Razer Kraken vs Kraken x Wired Gaming Headset Review

razer kraken vs kraken x gaming headset review

When comparing the Razer Kraken vs Kraken x wired gaming headsets, is there really much difference? Well, there are many differences, but what is the same is they are both decent budget gaming headsets.

Headsets for gaming have come a long way as to have most products related to gaming. You can spend big and grab yourself a reliable wireless headset, which were once unreliable.

And the latest high-end gaming headsets can fetch you back a small fortune. They have excellent virtual surround sound, superb sound quality, and extremely comfortable to wear.

But if your budget is a bit tighter, do not worry. You will find plenty of affordable options including, the Razer Kraken and Razer Kraken X gaming headsets.

In this post, I will highlight the differences between the two and share my personal experience using the Razer Kraken for gaming. By the end of this guide, your mind should be made up, and going home with a decent budget gaming headset to add to you gaming laptop accessories.

But which one, only time will tell….

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What we assess to see which Razer Headset is Best?

Understanding which Razer headset is best out of the Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X gaming headsets would come down to only a few factors.

The first being, we look at the style and build quality by looking at the practicality of each design. Looking to answer which Razer headset will be easier to adjust to fit the many different head sizes.

We also look at the ear cup design. By looking at how well each headset will isolate sound. And, do they allow for good airflow after long gaming sessions, which is hugely important.

We also assess how comfortable each gaming headset will be after short periods and over longer periods. There will be some gaming headsets that initially will be comfortable. But, after some wear, the headset may begin to feel heavy and tight around your head, leading to headaches.

Other than that, we will assess what features each Razer headset comes with. Looking at what kind of microphone the Razer Kraken headset has. And is it better than the Razer Kraken X gaming headset, and why?

Also, we look at what kind of connections they have and do they have surround sound. Or do they offer additional software to help improve your overall gaming experience?

And finally, we look at the audio quality when gaming and the quality of the microphone. Which headset has the best frequency range? How the Razer Kraken Vs Razer Kraken X compares in gaming scenarios.

Each assessment is required to give you a fair and justified comparison between the Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X wired gaming headsets.

Razer Kraken Vs Razer Kraken X Comparison Spec Table

Below you will find the comparison table highlighting the differences between the Razer Kraken Vs Razer Kraken X wired gaming headsets.

Noticeably, there is a price difference of roughly £30 on the RRP. But at the time of writing, there is a considerably decent discount offered on the Razer Kraken wired headset.

Therefore, if you are looking for a casual gaming headset with great features, I urge you to grab this offer. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Razer-Kraken-Wired-Gaming-HeadsetRazer Kraken X Wired Gaming Headset
PRICERRP £79.99NOW £54.99RRP £49.99NOW £42.94
CONNECTIONAnalog 3.5 mmAnalog 3.5 mm
EAR CUPSCooling Gel-Infused Oval Ear
MIC STYLERetractable Bendable
MIC FREQUENCY 100 Hz – 10 kHz100 Hz – 10 kHz
SOFTWARE7.1 Surround Sound7.1 Surround Sound
FREQUENCY RESPONSE12 Hz – 28 kHz12 Hz – 28 kHz

What is in the Box: Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X

What You Get Inside the Box

On opening the box containing the Razer Kraken headset, honestly, I did not know what to expect because £55 in today’s market isn’t really that much. But, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Razer headset was immaculately boxed, and you would think you have just purchased a headset from the £200 audio range. Although this being my third Razer gaming product, I should have known what to expect.

Inside the box, other than the Razer Kraken headset, you will get the instructions leaflet which includes important product info, outlining the system requirements and explaining the layout.

Other than that, you will receive an audio and mic splitter extension cable. And two Razer stickers you can use to decorate any other none Razer accessory you might have.

Like me, I used mine to turn a plain old mouse matt into a Razer limited edition mouse matt.

Hey, but don’t tell anyone….

Finally, with both the Razer Kraken and the Kraken X headsets, you receive the surround sound activation code. And you must use this to activate the app so you can enjoy Razers 7.1 surround sound technology.

Just a note, You must be running Windows 10.

What is an Audio/Mic Splitter?

An audio/mic splitter will enable you to connect both your speakers and headphones to the same audio jack. If your computer has a separate audio output and microphone input jack. You can use the splitter to connect the two together.

The Razer Kraken Vs Razer Kraken X Design

Comparing the Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X Gaming Headsets

The Razer Kraken X wired gaming headset is one of the cheapest headsets in the Razer line-up. Therefore, it’s no surprise it has quite a basic feature list compared to the other headsets in the Razer audio range.

