Best Laptops For Gaming

We give honest opinions on the best laptops for gaming so your buying decision will be an easy one! Plus, step by step guides on how to maintain your gaming laptop and you’ll find helpful laptop tips in here too.


Best Razer Gaming Laptop


We compare Dell Alienware gaming laptops vs the top-of-the-line Razer Blade gaming laptops for gaming. See which laptop brand is best!


MSI and ASUS each have their own advantages. Known for their powerful gaming laptops. ASUS ROG Strix and MSI Raider laptops.


MSI laptops are thinner and lighter than Dell Alienware laptops. Yet, Alienware is known for offering the best gaming power.

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There is never a wrong time to get into gaming on the go. You might feel overwhelmed when you try to find the best options since so many factors need to be taken into consideration. Graphics and processing power are two examples, as well as storage space and the amount of RAM you might need. And yes, I agree, most decent laptops for gaming cost much more than some people would like.

However, choosing the best gaming laptop or the most reliable budget gaming laptop will not disappoint. That is where we come in, with over 15 years of laptop gaming experience. So are best placed to help you find the best laptops for gaming that will meet your gaming needs and budget. No matter what kind of video game gets you motivated or how much you are willing to spend.

Whether you are into fast-paced first-person shooters like COD Warzone, maybe you prefer to play World of Warcraft, or are someone who loves playing Minecraft in your free time? It’s ok. We understand everything relevant, from specification to system maintenance and optimization to the importance of keeping your laptop cool and placement. We share all we know in one place on A website created by a laptop gaming enthusiast.


Several factors make the latest laptops for gaming unbeatable portable powerhouses. And in some cases, they can be considered desktop replacements. They are lighter, thinner and more powerful than ever. Game-changing NVidia RTX 30 series GPUs and the latest AMD Ryzen 6000 series and 12th Gen Intel Core i7 and i9 mobile CPUs deserve a lot of credit for that.

Manufacturers like ASUS, Dell, MSI, HP and Razer have found better ways to squeeze all this hardware muscle into smaller spaces. And they have come up with more impactful ways to control system temperatures to help keep the system running smoothly. Vapour chamber cooling technology has played a massive role in these improvements. 

Undecided which brand of laptop is best? We reviewed the Razer gaming brand, and before you ask; Is Razer A Good Brand? Read our take on why this gaming brand made by gamers for gamers is one of the best.   

The latest gaming laptops also look amazing, like the impressive HP Omen 15. or the rock-solid Razer Blade laptop range. It is like having your very own Porsche, just without keys. Gone are the days when you needed a full-blown gaming PC setup to play the latest AAA games. Not any more!

Still, buck for buck, pound for pound, a gaming PC would be the best option in terms of raw gaming power. But, not everyone has the space, time, or patience to fit all the pieces together. You don’t need much space with the latest laptops for gaming, Nor do you have to worry about time. Unpack your gaming laptop, install the drivers and software. Remove bloatware that you do not need. Then you are good to go, and you can also position a gaming laptop anywhere you see fit, unlike a PC.