI Stealth. That have Intel Core i9 processors with Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics cards. There’s only a hand full of Alienware models that can match these. I mean, laptops with i9 CPUs. That said, Alienware does offer a wide selection of products. Including desktops and high-performance laptops. There’s just not as many as what MSI has on offer.

Moreover, MSI have loads of budget options, with GTX 10 series cards like the Katana GF76 laptops. Plus, a bunch of laptops with Nvidia GTX 16 series cards. All great laptops and well made.

An Alienware model that’s anywhere near these specs would cost upwards of $1500. Their cheapest has an Intel i5 paired with a budget Nvidia RTX 3060 Graphics Card. For a similar MSI laptop, you would probably pay less.

Yet, what is true, both MSI vs Alienware makes their laptops to ensure absolute gaming performance. So, if you want to play games at their full potential without lag or slowdown. I would recommend either MSI or Alienware.

But, if you’re shopping on a budget. MSI would be a better brand than Dell Alienware. Even at the mid-range budget, MSI would be best. It’s only when you want the best of the rest that these brands would be hard to separate. Although, an Alienware model is worth considering over MSI due to the graphics power.


MSI Laptop Vs Alienware, Which Gaming Laptop Brand Is Best Overall?

So, who is the best brand overall between MSI laptop vs Alienware? The short answer is there’s no right answer because different people want different things in their gaming laptops.

While both brands make high performing laptops, Dell offers a better design—one of the backbones of any gaming laptop. But MSI offers better performance for the price. Even though the Alienware laptops are far more aesthetically pleasing. But they have the lower processing power and higher prices at the top-end.

But, what’s been clear from my research. Dell Alienware almost always packs inside the most powerful Nvidia graphics cards. MSI seems to opt for the weakest. And because this comparison is for the best “gaming” laptops is why the Alienware laptops are the best for gaming. (just pricey)

So, if you’re only interested in the looks and have a big budget. Then, go with an Alienware laptop that is much more appealing to the eye. But for someone looking for budget hardware specs, MSI’s offers seem to be better than Dell since their specs are less expensive.

Overall, Alienware excels at graphics power and reliability. While MSI focuses on speed and variety (although marginal differences). Lastly, if you don’t care about form or appearance, go with whichever is cheaper at the moment. Besides, whichever one you choose, you’ll have a blast.

MSI Best Bits

  • Super Gaming Laptops: MSI offers an excellent collection of gaming laptops for most budgets. They’re also strong in consumer-based laptops and workstations.
  • Customer Service: MSI’s tech support has improved, but they still need to work on their efficiency. It can be tricky to find solutions to issues that may arise with your purchase.
  • Accidental-damage Protection: MSI offers free accidental-damage protection with their gaming laptops. 
  • Value and Selection: MSI has an excellent selection of gaming laptops, but it lacks mainstream laptops and Chromebooks.

MSI’s Report Card 2020

MSI Brand Report 2020
Image Credit: laptopmag

Alienware Best Bits

  • Fast gaming laptops: Alienware’s laptops are much sexier than most and defiantly not weaker. Their 11th Gen Intel processors and high-TGP Nvidia graphics cards will keep you gaming all day long or whatever your fancy may be!
  • Customer service: Dell Alienware laptops come with a warranty including one-year hardware service, and free two way shipping. For accidental damages you’ll have pay extra. (unlike MSI)
  • Ease of customization: If you have the patience to configure an Alienware laptop, your options are endless. With, addons such as extra drives, faster RAM, opt for a faster 4k display, Cherry keys. And so on and on..

Alienware Report Card 2020

Alienware Report Card 2020
Image Credit: laptopmag



MSI vs Alienware Gaming Laptops. You might be wondering which one is best for you in 2021. In this article, we’ve broken down the differences between these two laptop (what is a gaming laptop) brands.

We hope to help you make an informed decision about your purchase. Most of this information is fact related, but the design aspect is my own opinion. You may have a different idea about that. Ultimately, it depends on what type of system performance and budget are most important.

If high-performance with a premium price tag is more appealing than spending less, go with an Alienware laptop. On the other hand, if saving money while maintaining decent specs appeals more. An MSI gaming laptop may be better suited. MSI offers cheaper prices without sacrificing too much quality, either way, subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up to date with our latest content.

I hope to catch you again soon!

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