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Best Razer Gaming Laptop
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We compare the best Alienware Vs Razer laptops, and MSI vs Alienware as well as MSI vs ASUS laptops and give you our best opinion. You will also find helpful guides and tips to help you optimize your gaming laptop. Read more on our blog!

Learn, how to improve your laptops performance, there’s an article on the best warzone settings that will improve your KD. Also, for those who don’t yet own a laptop, we have a range of best for articles, including, the best laptops for Warzone

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It’s never a bad time to get your gaming on. But, you need the right equipment for it! A decent laptop will cost more than some people would like. But, if you find the best laptop for gaming and your budget, you’ll be laughing all the way to your first dub. We know it can be overwhelming trying to find the best laptops for gaming. There are so many things that need your consideration. Like the graphics and the processing power. As well as storage space and RAM.

That’s where I come in, with over 12 years of laptop gaming experience. I am best placed to help you find the best laptops for your gaming requirements and budget. No matter what kind of game it is that gets ya motivated. Whether you’re into fast-paced first-person shooters. Or you’re someone who loves games like Minecraft during their downtime – we’ve got just about everything there is! 

Such as the best Call of Duty Warzone Laptops, Apex Legends. Or the best laptops for World of Warcraft or ones that will win at Roblox. Or, you may be one of those who prefer to build your way to victory in Fortnite. If so, we will show the best laptops for that game also. As our website grows, our goal is to one day become an authority in the laptops for gaming niche. We will then have a list of laptops for every popular game title out there. Don’t forget, you also need to consider the best gaming laptop accessories to help improve your experience further.


Several factors make the latest laptops for gaming unbeatable portable powerhouses. In 2022 they’re lighter and thinner than ever, and now laptops can compete with their desktop counterparts (almost). A big thanks for that must go to game-changing RTX 30 series graphic from NVIDIA. Plus, the latest AMD 6000 series and Intel 12th Gen mobile processors

You see, manufacturers have found a way to squeeze all this muscle into smaller spaces. Yes, they can be noisy due to powerful spinning fans. But these powerful laptops need a way to control temperatures and keep your system running smoothly. Besides, I don’t hear a thing during my COD gameplay with my headset on.

Plus, they look so good as well, like with the impressive HP Omen 15. It’s like having your very own Porsche parked in your drive, and gone are the days when it required a full-blown PC setup to play the latest games. Including but not limited to a keyboard, gaming mouse, headset, and also a monitor just to play them.. Not to mention a full-size gaming desk and all the extra wires etc etc..

Even though, buck for buck, or pound for pound, a gaming PC would still be the best option. But, not everyone has the space, time, or the patience to fit all the pieces together. With the latest laptops for gaming, you don’t need much space. Nor do you have to worry too much about time either. All you have to do is unpack your laptop. Install drivers, software and your game of choice. Then away you go, plus you can position a gaming laptop anywhere you see fit, unlike a PC.