Although the Razer Kraken X is basic, it’s still a smart-looking headset, with a big thanks to the generally minimalist design. Whereas the Razer Kraken headset has a little more class and looks more like the £200 headset I mentioned earlier.

Both headsets have a very similar earcup design, an aluminium mesh and a darkened Razer printed logo on both sides. But the Kraken X does not have the same amount of movement on the earcups as the Razer Kraken headset, allowing you to better position the headset to fit.

Additionally, the Razer Kraken has a much-improved headband with additional padding being added from earlier versions. Whereas the Kraken X only offers a minimal amount of headband padding.

And when it comes to the volume and mute controls, the Kraken X controls are located on the left earcup. Whereas the Kraken controls are on the cable, which is a much better design.

One noticeable design difference between the Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X is the microphone. The Kraken X microphone, although bendy, is not retractable. For someone like me who uses my headset for gaming and work, a retractable mic is handy.

Making it easier to position the mic optimally and you can push the mic back into the slot when not gaming. Not only that, but it also looks neater.

Overall, there isn’t a great deal of difference when comparing the Kraken Vs Kraken X design. But the Kraken does look better, and the price difference is justified.

Features: Razer Kraken Vs Razer Kraken X

The Razer Kraken and the Razer Kraken X are budget gaming headsets and decent headsets at that. But don’t expect to see the latest RGB lighting effects or enjoy a high-quality mic with noise rejection you will get with some of the best gaming headsets.

They will, however, come with features that will offer comfort, decent sound quality, and a good microphone.

And they have an adjustable headband slider with a number scale which helps when remembering the best size to comfortably fit your head.

Additionally, they both offer Razer’s 7.1 surround sound technology and come with a 3.5mm combo jack connection compatible with almost every device going.

There are other differences, the Razer Kraken has a bigger driver, and the microphone is retractable. Also much better padding and cooling gel-infused ear cushions.

That is not to say the Kraken X wired gaming headset is not a decent gaming headset and still worth a punt if you are looking for a budget headset for gaming.

Why the Razer Kraken is Better?

These three features make the Razer Kraken headset a better headset than the Razer Kraken X.

Retractable Microphone

A great addon for someone who uses their headset for other things than gaming.

The Razer Kraken Headset Features a retractable and bendy microphone

Cooling Gel-infused

The cooling gel-infused ear cushions will help to reduce heat build-up.

The Razer Kraken Headset Features Cooling gel infused ear cushions

Memory Foam Band

The extra and thicker headband padding does make a noticeable difference.


Check Availability Amazon, Alternatively, Buy Direct From Razer

Which headset has the best microphone?

Showing the Razer Kraken has the best microphone

The importance of having a decent microphone when gaming is huge and both the Kraken and the Kraken X gaming headsets have just that.

They are bendy and both utilize a cardioid pickup pattern. This means the mic will only pick up the sound coming from the front and minimize the sound coming from behind and the side.

Both mics have a frequency response of between 100Hz to 10000Hz. Quite a common number for mics at this price point.

Additionally, the microphone sensitivity for both mics is -45 ± 3 dB, and this is above many other gaming headsets under £100.

As I have said before, the only noticeable difference is the Razer Kraken X mic is not retractable,

A retractable mic is a nice bonus, although only really useful if you remember to push the mic back in once you are finished. Something I haven’t got used to as yet. Although it looks neat.

Anyway, on testing the mic in a gaming scenario playing one of my favourite pass times, Call of Duty Warzone, where the microphone is a key piece of kit.

Each and every time, my voice was heard loud and clear. As yet, I cannot complain.

Talking of complaints, I haven’t had any from my teammates on the other end since switching over to using the Razer Kraken. Unlike before with my old gaming headset.

What I mean by that is they haven’t shouted down the mic. Things like, ‘move your mouth away from the mic’ or ‘Stop breathing down the mic’, which can only be a good thing.

Overall, the Razer Kraken mic gets a thumbs up from me, it is not the best in the world, but for this price point, it’s ok. It has the better mic simply because it’s retractable.

Which Kraken Headset is More Comfortable to Wear?

Razer Kraken Headset for Comfort

Comfort is key when you decide to sit back and take on the playing field in whatever game you prefer to play. I know because not only do I play for two or three hours per day, but the other eight to ten hours. I’m usually working with my headset on.

Therefore, I understand the importance of being as comfortable as possible. Ok, for this price range, you’re not gonna get the world’s most comfortable gaming headset.

