How To Upgrade The RAM On The Razer Blade Gaming Laptop


How to Upgrade the RAM on the Razer Blade Laptop

If you upgrade the RAM on the Razer Blade laptop it will significantly enhance your overall computing experience? With just a simple RAM upgrade, you can unlock a whole new level of speed and efficiency, allowing you to breeze through tasks and applications faster. And here’s the best part – increasing your laptop’s RAM is not only beneficial but also cost-effective!

Whether you’re a gamer looking to improve frame rates or a multitasker who wants to run multiple applications seamlessly, upgrading your Razer Blade laptop’s RAM is the way to go. So, get ready to take your Razer Blade computing performance up a notch.

Benefits Of Upgrading The Razer Blade RAM

Upgrading the RAM on your Razer Blade laptop can bring a host of benefits that will enhance your overall laptop experience, improved multitasking to enhanced gaming performance,

With an upgraded RAM capacity, you can say goodbye laptop freezes while running multiple applications are running. More RAM also means that your laptop has more space to store and access data quickly, allowing for smoother multitasking without much less lag.

Whether you’re working on complex projects, streaming videos, or editing photos, having ample RAM ensures that your laptop can handle all these tasks without breaking a sweat.

The Razer Blade Gaming Laptop I use for the RAM upgrade
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Improved Gaming Performance

For gamers, upgrading the RAM on your Razer Blade 16, 15, or the Blade 18 is a game-changer. With more memory available, your laptop can handle demanding games easier, providing faster loading times and reduces stuttering or frame drops during gameplay.

Increasing the memory also enables you to run resource-intensive game mods or software alongside your games without compromising performance.

Enjoy Enhanced Productivity

Power users who work with resource-intensive applications like video editing software or virtual machines, upgrading the RAM on Razer Blade laptops is essential. These applications require significant amounts of memory to function optimally and perform tasks efficiently.

By increasing the RAM capacity of your laptop, you’ll be able to run these demanding applications smoothly and seamlessly switch between them without experiencing slowdowns.

Future-Proof Your Laptop

As technology advances and software becomes more resource-intensive over time, having sufficient RAM becomes crucial for keeping your laptop up to date. By upgrading the RAM on your Razer notebook, you future-proof your device and ensure that it can handle upcoming software updates without any performance issues.

How to Upgrading the RAM on the Razer Blade Notebook

To upgrade the RAM on capacity on these Razer Blade notebooks, first familiarize yourself with necessary tools and precautions you will need to take. Before upgrading your RAM, it’s crucial to gather all the necessary tools that you will need.

Tools Needed For Upgrading The Razer Blade RAM:

  • T5 Screwdriver Set: A set of precision screwdrivers with a Philips head and T5 Torx head will be needed to remove screws that secure the back panel
  • Anti-static Wrist Strap: To protect your PC components from electrostatic discharge.
  • RAM Upgrade: To replace the RAM, you will want to choose a good brand, these include Corsair Vengeance, Crucial, and Kingston Fury Impact.
  • Plastic Bowl: To help keep the screws safe and secure.

Step1# – Power off and unplug all cables from the Razer Blade

Make sure your power off your Razer laptop, and remove all cables, devices and gaming laptop accessories connected to it. Then find a flat clean place to carry out the RAM upgrade.

Step2# – Remove the bottom panel and locate existing RAM

Start by flipping your Razer Blade 16 upside down onto a flat surface, and then use the T5 Screwdriver to unscrew the screws that secures the bottom plate in place and place them in the bowl. While being mindful not to force the bottom plate or damage any PC components.

The Inside of the Razer Blade 16

If you are struggling to remove the plate use a credit card to pry it open by applying a little more force. Then, place the bottom plate on the table away from your Razer laptop.

Inside of the Razer Blade 18
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Once removed, you will be able to locate the existing memory module(s) under a ribbon tape. These are small rectangular chips typically held in place by metal clips.