At the same time, you shouldn’t accept a gaming headset with only a strip of plastic without any padding whatsoever.

So what do you get when comparing the comfort levels of the Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X gaming headsets?

Read on…

Why the Kraken is More Comfortable than the Kraken X Headset

Well, with the Razer Kraken headset, I can vouch for a decent level of comfort. Even after several hours of gaming, they are just as comfortable as when I first put them on.

They have a thick strip of memory foam padding across the headband. Unlike the Kraken X, where there’s very little, that’s not to say their not comfortable just not as comfortable.

Although there are many similarities between these headsets, at the same time, there are some glaring differences. Like with the ear cushions.

Razer added cooling gel-infused ear cushions to the Kraken headset and this will help reduce heat build-up during long gaming sessions.

Honestly, you can feel the coolness as soon as they land on your head. Even after a few hours of wear, the headset still feels just as cool.

Furthermore, the earcups are made with a combination of leather and a soft fabric wrapped around extremely squishy memory foam. And they can be easily removed for cleaning.

As for the Kraken X headset, there is a thin layer of foam on the headband and just enough to protect the top of your head and offer some comfort. And like the Razer Kraken headset, the earcups are also leather with memory foam, but they are not cooling-gel infused.

However, they will still provide a good and strong grip without overly squashing your ears. Even though there is minimal padding on the headband, the earcups have deep enough padding to take the strain, so they will stay firmly on your head.

Overall, the Kraken headset gets over the line with the thicker headband padding and the inclusion of the gel-infused earcup cushions. The comfort levels are decent and that goes for both Razer gaming headsets.

Drivers to Improve Sound: Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X Headsets

The drivers are possibly the most important part of your gaming headset. They are in charge of converting electrical signals into sound, and they will dictate the loudness of the sound you hear.

The Razer Kraken gaming headset comes with 50mm drivers, whereas the Kraken X headset drivers are only 40mm. But that doesn’t mean the sound would be any better.

Bigger drivers do not equal better sound.

There are three features to look at to understand which headset will deliver the better sound.

  • Padding around the ear
  • Ear enclosure materials.
  • The tuning

And the Razer Kraken ear enclosure is much better than the Kraken X, coupled with the bigger 50mm custom-tuned drivers. So the Kraken headset should offer you a better sound.

After using the Razer Kraken in several gaming scenarios over a few weeks, what I can say is that the sound is superb. In-game sounds were much clearer, and outside distracting sounds were not as distracting.

So when it comes to sound quality, the Razer Kraken has really impressed. There’s a fair bit of detail and clarity with a reasonably flat sound that didn’t result in anything too over top. And there was no sign of distortion even with the volume on high.

And, once I enabled the 7.1 surround sound, the sound I was hearing improved even further.

Overall, the Razer Kraken headset offers a sound that doesn’t sound too forced or boom, and for this price point, it’s on point.

Final thoughts….

When comparing the Razer Kraken Vs Kraken X wired gaming headsets, an obvious fact is they are both mid-range budget gaming headsets.

And the likelihood of a top tier Esports gamer wearing these in competitions is not very likely, if at all. But, that should not put you off.

Both headsets are comfortable to wear and built for wearing for long periods. Although the Razer Kraken would be more comfortable because of the extra memory foam padding across the headband and the thicker cushioned earcups.

The Razer Kraken headset will bring top-notch sound to your games. In my opinion, it’s probably not the best. But I don’t have any complaints and the mic is also decent.

Furthermore, when you enable the 7.1 surround sound application, there is a noticeable positive difference with the sound. It will bring to life your enemies footsteps, and distant gunfire will fell up close and personal.

Overall, the Razer Kraken headset takes the top spot on the podium for the best gaming headset in the Razer Kraken audio range. And would rival many other gaming headsets under £100.

So, if you are looking for a gaming headset for casual gaming and your purse strings are a little tight, the Razer Kraken X will do a job for you. However, if you do have a little more, then buy the Razer Kraken gaming headset. Your money will be well spent.

Razer Kraken Headset

Razer Kraken A Clear Winner

Since the day I purchased the Razer Kraken headset, I have enjoyed using them for work and gaming.

It just goes to show that you don’t need to break the bank to grab a decent headset for gaming.

The Razer Kraken wired headset comes with 7.1 surround sound, audio boost, cooling gel-infused earcups, and a retractable mic. And they are extremely comfortable to wear.

What’s not to like….


Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading our Razer Kraken headset review. If you have any questions related to laptops, gaming or anything in between please do not hesitate to get in touch or drop us a comment below.

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