Step3# – Remove and replace old module(s) with new ones

Gently tug the two pieces of ribbon tape down to reveal their socket and metal brackets. Then release the metal clips securing each RAM module in place. Be cautious not to touch any of the gold contacts on the modules as this can cause damage. Once released, carefully remove the old module(s) from their slots. Take note of their orientation for easy replacement later.

Now it’s time to install the RAM modules. Ensure that they are compatible with your Razer Blade model. Then align each module correctly within the slot, ensuring they fit snugly without forcing them and press down until you hear a click sound.

Step4# – Clean internally and replace bottom plate and screws

At this point, before re-attaching the bottom plate, I would suggest that you give your Razer laptop a good clean on the inside. Using compressed air and cotton swabs remove any dust and debris from around the fans, and computer components. Finally, double check the new memory is in place, before you place the cover back with the screws.

Step5# – Reattach bottom panel and power up your laptop

After successfully installing your new RAM modules, align the bottom panel with precision and gently press down on it until all edges are flush with the laptop’s body. Carefully reinsert and tighten the screws to secure the panel in place.

Now it’s time to restart your Razer laptop by connecting the laptop to a power source and pressing the power button. If your memory upgrade was done correctly, your laptop should boot up smoothly with the new RAM modules recognized by the system.

Windows 11 System Information Sheet
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Go to Settings > System > About – to see the Windows System Specification sheet. Ans check if your new memory is showing, check the amount compared to the previous capacity.

Remember, upgrading your Razer Blade laptop with more RAM can significantly improve your laptop’s performance, allowing for smoother multitasking and better overall speed.

Choosing the Right RAM Kit for your Razer Blade

When upgrading the RAM on your Razer Blade 16, it’s crucial to choose the right kit that is compatible with your gaming laptop. Several factors need to be considered when selecting the appropriate RAM for optimal performance.

Consider factors like capacity, speed, and latency

The first thing you need to consider is the capacity of the RAM kit. The capacity determines how much memory your laptop can handle at once. For most users, 16GB or 32GB of RAM should be sufficient for smooth multitasking and gaming experiences.

Speed is another important factor to consider. The speed of the RAM module is measured in megahertz (MHz) and determines how quickly data can be accessed and transferred. Higher speeds result in faster performance, but come with a higher price tag.

Latency is also worth considering when choosing a RAM kit. It refers to the delay between when a command is given and when it’s executed by the memory module. Lower latency ensures quicker response times, which can enhance overall system performance.

Check manufacturer specifications or consult online resources

To ensure compatibility with your Razer Blade notebook, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s specifications or consult reliable online resources for recommended RAM options. These sources will provide detailed information about compatible RAM modules that have been tested and verified to work seamlessly with your specific model.

Reinstall Drivers and Saving Wi-Fi Settings

After upgrading the RAM on your Razer Blade, you need to take to ensure everything runs smoothly. One crucial aspect is reinstalling drivers and saving your Wi-Fi settings. Let’s dive into why this is important and how you can go about it.

Device Manager Window

Importance of Reinstalling Drivers

When you upgrade the RAM on your Razer Blade, it’s essential to reinstall drivers to guarantee proper functionality. Drivers are software programs that allow your operating system to communicate with hardware devices like the RAM modules. By reinstalling drivers, you ensure that your system recognizes and utilizes the upgraded RAM effectively.

To find step-by-step instructions for driver reinstallation, you can turn to online resources specific to your Razer Blade model. These resources provide detailed guidance on identifying the necessary drivers, downloading them from official sources, and installing them correctly.

Enhanced Performance with Razer Blade RAM Upgrade

After reading our guide on upgrading the RAM of the Razer Blade. You should have a clearer understanding of the benefits that come with adding more memory. Remember, upgrading your RAM can significantly enhance your work and gaming experience, allowing you to seamlessly run demanding applications and multitask without any hiccups.

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